Vestas Helps Engineer Sacking of Denmark’s Top Acoustic Professor, Henrik Møller

**** In Denmark, Vestas is the wind industry. And like the wind industry everywhere, it’s done its level best to infiltrate and influence every aspect of political and academic life: all aimed at preventing any pesky opposition to its plans to cover the planet with its giant fans. Vestas isn’t afraid to cut all the […]

Nina Pierpont Warns Against An Entirely Avoidable Turkish Wind Farm Disaster

NINA PIERPONT, M.D., Ph.D. June 30, 2014 Ms. Esen Fatma Cesme Belediyesi (Municipality) İnönü Mah. 2001 Sk. No: 2 Çeşme / İZMİR Turkey Dear Ms. Kabadayi-Whiting, I write to you at the request of Madeleine Kura, who tells me the charming, historical town of Cesme is about to have half a dozen 3 MW industrial […]