20 Reasons Why the Wind Industry’s “Case” Doesn’t Stack Up

**** Here’s a great little take on the great wind power fraud from the US. Twenty Bad Things About Wind Energy, and Three Reasons Why By John Droz, Jr. — October 24, 2012 Editor note: This is an updated version of a previous post at MasterResource: “Wind Spin: Misdirection and Fluff by a Taxpayer-enabled Industry” […]

How to Fight the Great Wind Power Fraud

In this post we documented over 2,000 Anti-Wind Power Fraud groups operating world-wide, fighting to protect their homes, farms, families and communities from being overrun and destroyed by giant industrial wind turbines. The battles being waged have a common enemy, but the tactics and strategies employed are diverse – and, unfortunately, in some cases play […]

Vestas Helps Engineer Sacking of Denmark’s Top Acoustic Professor, Henrik Møller

**** In Denmark, Vestas is the wind industry. And like the wind industry everywhere, it’s done its level best to infiltrate and influence every aspect of political and academic life: all aimed at preventing any pesky opposition to its plans to cover the planet with its giant fans. Vestas isn’t afraid to cut all the […]