Lunacy of Wind & Solar Power Policy: Political Incompetence or Conspiracy?

**** John Kutsch heads up the Thorium Energy Alliance an outfit that aims to see power generated using thorium enjoy a place at our reliable energy table. Thorium is an abundant silver-gray element named for the Norse god of thunder. It’s less radioactive than the uranium used to power conventional nuclear plants; it produces less […]

Janet Albrechtsen joins the queue lining up to kill the RET

A little while back in our post The Breakout we predicted that there would soon be a rush of mainstream press hammering the great wind scam, as journos everywhere start waking up to the greatest environmental and economic fraud of all time. At the minute, these boys and girls are having trouble forming an orderly […]

“Macca” & “Ronno” should watch & learn from Europe

In Australia the battle to kill off the Renewable Energy Target has well and truly begun.  In response, wind industry goons have been seen crawling all over the Big House on the Hill in Canberra; trying to schmooze and booze their way into the hearts – and pockets – of a few Coalition members. **** […]

Brits overrun by their own Armada of Giant Fans

In 1588, the Spaniards set out to overrun Britain by sea with an enormous Armada. The Brits saw them off with the help of a plucky lad called Francis and some lucky wind changes. Not only did they cop a right Royal Navy flogging, but the cost of building Spain’s giant fleet eventually helped to […]