‘Saving’ South Australia from its Self-Inflicted Wind Power Disaster Needs $1 Billion Right NOW!

**** Wind and solar create headaches for energy market operator Australian Financial Review Mark Ludlow 19 February 2016 State governments may have to spend billions of dollars to duplicate the electricity network to cope with the unreliability of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, according to the national energy forecaster. As the Australian […]

Want Insane Power Prices & Mass Blackouts? Then Wind Power’s your ‘Answer’

**** The true cost of wind power is insane. Californians – victims of an early burst of ‘wind’ pay fully 40% more than the US average for power: California’s Wind ‘Powered’ Dream Turns to Nightmare: Power Prices 40% Higher than US Average South Australians dwell in Australia’s economically dismal ‘wind power capital’. Their attempt to […]

Yer feel me, Holmes?

Yo! Was sup, Holmes? We ain’t mad but the more we look, the more troubled we is. We know the Media Watch episode on the Cumming report in The Australian is now last year’s news. And yes, we know we said we would move on. But we can’t. There’s more to say, cuz. A lot […]