The unpacking of the wind industry death warrant

**** Recently the Climate Speculator ran a story with the title, The report that could kill wind power penned by Dr Jenny Riesz. A catchy title, so we thought it warranted further investigation The ‘report’ was the  Australian Energy Market Operator’s (AEMO) report Integrating Renewable Energy – Wind Integration studies, which is a rather lengthy (121 pages) piece […]

Call to Scrap RET goes from Whisper to Roar: BCA joins the queue

Renewable energy target distorting market: BCA The Australian Annabel Hepworth 14 February 2014 THE nation’s peak business group has warned that the controversial renewable energy target — already blamed for distorting the $11 billion National Electricity Market — could become more expensive when the carbon tax is repealed. In a submission obtained by The Australian, […]

Yer feel me, Holmes?

Yo! Was sup, Holmes? We ain’t mad but the more we look, the more troubled we is. We know the Media Watch episode on the Cumming report in The Australian is now last year’s news. And yes, we know we said we would move on. But we can’t. There’s more to say, cuz. A lot […]