A farmer writes to the new head of Greenpeace

Arnott“I support Greenpeace’s actions in campaigning against whale hunting, it’s saving of precious forests, protection of fish resources and management of water ways, but I believe one huge mistake Greenpeace had made is their support of industrial wind turbines as a means to reducing carbon emissions.”

– Charlie Arnott, farmer

Ritter-D_final”If the environment movement, and Greenpeace in particular, has lost its way, it’s because we all, to some extent, became preoccupied with targets and quotas and figures and imagining that we could turn to the science all the time.

“The environment is not something that is separate from society or the economy. It’s all part of our home, the place that we live, the community that we are, the way we want to live our lives.”

– David Ritter, new CEO, Greenpeace Australia (interview, 12.8.12)

To David Ritter

CEO of Greenpeace Australia Pacific


16 January, 2013

Dear David,

It was with interest that I read your latest email of the 11th of January, given I’d requested formally to be taken off the newsletter email list. Ironically it’s given me the opportunity to voice my concerns regarding industrial wind turbines and Greenpeace’s support of this technology and industry.

I fully support the use of renewable energies and the reduction in our dependency on fossil fuel. I’m a biodynamic, organic farmer from Boorowa, the recipient of numerous natural resource management and farming awards, and past president of the local Boorowa Community Landcare Group.

BoorowaI am as conscious as any farmer in the use of regenerative farming practices and the health of our environment, and we educate other farmers to use holistic management to consider all aspects of their business and farms to achieve their environmental and personal goals.

However, my experience with industrial wind turbines, the behaviour of the developers wishing to build industrial wind turbines in our rural environment close to our homes and the clear inefficiencies of industrial wind turbines in reducing carbon emissions globally has lead me to the conclusion that this out-dated technology is far from the best renewable energy technology we should be using.

The simple fact is it should be banned from further development in Australia and the world when considering the clear health issues that are evident in every country and region that has the unfortunate situation of hosting industrial wind turbines in their environment.

I have included here a link to a recent research report from the USA, and include below an extract from the report’s conclusion.

“The four investigating firms are of the opinion that enough evidence and hypotheses have been given herein to classify LFN and infrasound as a serious issue, possibly affecting the future of the industry.”

The report clearly identifies links between the presence of infrasound derived from wind turbines with the ill health of nearby residents.

Click here.

I support Greenpeace’s actions in campaigning against whale hunting, it’s saving of precious forests, protection of fish resources and management of water ways, but I believe one huge mistake Greenpeace had made is their support of industrial wind turbines as a means to reducing carbon emissions.

Industrial wind turbines’ misleading contribution to reducing carbon emissions is unfortunately not the only environmental issue that wind turbines contribute to; their indirect and direct effects on birds and bats has been well documented.turbines and house

Again, Greenpeace’s support of a technology that creates more environmental issues than it addresses astonishes me.

I have provided a recent link to a story which highlights the current concerns of wind turbines impacts on local bird and bat populations.

Click here.

Bats deaths as a result of barotrauma is a particularly alarming phenomena and well documented.

The below link to a peer reviewed research paper highlights the impact.

Click here.

A website dedicated to highlighting the dangers of wind turbines on bird life is certainly worth reviewing.

Click here.

The wind industry defends its position on turbines’ impact on birds by referring to the many birds killed by cars and cats, and that this is a much greater issue.

However, they do not seem to consider important the species of birds that turbines impact on, generally being threatened migratory birds and raptors.raptor

This is the significant issue, not just the numbers of birds killed, but the type of birds being killed.

You may well be aware of the recent fires which have ravaged rural areas in NSW in the last few weeks.

A number of farmers who have contracts to host wind turbines on their properties near Yass have been burnt out, lucky to save their own lives and their dwellings.

10,000s of livestock and wildlife have not been quite so lucky.

The saving grace of these and many other farmers was the use of helicopters and planes to water bomb the raging fires, protecting homes and families.

Without this life saving method of fire control, the fire near Yass would no doubt have reached the town, and God only knows how much loss of human life would have resulted if it had.

water bombing aircraft #1I mention this fact to highlight the immense danger that the siting of industrial wind turbines in highly fire prone areas puts its inhabitants and the environment at, as fixed wing aircraft will not operate within 1 km of wind turbines, given the innate danger of flying close to such tall structures in less than perfect visibility and often unpredictable wind conditions.

I have attached a recent media release which outlines the incredibly dangerous predicament wind turbines sited in fire prone areas places on its inhabitants and environment, which I recommend reading.

This is not a debate about climate change; this is a debate about protecting our precious resources, animals, ecology and people.

The imposition of industrial wind turbines, which do not significantly reduce carbon emissions, on rural communities with the resulting impacts on local wildlife and people, must not be supported by any well respected environmental advocacy organization such as Greenpeace.

Education is the key to allow reasonable people to make informed decisions, and Greenpeace has a responsibility to tell its members the truth about industrial wind turbines if it is dedicated to protecting this planet.

greenpeaceDavid, you have a huge responsibility as the new CEO of Greenpeace, I commend your and Greenpeace’s efforts in fighting for the environment and against human greed and over development of planet earth.

I also suggest a very very close investigation of wind technology as it seems that it is far from the saviour to our renewable energy needs and it would be prudent for Greenpeace to be aware of both sides of the story.

Happy to supply you with any number of peer-reviewed papers, which highlight the problems wind turbines are causing to human health, the environment, and their lack of economic integrity.

I look forward to your response.


Charlie Arnott

Boorowa NSW Australia

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Wind Witch Doctor says:

    Countless past presidents and founding members of Greenpeace have left the organisation, Patrick Moore being one of the high profile founders, having been disillusioned by the ‘scare tactics’ of the group and struggling with the course that Greenpeace had taken in more recent times.

    Yes so called ‘environmental advocacy groups’ rarely retain the integrity of the campaign which they start out with. Politics, greed, power and influence always seem to erode the original intentions of those involved, I guess the windies once upon a time started out as green eyed environmentalists looking to save the planet before succumbing to the almighty dollar and notoriety.

    Greenpeace are just dumb, simply dumb. And they are dumber if they don’t look at the facts, swallow their pride and do something positive for the environment by campaigning against wind turbines.

    I gave up my membership of Greenpeace years ago when I discovered the doubled standards with which they operate. I suggest everyone who honestly wants to make a difference to the world, save your Greenpeace membership money, go buy a tree and plant it…….It’ll do more for this world than any goose who works for Greenpeace ever will.

  2. Many of the so called enviromental groups I believe are recieving funding and sponsorships from wind energy companies. Friends of the Earth were very vocal around a year ago for example.
    The wind energy companies use these groups as a “front” to promote themselves without seemingly getting involved. It creates the illusion of support for their product which otherwise they get very little of from the public.

  3. Jackie Rovensky says:

    I have often wondered why Greenpeace have not stood up and called for a halt to these factories. I’ve also wondered why our Governments stopped the Able Tasman from fishing our waters UNTIL research has been done, while at the same time ignoring what is happening on land. Are we not being plundered for profit, is it not the case our environment is being destroyed and endangered fauna and flora pushed aside by so called Controlled Actions and mitigation, for the sake of money hungry ‘rapists’. The Greens political party is so compromised by aligning itself with the Government it cannot be taken seriously where environment matters are concerned. They and Greenpeace appear to forget that saving the environment is also meant to save human kind. Instead the only thing being saved is the full pockets of investors. All of which are filled with our hard earned money taken in taxes and handed out to ‘pals’.
    I too have been supportive of Greenpeace’s efforts at various times, but now I see them as an organisation that is deaf to all but high profile politically supported causes.
    As far as The Greens are concerned I have no respect for them at all.
    I do respect people who are environmentally aware and willing to consider that these factories are not what they have been portrayed as, it’s just a shame being Green is now not seen as being pro the environment but is just another minor political party that’s been caught in the fishing net of the Labor Party and to escape gave in to its entices only to be gobbled up and spat out.

    Enviromentalists and Government please start to see beyond the ‘spin’, no research was conducted into how the 20% (33% in SA) reduction of CO2 could be achieved before signing Kyoto, you have let us all down Face-up to it and stop this nightmare.

  4. Martin Hayles says:

    It would be great to meet someone like yourself again. You appear to articulate and have a reasoning beyond most. Why such an august and thoughtful body as greenpeace cannot see the fraud that is the wind industry leaves me speechless. All the information is there in the public domain for those that wish to seek it out.
    ‘Big Wind’ is the result of an unholy alliance between compliant governance at all levels, but in particular the Labor Party’s incestuous relationship with its’ powerbroker, the union movement and the billions of union superannuation monies invested directly into ‘Big Wind’. Try ‘Pacific Hydro’ and ‘Gary Weaven’ for a start. These entities are some of the greatest frauds that have been committed against the Australian taxpaying public.
    The house of cards is about to tumble. The ‘Bernie Madoffs’ of ‘Big Wind’ would not have made it past ‘sandpit’ in any real business, such as the century old successful family farming businesses that they are threatening in the most prime cropping country in Australia.

    We have had enough with local governance, who say we can’t do much except to put in a submission to the DAC on planning grounds. Bullshit! The Yorke Peninsula Council can demand that we are totally against this project on many grounds. The most obvious one being none of your ratepaying constituents want it, except for the 28 family concerns who will be taking ‘blood money’ to line their own pockets while screwing their long term neighbours such as myself.
    The genesis of social disintegration has passed quietly, but it’s offspring are emerging. We, in this 140 year old community are about to witness something that makes the social divide of Protestants and Catholic in the 1950’s appear as a strawberry fete. We are more than likely to see a disintegration of once solid and committed society. One in which all enmities were put aside for funerals and fires.
    I know this has now changed.
    I am shattered

    Martin Hayles


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