Europe’s Industry Massacred by Wind Power Policy

Roger Helmer, MEP gave a speech in the European Parliament on 26 January 2015 pointing out how runaway renewable policies have resulted in an industrial massacre in Europe. Roger is on the money when he says: “We have a policy which is exporting jobs, exporting investment, exporting manufacturing, and increasing CO2 emissions at the same […]

European Government Support for Wind Power Collapses

**** Europe winds back the clock on windmills The Sunday Times Danny Forston 23 November 2014 Lured by subsidies, the power companies went green. But to keep the lights on they have to burn coal Sixty miles northeast of Düsseldorf, outside the town of Hamm in northwest Germany, workers are giving a final tune-up to […]

Europe Ditches Crazy Wind Power Targets

**** It seems the European member states are fast catching up with the insane costs of their efforts to cover every inch of their turf in giant fans. Now they want out. As Oxford don, Dieter Helm pointed out (see this post) “wind power is staggeringly expensive” and “among the most expensive ways of marginally […]

Wind Power spells “Doom” for European Economies

European Economic Stability Threatened By Renewable Energy Subsidies Forbes James Conca 20 October 2013 The stability of Europe’s electricity generation is at risk from the warped market structure caused by skyrocketing renewable energy subsidies that have swarmed across the continent over the last decade. This sentiment was echoed a week ago by the CEOs of […]

Europe: back to the Dark Ages?

**** Energy Bosses Call for End to Subsidies for Wind, Solar Power Group Includes CEOs From Eni, GDF Suez and E.ON The Wall Street Journal Géraldine Amiel 11 October 2013 BRUSSELS – Top executives of companies that provide half of Europe’s electricity production capacity on Friday called on politicians to end “distorting” subsidies for wind […]