Wind Power Goes AWOL Right When Freezing Brits Need It Most

**** The hackneyed myth that wind power “powers” millions of homes with wonderful “free” wind energy is taking a beating around the globe (see our post here). The idea that a wholly weather dependent power generation source can ever be – as is touted endlessly by the wind industry and its parasites – an “alternative” […]

European Government Support for Wind Power Collapses

**** Europe winds back the clock on windmills The Sunday Times Danny Forston 23 November 2014 Lured by subsidies, the power companies went green. But to keep the lights on they have to burn coal Sixty miles northeast of Düsseldorf, outside the town of Hamm in northwest Germany, workers are giving a final tune-up to […]

Martians in charge of UK Energy Policy

With spiralling power costs crippling business and punishing families due to its ludicrous renewables policy, the Brits might fairly ask: “have our leaders been taken over by Martians?” Well, frankly, yes. The Tories have abdicated their responsibility for energy policy to the hard-green-left of the Liberal-Democrats – who can’t transfer £billions in taxpayer and power consumer […]

If the Wind’s not Blowing – the Fans aren’t Going

**** STT has – once or twice – pointed out the bald meteorological FACT that the wind can be safely relied on for one thing only – that, at some point, it will inevitably stop blowing. Just when, and for how long, is the fundamental and insoluble problem with wind power. We’ve reported on the […]