Europeans Lament their Wind Power Fiasco

**** Hurrah! Windfarms produce whopping ONE PERCENT of EU energy The Register Lewis Page 27 July 2015 The colossal, hugely expensive windfarms that are spread across huge areas of Europe’s land and sea, which are projected to drive up household energy bills by more than 50 per cent in coming years, have achieved … almost […]

Europe’s Wind Powered Recipe for Economic Disaster

**** Lessons from Europe: Recipe for a high-cost energy system Communities Digital News Steve Goreham 26 May 2015 CHICAGO, May 26, 2015 — While President Obama promotes renewable energy and members of Congress argue about energy policy, a renewable energy disaster is unfolding in Europe. Driven by a desire to halt climate change, Europe has […]

European Governments Rip Up Wind Power Contracts

**** In recent weeks there has been a cacophony of wind industry rent-seeker bleating. Turbine makers, like America’s GE have been running hard in the press touting the “merits” of retaining the mandatory Renewable Energy Target – a scheme that will see $50 billion added to Australian power bills and directed to wind power outfits […]

Europe ditches green economics

With their renewables experiment fast starting to look like a costly disaster, Europeans are quickening the pace in their rush to bring the insanity to an end. Europe Starts To Run, Not Walk, Away From Green Economics 5 February 2014 Energy Policy: The media aren’t paying much attention, but in recent weeks Europe has decided […]

Wind Power spells “Doom” for European Economies

European Economic Stability Threatened By Renewable Energy Subsidies Forbes James Conca 20 October 2013 The stability of Europe’s electricity generation is at risk from the warped market structure caused by skyrocketing renewable energy subsidies that have swarmed across the continent over the last decade. This sentiment was echoed a week ago by the CEOs of […]

Europe: back to the Dark Ages?

**** Energy Bosses Call for End to Subsidies for Wind, Solar Power Group Includes CEOs From Eni, GDF Suez and E.ON The Wall Street Journal Géraldine Amiel 11 October 2013 BRUSSELS – Top executives of companies that provide half of Europe’s electricity production capacity on Friday called on politicians to end “distorting” subsidies for wind […]

Call to empty European renewable subsidy trough

Energy CEOs call for end to renewable subsidies with Reuters Published: 11 October 2013 The CEOs of 10 utilities companies, which together own half of Europe’s electricity generating capacity, are calling for an end to subsidies for wind and solar energy, which they say add too much power to a market already struggling with […]

Australia dodges an energy price spiral bullet

With the Coalition about to take the reins – and the line up taking control of the Senate next July even more hostile to the great wind power fraud than we could have hoped for – Australia has just dodged a bullet – an energy price spiral bullet, that is. The Coalition is all set […]