Business Calls for RET Retreat to Save Real Jobs

Corporate call for Clive Palmer to retreat on Renewable Energy Target Sid Maher The Austrlian 25 July 2014 CLIVE Palmer faces pressure to allow changes to the Renewable Energy Target after business groups released modelling showing the existing scheme will drive up power prices by $49 a year per household over the next decade and […]

When the Wind Doesn’t Blow…NO POWER!

Terry McCran writes about the stupidity of intermittent power output from wind farms in Australia looking at July 21. Truth is July 22 was worse. When the wind doesn’t blow, the power doesn’t switch on Terry McCrann Herald Sun 22 July 2014 ON Monday, all the wind farms in Southern Australia, all the hundreds of […]

Alan Moran: Wind Power FAILS on all Scores

**** Renewable energy as a means of reducing emissions fails two key tests Herald Sun Alan Moran 26 June 2014 REGULATORY change will always disadvantage some while advantaging others. But the benefits of deregulation far outpace the costs and Australia carries a weighty regulatory burden, one that has deprived us of enjoying the world’s highest […]

Power Prices“r”UP: Clive Palmer Determined to Destroy Australian Business and Crush Australian Families

**** Australian politics is (sadly) renowned for its “colour” – and there are few more colourful than Queensland’s political “giant”, Clive Palmer. Head of the PUP – or the “Prices“r”UP” Party. Yesterday – in a circus so bizarre that PT Barnum would have been left speechless – Palmer teamed up with none other than Al […]

Australia’s Wind Industry Finally Faces its “Waterloo”

**** During the latter part of the French Revolution a diminutive Corsican took charge of French affairs, installing himself as First Consul in 1799; and, in 1804, anointing himself French Emperor – adopting the tag Napoleon I. The little Emperor bestrode Europe and – with his Grande Armée – from 1803 to 1815 generally gave […]