They’re finally waking up – the Green-Labor Alliance is all but over.

They’re finally waking up – the Green-Labor Alliance is all but over.

Not the sharpest tools in the shed, the greentard often misses the bleeding obvious or simply refuses to accept reality even when it jumps up and gives them an almighty “bitch-slap”.


Let that be a “reality check”!

News just in from Mars is that Mark Kenber CEO of the astroturfing kings, Climate Group has pulled the pin on his Herculean efforts to “shape the debate” and “overwhelm” those “pesky” negative attitudes towards the giant fans that seem to have gotten completely out of control in the land Down-Under.

Here’s the lament from eco-fascist blogsite, Renew Economy

Climate NGO quits Australia as clean energy politics turn sour
Renew Economy
Giles Parkinson
6 June 2013

The Climate Group, one of the world’s biggest NGOs working in the climate space, is withdrawing from Australia, citing the “unfavourable” policy environment.

The Climate Group, which has offices in the US, China, Europe and India, founded its Australian offices in 2005. It has been heavily involved with federal and state governments in the development of policies on climate change and clean energy, including energy efficiency and electric vehicles, and hosted Queensland’s first climate summit.

However, the offices are to be closed, Climate Group CEO Mark Kenber said. “This decision has been made in the light of the increasingly challenging political environment for action on climate change in Australia, despite the exceptional efforts of our local representatives,” he said in an email.

The public withdrawal of the Climate Group reflects a private despair felt by many NGOs in Australia with the impending Federal poll, likely to deliver a thumping majority to the Coalition on September 14, and the steady dismantling of climate, clean energy and environmental initiatives by the conservative governments elected in recent years in Queensland, NSW and Victoria.

Pointedly, the Climate Group said it would continue to work with the (Labor) government of South Australia, which Kenber said had provided “clear evidence of the low carbon opportunity that is within Australia’s grasp and that can be realized when the right political leadership and policy frameworks are in place.”

At the Federal level, the Coalition has vowed to dismantle the carbon price, the Climate Change Authority, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the Climate Commission – leading some to wonder if the Coalition believed in the science of climate change at all. That was a direct question put to Greg Hunt at a function hosted by the Carbon Markets Institute of Australia last month. But even if Hunt accepts the science, the presence and influence of several dozen climate change sceptics has led many to question its policies.

One of those most prominent sceptics, the Liberal Senator Corey Bernardi, suggested on Monday that the Coalition’s Direct Action policy, including its Green Army, was designed to do no more than “clean up the waterways” and plant more trees. He said he did not accept the science of man’s contribution to climate change.

Labor continues its attack on the Coalition, with Climate Change, Industry and Innovation minister Greg Combet on Wednesday describing Direct Action as one of the “poorest examples” of public policy formulation ever seen in Australia.

“Mr Abbott wants to slug taxpayers so he can subsidise big polluters for projects they are already undertaking, without achieving any significant reductions in carbon pollution,” he said. “The Opposition simply wants to socialise the carbon pollution problem by imposing the costs on taxpayers rather than on the polluters themselves.”

Combet ask accused the Coalition of threatening banks to stop making joint investments with the CEFC, and threatening businesses that they will cancel binding contracts and “acquire their property rights without compensation.”

CEFC CEO Oliver Yates has again rejected demands that the agency not make loans, saying it was likely to allocate up to $800 million of loans to companies before the September election.

Yates told a Senate estimates committee that it would be “imprudent” to tell counter-parties that a commercial deal was on hold as a result of unknown external factors, such as the result of an election.
Renew Economy

Seems Mark Kenber has picked up a teeny-weeny “vibe” that his benefactors might not be around after 14 September. Sharp as a tack, this boy.

So why – if the merits of wind power as a “solution” to climate change are self evident – is this highly paid spin master bailing out?

Could it be that the “sell” is just a tad easier when the bloke on the receiving end of the “pitch” runs an investment bank with his Union mates, which takes hundreds of $millions of union member’s super money and throws it at Pac Hydro’s wind farm developments?


Jules – if we can keep straight faces – I reckon
we’ll just about get away with it….

STT’s guess is that the money being shovelled out of the CEFC to Pac Hydro and the other wind scammers will keep the circus running for a little while longer. But not much. What’s that – something about rats and sinking ships??


Greg, tell the band to keep playing. OK Jules.
“All still on board – ALL IS WELL – keep playing, band”
Now, Greg, row like fury.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. I have always said, we will win this fight against these terrible industrial wind turbines, it may not be today, & maybe not tomorrow, but we will win.

    With this FRAUD that the greens, labor & the wind turbines companies ( & Dennis of VIC ) have been trying to push down our throats, will come to a head one day, & boy are they starting to scatter, not just in Australia, but all over the World.

    I have been reading the blogs of wind farms tonight, & man-o-man, there a lot of negitave blogs for wind farms, the most I have ever seen. It will get worse as time goes on, because FRAUD, LIES, will not stand against TRUTH.

    When these things are stopped, the wind companies will have to make good to the people who have lived near these usless wind turbines, & suffered with their health, lost out with the value of their land & way of life.

    Looking forward to June 18 at Canberra Parliament house, see you all then.

  2. I am thrilled to hear that Australia is soon to rid itself of it’s gang-green….complete amputation of the offending green limb, is the only way to guarantee survival.

  3. Stand against wind says:

    I would strongly recommend contacting your super fund and requesting that your contributions do NOT go into wind farm investments. I’m going through this process with my union right now.


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