This post explains who we are and how we started.

We are not affiliated with any group, political party or industry.

We have not received any funding from any outside group or individual – none.

We started as a kitchen table group of citizens concerned about what is happening across rural and regional Australia, by the harm being done by the wind industry, in partnership with governments.

Since we began in December 2012, we have added to our concerns the economic and social harm caused by rocketing power prices and unreliable power supplies, the product of heavily subsidised and intermittent wind power: the results that have played out in Australia’s wind power capital, South Australia, will cripple that State at an economic and social level for decades to come.

And over that time we have grown to enjoy the valuable input and support from a range of eminent experts, including engineers (some of whom designed and/or built Australia’s power grid), economists, health professionals and lawyers. Our sources also include several Federal MPs and the staff in their offices, as well as community leaders across the Country.

We were surprised and alarmed by how quickly the Green movement sold its soul to jump into bed with the wind industry; and floored by how malicious that class of zealots becomes whenever faced with any kind of threat to their beloved wind industry.

We are dismayed to see people being forced from their homes due to incessant, wind turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound; and horrified as we witnessed those in positions of power not only fail to help those people, but turn on these victims of a government-sanctioned, subsidy-soaked industry.

We are angered by the scope of the wind power fraud.

We are appalled by how wind industry supporters dismiss victims, ridicule those who have different opinions and vilify those who are opposed to industrial wind power generation.

We are appalled by the dishonesty of the wind industry, its supporters and those who operate within it.

We are disappointed that the many who claim to have been made sick are segregated and dismissed.

STT’s editorial team does not live near wind turbines and their homes are not threatened by wind turbines, so we reject the NIMBY charge often levelled by those who never have to live or work near industrial wind turbines, at the unfortunates who have no choice but to do so.

We aim to act as independent but compassionate observers, who have undertaken our own investigations and report on them. We think the direct and adverse impacts from industrial wind power on wind farm neighbours to be an issue of fairness and human rights.

We don’t think the wind industry collectively is a good corporate citizen. We believe this is an industry fueled by the prospect of massive government mandated and subsidised ‘profits’, hiding behind a veneer of “the common good”.

We believe wind industry proponents are hell-bent on destroying our environment, while cynically claiming to “save” it.

We believe the rampant installation of turbines across this country must be stopped now; and, from the evidence we have gathered since December 2012, we are convinced that industrial wind power does not work on any level: economic; social or environmental.

In short, we consider that subsidised wind power is the greatest fraud of all time.


  1. Hi guys. Great sites. And terrific resource. I worked in finance for a big Australian utility and we didn’t expect these useless things to take off. The problem was all the subsidies , the ret , the regulatory advantages that were provided. Very inefficient. Costly. And always needing immediate backup. And they destabilise the grid. Nuclear, gas or here coal was always the best way to go.

  2. Wind Turbines are now and will remain a threat to multiple species of wildlife both airborne and ground dwelling.

    I’ll start with Wedge Tailed Eagles been killed by blade strike from Wind Turbines in it’s own right tragic, but sadly only the tip of the ice burg when you consider the effects of changing the acoustic parameters of a large environment, a major issue to Bats and their ability to use sonar effectivly an essential tool for hunting and navigation, and Owls with their super sensitive hearing having no option but to flee the vacinaty.

    In addition many species ability to communicate effectively over distance for example mating and territorial calls etc.

    I have a background of several years in Military electronics, meaning i know all to well the undesirable effects of large magnetic and accoustic fields have on man made and biological realms especially when implemented foolishly.


  3. Hi,
    Great website.
    I have a question – I saw somewhere a claim that “alternative” energy, wind and solar, use more electricity to produce and install them, than they actually put out.
    I think they call it “negative energy balance”.
    Do you have actual references to this fact?
    Thank you.

  4. Andre Van Der Spuy says:

    Hi STT. Thank you for your excellent resource! I am a conservationist and environmental consultant in South Africa and have been in involved in assisting rural landowners and dwellers in opposing the wind farm onslaught that is occurring. I am presently involved in fighting a 4 wind farm cluster which is just a part of a much larger mega-development (by Wind Relic (Pty) Ltd). Unbelievably, in the middle of these proposed 4 wind farms is located a Cape Vulture roost and there is another roost is approximately 40km away. These vultures are an Endangered species and they are already being killed by the operating wind farms next door (but the real extent is being hushed up by Giovernment, wind industry and even sadly some “green” conservation organisations). Citing mitigation measures a mere 2km no-turbine buffer has been planned around the roost by the unscrupulous bird consultants and EIA consultant even though BirdlifeSA Vulture Guidelines advise that: “The development of wind energy facilities within the recommended 50km colony/roost buffer …is discouraged due to the risk of cumulative negative impacts”, and “Operational phase mitigation …carries risks and uncertainties and should not be relied upon at high risk sites where avoidance would be more appropriate”. Lessons from neighbouring wind farms tell us that mitigation for vulture impacts does not work. And…lessons from Spain decades ago told us that vultures and wind farms are incompatible but this unfortunately is how wind farm development is presently happening in a badly corrupted South Africa – with active support of the SA Environmental Department and from which authorisation is required for any prospective wind farm. It is a very relevant fact that one of the current “Wind Relic”company directors (Hylton Newcombe), and the main administering government official from Environmental Department (Mr Sabelo Malaza) , were also previously involved in an improperly approved wind farm but which was finally shelved after it was exposed that the then Minister of Environmental Affairs was allegedly being bribed by parties involved in that wind farm (per proceedings from the (Zondo Commission of Enquiry into Corruption). It, and those involved, deserve maximum exposure. Would it be possible to publish something about the current mega-wind farm development on the STT website?

  5. Maureen Baas says:

    Can i receive the newsletter?

  6. Hello!!
    I’m Irune. A company wants to built a wind farm in our village. We would like to make public the project internationally through “Stop these things. Could it be possible?

    Thank you


  7. Just to let you know that Caithness Windfarm Information Forum, with it’s Accident data, has come to an end. However the Accidents, which I know you quote, are being transferred – see explanation here http://www.caithnesswindfarms.co.uk/

  8. Steve and Linda says:

    Hill County Texas Land Prostitution to Be turned on this Sept. 2021

    We are living across from eight wind spinners to be activated this September.
    Have encountered five months already of lies and potential road injury on now deemed ‘Wanzek Blvd’—formerly a beautiful rural Hill County Texas road.
    Large landowner who prostituted across the road, does NOT live there. Wishing he would take at least one of his future money-makers, and place it in his front yard in Johnson county. Anticipating NOT living with this atrocity, wife and I started a search for an attorney to initiate a lawsuit. This progression of junk with its endless road bullies is a 108 unit project located west of Hubbard and Mt. Calm, TX in Hill county. Wife and I were almost killed once, and will keep everyone informed–if still around.

    • Good luck. Keep fighting. Never surrender.

    • RDL in South Carolina says:

      Steve and Linda,

      I’m also searching an attorney for a similar, but larger, situation. I’d love to hear about what you’ve found and/or would appreciate anyone else to provide such information directly.

      • Steve Thomas says:

        Good Morning, Wish I had some guidance to the non-responsive approaches I’ve made over the months. Even the project manager here will not respond. We cannot learn about their protective barrier measurements. A real secret. Every agency in TX (that did respond) tells us they have no jurisdiction in the matter. Lost as what to do. Wish we had and could afford an attorney.

  9. Can STT please circulate this petition and call for submissions against the proposed changes to Brolga standards and buffers from wind farms. Thanks Hamish https://www.change.org/p/department-of-environment-land-water-and-planning-stop-the-new-legislation-to-kill-off-our-brolgas?signed=true

  10. After ‘The Impossibility of Windmills’ I made a new video in which I try to shine a light on the dark side of ‘green’ technologies such as biomass, windturbines and solarpanels. I wondered if you would be interested to give it a place on your website or place a link to it. You can view the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fcUt5_sN6A.

    Hope to hear from you, sincerely, Jan Smelik.

  11. For the Dutch audience I made a video about ‘The impossibility of Windmills’. It is translated in English and I wondered if you would be interested to give it a place on your website or place a link to it. You can view the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7PHUMd7PYA. It was intended for The Netherlands, but it addresses probably the same problems with green energy there are in your country.

    Hope to hear from you, sincerely, Jan Smelik.

  12. THANK YOU for your very good efforts. Three suggestions:
    1 – Post an email contact to send you information, etc.
    2 – List on your resources page, as it is an unparalleled collection of helpful wind, etc. information.
    3 – Convey that AWED has an exceptional free Newsletter (every 2-3 weeks) that reports the latest wind and related studies.

    Feel free to contact physicist John Droz about #2 or #3: .

  13. Sheila Court says:

    Thank you for a thoroughly entertaining read! Fossil fuels are essential for modern life. We were surprised to find that out, because we have been educated to believe that we can enjoy all the things we have, we consume, including heat, light and power using nothing but the wind and the sun. Maybe, one day, our generation will be forced to live without coal, oil, gas or nuclear power for a while. That might make a few of us grow up. We live in hope.

  14. Hi STT. Thanks for linking to our fatalities data in the nuclear post but please could you read the request at the top of our file you have linked to? I do appreciate you quoting us! You have a loyal following in Scotland.

  15. Bart Harrold says:

    Hi STT – I have some information that would be of interest to you and others I suggest. Can I email you the court proceedings writ details (as an attachment) re the Bald Hills Wind Farm.

  16. GE-Hitachi’s BWRX-300 SMR is coming in at US$2,000/kW [US$600 million for 300 MW installed capacity] against NuScale’s SMR at US$4,200/kW.

    No point in paying double the capital cost, which will reflect in paying more in bills to boil our kettles and involve 2X the material use and environmental footprint.

    5 of these BWRX-300s could supply SA’s 12 TWh of 24/7, low-carbon electricity for 60 years, at a capital cost of A$4.35 billion. Each site is tiny – a 1,060 yards perimeter; you could walk round it in 10 minutes.

    True environmentalists should want to support low-carbon electricity generation by the state, but with the minimum of environmental impact, landscape desecration, ecosystem destruction and species wipe-out.

    The BWRX300 has microscopic qualities in all of these areas of concern. Maybe a SA energy expert could calculate these ‘qualities’ for wind and solar.

    • Very interesting Colin in Australian dollars 300 MW of wind would cost $9 billion to get a similar output on average. The average party is the rub in particular. How do you stabilise it? I have come to believe true environmentalists are running on a different agenda. They are misanthropic and believe humans are destroying the natural world. The role that renewable energy is supposed to fill is not what they’re about. They want to end the use of fossil fuel. They aim for a world that is the same as the early 1700s in England. My brother was a green and that is what he was about.

  17. A lot of discussions about wind power center around money and the violent output from wind turbines (IWTs) inserted into the grid in an effort to demonstrate their (IWTs) power. In my opinion there should never be a discussion from an engineer, regulator, power company or anyone else that does not acknowledge the illness produced by these units. Proof is ample that IWTs disrupt the ecology, poison the land and damage living bodies. I am writing this because we had to leave our forever home (which we are still paying mortgage on because we know better than anyone can seem to understand just how sick it will make ANY body that tries to live on that site) due to an infestation of IWTs. I am writing this because within two years oil and other chemicals started showing up in the ground water from a turbine system and operational design that promotes those problems. I am writing this because electrical problems skyrocketed in the homes in the region of our particular plague of IWTs, and I have heard this is not uncommon. I know you are on our side, and this is also the too-short list of problems that can plague people from IWTs, and you have done an awesome job of trying to cover all the news, BUT, there are no economics without people and life; murder and mayhem against people and, at least, pets and livestock, are crimes and the IWT proponents have demonstrated murder, mayhem and criminal neglect for at least 3 decades, since the Kelly report and subsequent biopsies in the 1980’s. If this killing is legal then it has to be war – they (wind energy advocates) declared war and it needs to be acknowledged with big WWIII banners.

  18. Dear Friends in Australia,
    Maybe you remember me, I am one of the translators for Eike, Germany, and from time to time I am pleased, to translate and reblogg your posts.

    We planned a conference about climate and engery in Munich, with many international scientists and participants.
    This has been prevented, however, by activists who are opposed to hearing and seeing studies and opinions that are off the mainstream.
    This is our Webseite with the story in German


    This is already translated


    Maybe, this is worth a report on your website?

    With unhappy regards,
    But all the best for you and the team


  19. Matthew Kerle says:

    Hi how do I submit articles or subjects to you? I see things that would be of interest but I don’t know how to submit.

    • Pop it in a comment and we’ll consider it.

      • Gents
        On 17 October 2019 I wrote to Matt Kean, the NSW Minister for Energy and Environment., and asked him to view the video “Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise: Physics & Cells, History & Health” by Dr Mariana Alves-Pereira.

        Today, 16 December 2019, I received a reply which said inter-alia “The NHMRC (National Health and Medical Research Council) released a public statement on noise from wind farms and human health in February 2015 that concluded, after careful consideration of available evidence, there is no consistent evidence that wind farms cause adverse health effects in humans”.

        …… ” I have asked that a copy of the presentation that you provided be sent to the NSW Environment Protection Authority for reference”

        Maybe I’m reading too much into the last two words, but it gives me the impression that the Minister is content to just flick the video to some other crowd, so that – if necessary – he can hold up his hands and say “I took action”, and that he does not expect them to do anything; maybe not even to watch it. I find it hard to believe that a Minister for Energy and the Environment could NOT be aware of community concern over the effects of wind farm emissions.

        If you want copies of the correspondence, send me an email address to which I may forward them

  20. Hamish Cumming says:

    I have started a GofundMe page and set up the Brolga Preservation Foundation to create a rolling fund to fund court cases against wind farm companies or their consultants. Dundonnell will be the first case..


    Can you please promote this ?


  21. John Nichols says:

    Please add me to your distribution list.

    • We have tried, but your email does not work. All you need to do is enter a valid email address in the field above where it says ‘Follow us here’ on the top right of the home page.

  22. Paul Schreurs says:

    It is great to see a group of concerned citizens acting for so many of us. Thank you.
    I would like to know what actions STT are taking in opposition to the proposed Star of the South offshore wind farm and how I may possibly help?

    • STT leaves individual battles to those directly involved. We like to think our site is a resource for people fighting for sensible energy policy, wherever they are. Arm yourself with the facts and arguments, use them to educate those who will help you and to defeat those who stand to profit from the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time.

  23. I am trying to make a case for climate skeptics in the UK. I have a lot of information but do not have the following : –
    1. What has been the increase in global temperature in the past decade or since the pause finished about 2013. Sources please.
    2. Since everyone without giving data claims that extreme weather events have increased as a result of global warming is there any source of data showing extreme weather events as a rolling average say over 30 years.

    Your help would be appreciated.

  24. Marc St.Pierre says:

    Hi, I am a member of a grass roots organization called “Water Wells First” formed 4 years ago in Chatham-Kent, in Southwestern Ontario. We are a community of 100,000 where a number of water wells went black after more than 600 turbines were built. We have spent over $300,000 fighting the municipal, provincial and federal governments to no avail. Your advice and support would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    Marc J St.Pierre

  25. This is an analysis of the effect of temperature on generation output with a surprising result. From wattaclarity site which you may have already noticed.

  26. Please share and sign the petiton! Its translated to many languages! We need to protect nature and wildlife! Wind industry in Norway is a great threat to nature and animals.. Its bad for the eco system and landscape formed over millons of years will be blasted and drilled.. Forever changed.. Animals loose their habitat and birds like eagles and owls fly into them and get killed. It needs to stop. Please help share it all over the world! And sign 💚🌎🌎🌎


  27. No Name says:
  28. Great

  29. drgenenelson says:

    I’ve written a short article that explains the increased costs and increased emissions associated with intermittent power generation from wind or solar. Who should I email it to so it can be seen by STT readers?

  30. https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/sa-battery-technology-hugely-scalable/ar-BBQvw3a?li=AAgfYrC&ocid=mailsignout

    Do you have any idea what this company is talking about? Or is it the usual nonsense? $40 million savings in one year on an investment of $150 million is not bad but I cannot for the life of me work out how they would compute the savings. I would be interested in your comments/thoughts.

  31. eleanorwhite1 says:

    Invention may end bird slaughter

    James M. McCanney, M.S. Physics, is a scientist,
    mathematician and inventor. Jim has been developing
    an alternative to the huge 3-blade wind turbines, which
    are killing our beautiful birds on a regular basis.

    This alternative product is called the WING generator,

    Jim reasons that by increasing the “solidity” of a wind
    turbine, all of the air moving through the turbine area
    will be tapped for power. This in turn means a smaller
    unit can suffice, and very significantly for wildlife, the
    birds can SEE every part of the turbine area, unlike the
    huge, open 3-blade designs.

    This should come close to eliminating the death of the
    innocent avian victims of current wind turbine install-
    ations. Supporting Jim’s design when new wind farms
    are under local discussion may be worth your consider-

    As Jim develops his product, here is what he reports
    about birds flying in the vicinity of his prototype:

    “… I have personally seen birds fly up and ‘hover’ in front,
    just looking at it in amazement … then fly around … we
    have never had a bird hit in spite of the fact that i feed birds
    right off the base of the wing … hundreds of birds come
    daily and never a single injury let alone death …”

    Jim has provided me a photo of one of his prototypes,
    which is attached, and if there is a problem with the
    attachment, it’s also posted here:

    Jim’s web site, which includes information on his many
    areas of interest and contact information is:


    My personal interest in this project is that I’m a wild-
    life lover, and would very much like to see the end of
    the huge 3-blade wind turbines and the wounding
    and killing of the birds. (I have no business
    connection with Jim’s project.)

    Eleanor White
    Ontario, Canada

    • Joshua Dyson says:

      Hello, I’m an environmentally concerned individual in Ireland, no vested interests in anything. I feel the main problem with renewables is that they are intermittent, expensive, geographically widespread (land and infrastructure hungry), have toxic by-products during construction and decommission and are simply failing on almost every important particular to be useful or reduce pollution. Batteries would drastically worsen the problems. Its great if wind turbines kill less birds and bats, but if they don’t get significantly cheaper and more useful (I don’t see how they can) then why bother with them at all. Nuclear power is cheaper, more reliable, cleaner and even safer (if you look at deaths per unit of electricity statistics).

  32. Jane Keany says:

    Residents Against Jupiter wind turbines

    Media release: Jupiter wind farm withdrawn

    On Friday 16 March 2018, in a shock move, EPYC withdrew the Jupiter Wind Farm proposal, citing the NSW Department of Planning’s Assessment and that the Independent Planning Commission would agree. The community who have been opposing the wind farm, are surprised by EPYC’s decision, but very relieved.

    The Jupiter wind farm is now dead and gone. It was the first wind farm in final project form the Department of Planning recommended should be rejected. Now, EPYC in its letter to the Government withdrawing the application, says it does not believe in the independence of the Independent Planning Commission, instead believing the IPC would simply follow the Department’s line. It is noteworthy that the IPC ‘rejects the assertion its assessment
    and determination of the application would not have been made fairly and independently of the Department’.

    Residents Against Jupiter wind turbines (RAJwt) who’ve been formally fighting the proposal for four + years, are both elated at the withdrawal and unsurprised at the developer’s comments. For many years, the Department of Planning has been advising the developer to improve its community consultation processes and be aware of the large number of residents who would be impacted by the proposed wind farm. EPYC seemed oblivious of the suggestions, instead, at Community Consultative Committee meetings, preferring to stonewall community reps critical of the development. At no time did the company officers appear to try to listen to the community.

    What took them so long? The Department’s Assessment made it clear that the site selected was not suitable for a Wind Farm. There would be an unacceptably high impact on too many residents living near the wind farm. The Jupiter Wind Farm straddles both the Goulburn Mulwaree and the QPRC local council areas. Both councils rejected the proposal, citing the unacceptably high impact on residents. The Australian Wind Alliance opposed it. The affected community opposed it. A record number of submissions were received opposing the wind farm. The community understands that there is always a cost with development, but they also understand the meaning of unacceptable. There was a certain myopia about the principals of the company; they did not seem able to build alliances nor take advice. This is well illustrated by the company’s final letter of acquiescence to the IPC.

    In the meantime, who will remove the three wind monitoring masts installed by EPYC, located in Manar, Mt Fairy and opposite Roseview? Will EPYC passively leave these things as a reminder to the community that they had the last laugh? Or will they surprise us with hitherto unseen integrity and decommission the masts?

    Congratulations to our community, so many of whom have fought long and hard, with great unity, to stop the attack on us.

  33. Jane Keany says:

    Residents Against Jupiter wind turbines

    Media Release: NSW DPE supports rural community

    Today the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) knocked back the proposed Jupiter wind farm. EPYC, the wind farm developer, failed to convince the Department that its proposal was a good fit in the largely rural residential environment, south east of Tarago, NSW.

    This is the first time DPE has recommended against a wind farm proposal, but the breakthrough has only been achieved after years of intensive community agitation. And, it’s not the end of the story. The recommendation will now go before the Planning Assessment Commission to make the final determination. A battle weary community takes new hope and begins the next stage of preparations to take to the PAC.

    Sharn Ogden from Mulloon said:
    ‘This is just the wrong location. Wind farms do have real impacts and we have to place them to minimise those impacts. We can’t just place them anywhere’.

    It was the unacceptably high impacts of the proposed turbines, that mobilised the community to support and educate themselves. In 2016 they submitted what the DPE termed an ‘unprecedented’ number of objections (400+) to any wind farm proposal in NSW. Despite this, the developer forged ahead, failing to heed DPE’s repeated warnings about siting and community concerns (advice from a recent GIPAA request), instead showing as one resident said, ‘sneering disregard for the hillbillies who do not support their proposal’.

    Barry O’Neill, whose house is located in what would have been the Jupiter dress circle, said:
    ‘We are ecstatic that the Planning Department has recommended against Jupiter. We are not against renewable energy but this area is clearly not suitable for a wind farm. We bought our block for the commanding views of the valley and mountains. The wind farm would transform our view into an industrial site. It’s a shame the community has had to devote so much of our lives over the past 5+ years to have our concerns acknowledged.’

    Dr Michael Crawford, spokesperson for Residents Against Jupiter wind turbines added:
    ‘The developer tried to bulldoze the local community and failed. The wind industry wants Jupiter killed. It is making their reputation even worse. It was always a very sick proposal. This is a mercy killing by the Department’.

    The DPE decision, while only a recommendation to the PAC, is momentous as it does indicate that the Department has weighed up the impacts on the community surrounding the Jupiter Wind Farm proposal. A new era begins. One in which rural communities are given a fair hearing. The Tarago and surrounding communities are celebrating this decision and breathing a sigh of relief after their long David and Goliath battle.

    Contact: Jane Keany 040 2222 408

  34. Yet again we read of callous disregard by windfarm manufacturers for the health of their workers https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/money/business/2017/12/16/former-tpi-iowa-workers-claim-they-were-fired-after-chemical-exposure/844600001/ . Some time ago I found this Report https://osha.europa.eu/en/tools-and-publications/occupational-safety-and-health-in-the-wind-energy-sector which documents similar effects and more (see P.32). Lessons have not been learned.

  35. Roger Young says:

    I have written an analysis of Professor Andrew Blakers study “100 percent renewable electricity in Australia”
    The file is pdf and contains one graph only.
    How would I send this to you, or post? (New to the site)
    Roger Young

  36. a&lexandre says:

    could you tell me if the case in front of the High Court concerning 7 Families against Enercon is definitively settled. If yes how high are the Punitive Damages allocated to the plaintiffs
    Thank you for your reply

  37. We’ve seen the reports of turbines catching fire and the reports of bird and bat kills. Now comes the reports of subsonic injury to people who live near the turbines.
    I was wondering, if the subsonic sounds injure people, what do the wind farms at see do to whales and other sea creatures?

  38. According to the US State Department several US diplomats in Cuba have been exposed to a secret sonic weapon. It will be interesting if this turns out to be infrasound! https://www.livescience.com/60110-how-sonic-weapon-might-work.html

    • This interview with former US Defense Secretary Cohen gives a hint concerning the weaponization of nature. See the very end of the interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoUmgv7pip0
      The activity he refers to has been forbidden by international treaty but not enough citizens are taking a stand on it, or linking it to the “climate” debate, to which it is intimately linked.

  39. Journalists from Greece’s SKAI television channel take to task George Adamidis, president of GENOP-DEI, the trade union of the formerly publicly owned but currently under demolition Greek Public Power Corporation, for the views GENOP have expressed on the subject of climate change. The media has construed these positions as meaning that GENOP are allies of Donald Trump. This is the basic message behind the journalists’ ridiculing Adamidis. For English subtitles click white rectangle under the picture.

  40. Well done. I was a renewable supporter until I realised I actually knew very little about it, despite having a degree in environmental management, and so decided to research a bit. Suffice to say I’m amazed how naive I was and what a stumbling mess this whole issue is, scientifically and politically. A great site with effective to the point information. I appreciate your efforts and wish you the best.

  41. Hi, My name is Joanna. I am a member of Deep Green Resistance, a group and a movement that is anti industrial methods of generating energy, including wind and solar, being so called ‘green energy’ sources.
    After the SA announcement of Tesla supported large scale wind farm, I am looking connecting to people around Australia who have investigated the full impact of wind farms on land and people. My aim is to write an article explaining the real costs and impact of wind farms as well as issues of financial subsidies and corruption.
    Mostly, I would like to learn about this subject and then contribute to presenting alternative views.
    Would you be open for discussions?


    • If you’re opposed to industrial green energy, what do Deep Greens make of the Green Party Australia, who push it strongly. I hope you’re appalled. Interesting to know of your division. I differ too in that I’m an environmentalist and think generally global warming is a farce and we’d be better to spend the money on stopping pollution of rivers and oceans, buying the amazon, and researching and finding action plans for when oceans do rise, as they will one day, man made climate change or not. That’s all.

    • Does Deep Green Resistance identify with either side of the mainstream “climate change” debate?

  42. Claire Kalemkeris on wind “parks” in the Cyclades, Greece

  43. Ricardo Miranda says:

    I have a way of producing CHEAP electricity and i have been trying to get someone to ask me about it – I have not put a patent on my idea YET. I have sent emails to most of the top politicians in the LIBERAL and a few others but have never been asked what is my idea. I would like to speak to Terry McCrann about it as i have just watched him with Peta Credlin. Thank You.
    Ricardo Miranda

    • Ricardo, if that is so, the world will beat a path to your door. We do not have contact details for either McCrann or Credlin and cannot otherwise help you. Try contacting McCrann at The Australian and Credlin at SkyNews.

  44. sWINDle says:

    Looks like the French poodle Macron is following his German master into the abyss http://www.thegwpf.com/macrons-nuclear-mistake/

  45. Can you share our page to help spread awareness we are fighting windfarms in the west of ireland we have shared your page thanks


  46. What is an e-mail address to which I can send a report on the Karystia mobilization? contact address halva1 at otenet dot gr

  47. The new more visible involement of the US military in the climate change “debate” in opposition to the preferences of Trump’s populist base may well complicate matters for the IPCC’s leftist and ecologist fan club. http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/breakfast/is-the-us-military-at-odds-with-trump-over-climate/8413060

    • Reads like an ABC beat up. The US military have been at odds with the wind industry for years, as have defence forces elsewhere – wind turbines interfere with military radar, seismography (used to monitor nuclear testing) and pilots near wind turbines have recorded near misses on training runs.





      • These attitudes might be true of rank-and-file military people who are out of the political debate at the top, but people like Sherri Goodman see things differently, as do the people who publish articles like this one: http://www.politicususa.com/2017/04/21/report-concludes-trumps-climate-denial-aids-terrorist-recruitment-efforts.html

      • So Donald Trump denies the existence of the climate? If they mean he resists unsubstantiated theories about a single, naturally occurring trace gas essential for life on earth causing the planet to incinerate before our very eyes, then your President is hardly Robinson Crusoe.

      • This is in reply to the 9.41 p.m. post. There seems to be no provision for a reply after it. We are talking at cross purposes. I am not American. I live in Greece. Most of my friends are in the ecological milieu and have Trump stereotyped as a “climate change sceptic” (i.e. bad). It is confusing for them to see their own climate change true believer viewpoints being defended by high-ranking US military figures, in opposition to Trump. I like seeing stereotypes being exploded and that is why I came to this blog.

      • This is the English translation of what I said at a demonstration last Sunday 23rd April at Karystos in Euboea, Greece. The pristine mountain scenery of Southern Karystia is being turned into a degraded industrial wasteland through the construction of wind parks with hundreds of turbines. http://aeginalight.gr/article.php?id=90268

        Dear Citizens of Southern Karystia,

        My name is Wayne Hall. I was born in Australia but have lived for many years in Greece and am vice-president of the Aegina Association of Active Citizens.

        There have not, as far as I know, been proposals for wind turbines to be installed in Aegina. We see them on the horizon, on the mountaintops of the Peloponnese. But they are not a subject of controversy in Aegina. They do not interfere with our local life. We are told that they generate electric power and like everyone else who does not have to share their environment with them we have formed our attitudes to them from what we see and hear through the virtual reality of the mass media: they are a valuable innovation that is helping Greece overcome its dependence on fossil fuels. They are non polluting, contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and so help to mitigate the threat of global warming. If we hear of opposition to them in other places we attribute this opposition to the “not in my backyard” syndrome, i.e. to selfishness and lack of concern for the welfare of society as a whole.

        Once we are faced with the prospect of having wind turbines, and particularly large numbers of wind turbines, right next to where we live, we may be forced to look into the situation with more attention. I don’t need to repeat what other speakers here today are saying. The fact is that wind turbines are much better at making money for speculative private interests and providing an ecological figleaf for the privatization and deregulation of electrical generation than they are at generating electricity.

        Countries such as Germany, which has received praise from ecologists for its promise to phase out nuclear power stations and construct large number of wind parks on land and sea are finding that they do not solve the power problem. Germany is now building a new generation of power stations that burn lignite. China too in six of its provinces has just imposed a ban on the construction of new wind parks.

        Of all the Australian states, the state of South Australia has progressed furthest in satisfying the criteria of the 2015 Paris Climate Summit, deriving over 40% of its electrical power from “renewables”. It also has the most expensive and most unreliable electricity supply in Australia. Last year, as a result of extreme weather conditions, with torrential rain and very strong winds, all of the electrical power of the state (with the exception of Kangaroo Island) was taken out, in some places for more than 24 hours.

        “Renewable” energy sources, including wind power, are justified on the basis of the threat of global warming. The devotees of both sides of the mainstream climate debate i.e. on the one hand those who warn against the dangers of global warming, which they attribute mainly to atmospheric emissions of carbon dioxide, and on the other those who assert that the theory of anthropogenic global warming is a fraud, resort to hysteria when they sense that their ideas are under threat. This is an extremely politicized controversy. But the hysteria is in part due to the fact that both sides of the discussion avoid touching taboo subjects. This evasiveness, in the final analysis, makes the discussion unscientific (i.e. irrational). Also, the bipolar hysteria serves the purpose of aligning the public debate with the requirements of the two-party political system of the United States. Today even Americans are trying to emancipate themselves from the divided and ruled mentalities that are spawned by these bipolar arrangements.

        On the subject of wind energy there are parliamentarians today, such as the Greek-Australian senator from South Australia Nick Xenophon, who are making similar efforts, i.e. efforts to promote an objective and scientific approach to the subject of renewable energy sources.

        As I said, in my own local environment of Aegina the necessity has not yet emerged for us to take a decision for or against the installation of wind turbines. In relation to other issues, however, which are equally threatening to the values of solidarity, self-respect, protection of basic rights of freedom and justice, such as the extortionate “trade agreements” TTIP and CETA, our council has adopted the courageous policy of entry into the network of resisting municipalities.

        As with trade, the energy problem cannot be solved through hysteria and capitulation to the demands of warring lobbies whose only concern is short-term profit.

        Apart from the above reservations about the capacity of wind power to solve the energy problem, in the case of Southern Karystia there are also objections to the degradation of the natural environment from the accumulation of industrial installations for generating electricity within the protected area of Mount Ochi that will also have a detrimental effect on the economic life of the area, that is to say the agricultural economy and tourism.

        The Aegina Association of Active Citizens greets today’s gathering of the citizens of Karystos municipality and declares solidarity with its just demands.

  48. Bev Marquart says:

    We have Inverenergy looking to put solar in Hardin Co Ohio – Everpower Has closed it’s Bellefontaine office – are they really one and the same under different legal setups????

  49. Latest news from Europe is that companies providing pumped hydro power in Germany and other countries are trying to sell off or mothball these assets because they are not profitable due to subsidies paid for ‘renewables’. Presumably Turnbull’s project will get renewable subsidies.

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