This post explains who we are and how we started.

We are not affiliated with any group, political party or industry.

We have not received any funding from any outside group or individual – none.

We started as a kitchen table group of citizens concerned about what is happening across rural and regional Australia, by the harm being done by the wind industry, in partnership with governments.

Since we began in December 2012, we have added to our concerns the economic and social harm caused by rocketing power prices and unreliable power supplies, the product of heavily subsidised and intermittent wind power: the results that have played out in Australia’s wind power capital, South Australia, will cripple that State at an economic and social level for decades to come.

And over that time we have grown to enjoy the valuable input and support from a range of eminent experts, including engineers (some of whom designed and/or built Australia’s power grid), economists, health professionals and lawyers. Our sources also include several Federal MPs and the staff in their offices, as well as community leaders across the Country.

We were surprised and alarmed by how quickly the Green movement sold its soul to jump into bed with the wind industry; and floored by how malicious that class of zealots becomes whenever faced with any kind of threat to their beloved wind industry.

We are dismayed to see people being forced from their homes due to incessant, wind turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound; and horrified as we witnessed those in positions of power not only fail to help those people, but turn on these victims of a government-sanctioned, subsidy-soaked industry.

We are angered by the scope of the wind power fraud.

We are appalled by how wind industry supporters dismiss victims, ridicule those who have different opinions and vilify those who are opposed to industrial wind power generation.

We are appalled by the dishonesty of the wind industry, its supporters and those who operate within it.

We are disappointed that the many who claim to have been made sick are segregated and dismissed.

STT’s editorial team does not live near wind turbines and their homes are not threatened by wind turbines, so we reject the NIMBY charge often levelled by those who never have to live or work near industrial wind turbines, at the unfortunates who have no choice but to do so.

We aim to act as independent but compassionate observers, who have undertaken our own investigations and report on them. We think the direct and adverse impacts from industrial wind power on wind farm neighbours to be an issue of fairness and human rights.

We don’t think the wind industry collectively is a good corporate citizen. We believe this is an industry fueled by the prospect of massive government mandated and subsidised ‘profits’, hiding behind a veneer of “the common good”.

We believe wind industry proponents are hell-bent on destroying our environment, while cynically claiming to “save” it.

We believe the rampant installation of turbines across this country must be stopped now; and, from the evidence we have gathered since December 2012, we are convinced that industrial wind power does not work on any level: economic; social or environmental.

In short, we consider that subsidised wind power is the greatest fraud of all time.


  1. drgenenelson says:

    Californians for Green Nuclear Power at CGNP dot org is fighting the wind power scam in California. I just used the STT post from 17 February 2017 to introduce some Californians to the problem. CGNP is a California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) intervenor that has obtained party status in CPUC proceeding A.16-08-006, which is a harmful proposal by Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) to abandon the highly-functioning Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP), a twin-reactor complex in San Luis Obispo, California, USA in 2025. DCPP typically generates 18 TWh/ year, more than five times the annual production of Hoover Dam or more than 14 times the production of Topaz Solar Plant – without emissions! The DCPP power production cost in 2015 was about $27.19 USD/MWh. CGNP is opposing the PG&E proposal and is seeking support.

    • STT supports nuclear power and we have written about it many times. We wish we had nuclear power in Australia and envy those economies with politicians who have been mature enough to embrace it. Alas, Australia is run by intellectual infants. We wish you well in your battle to keep your base-load alive.

      • drgenenelson says:

        Thank you for your message of support. I caution STT readers to beware of fossil fuel advocates that attempt to “whitewash” their carbon emissions by a public relations campaign that highlights wind and solar. (I think of the controversial Ivanpah “Solar” Power complex that used about 1.4 *Billion* cubic feet of natural gas last year as a so-called “hybrid” generator.
        http://www.pe.com/articles/plant-823670-gas-ivanpah.html – The article date is 20 January 2017. ) Ivanpah still has FAILED to reach its production goal of 940,000 MWh/year, despite beginning production in 2014 at only 45% of this annual goal. For comparison, DCPP produced 18,505,385 MWh in 2015!

  2. We actually need a solid campaign to get rid of the LRET.
    it is what is killing our economy, and it is dragging along unsuspecting states Govts’ and their advisors, the majority of which don’t know much or anything about the LRET and its impact.

    I was asked recently a couple of questions about the LRET, and my views. My comments are below:-

    Campaign against the LRET!, and do it with vigour, now!
    Don’t know what the LRET is?, its what is destroying our economic advantage of low priced abundant electricity for all Australians.

    The LRET is an environmental charge that we all pay embedded in our electricity prices (residential, small and large business electricity prices).

    It is the mechanism that allows so called ‘renewables’ (wind farms) two (2) ‘free kicks’ in their financial structure, and kicks the existing electricity generators in the arse, by distorting the National Electricity Market (NEM).
    What is it?

    Large Scale Renewable Energy Target (LRET) is the mechanism that is the target for Australia to have 33,000 Giga Watt Hours of renewables by 2020. That target means 6,000MW of new ‘renewables’ needs to be constructed between now and 2020 (4 years from now) which will deliver twice the amount of renewables in the electricity generation sector there is now!

    It’s a target which was debated between Labor and the Coalition a couple of years ago, and the renewables went into ‘no growth phase’ until it was ‘agreed’ on the figure of 33,000 GWhrs by 2020.

    What does it do?

    1 The LRET mechanism means that the electricity Retailers have to (by law) source a growing amount of their retail electricity sales from renewable source (Certificates) which are surrendered at the end of each year to the Clean Energy Regulator, or pay a fine for the amount of certificates they have not been able to generate themselves of buy from a ‘renewable’ generator.

    2 The Certificates can only be sourced from accredited ‘renewable electricity generation sources’ such as wind farms, large scale solar, hydro, biomass.

    3 The price of these Certificates has increased dramatically (from $30/MWh (2014) to $80/MWh (average for 2016), and $90/MWh last month, which is close to the statutory penalty (fine) of $92/MWh.

    4 A wind Farm proponent can justify its investment on the sale of these Certificates alone!

    5 For example a wind farm of say 300MW capacity can expect to produce at only 30% of its nameplate capacity (annual average), and yet, the sale of its Certificates to retailers alone produces enough cash flow to meet its capital and operating costs and turn a profit. This is a ‘free kick’!

    6 This means the wind farms financial costs are being totally underwritten by a guaranteed Federal Government sanctioned subsidy. Although in reality it isn’t a subsidy, the Federal Government (in league with the Labor opposition, Greens et al) are guilty of ‘Dumping’. Dumping is actually illegal in Australia, and an example of Dumping, is where overseas companies are breaking the law if they do the same thing in Australia, that is subsidise a product (such as a steel product) to compete on the Australian market to drive out the incumbents (local steel manufacturers) from the market, and then dominate the market, and set the prices at levels higher than during the Dumping period.

    7 So, armed with a guaranteed cash flow from Certificates, Wind Farms bid into the NEM, (in competition with all the existing generators) to meet the demand in the individual region (SA, Victoria etc) and all those bids are stacked up by the NEM Operator to the point where the quantity of the bids equals the quantity of the demand, at which point the market is ‘cleared’, each half hour, and this is the pool price for that half hour.

    8 All of those bids that have an equal price or lower price offer than the clearing price get ‘dispatched’, which means they sell their product at the clearing price for that half hour, and then the process starts again for 24/7.

    9 So, when it comes to bidding, the wind farms can bid zero, some of the existing coal fired stations might bid a small proportion of their load at zero (they need to keep some of their plant operating, and can’t shut down) and then bid more at slightly higher prices and so on.

    10 The impact on the bidding (when one party doesn’t have to make any money through the sale of its electricity – wind farms) is that the wind farms progressively ‘steal’ market share from the existing generators, and this continues as more and more wind comes on line, but it is variable as wind is unpredictable. This is the second ‘free kick’!

    11 The existing coal fired power stations lose market share, their operations also become unpredictable, and their costs per unit of sale (costs pre KWh) increases.

    12 The wind farms have zero cost per KWh as their costs are all met through the existing LRET.

    So, is this a level playing field?, as mentioned above all our political parties are involved in this never ending spiral toward unpredictable, high priced, unreliable strategy, which is in effect ‘Dumping’ which is outlawed in Australia’s Competition Law (& Trade Practices Act Rev.) but is allowed if our political masters do it????

    This is effectively ‘legal Dumping’, or is it legal – it certainly isn’t moral, not when South Australia had 10,000 disconnections last year due to people not being able to afford to pay their electricity bills, and major industry like BHP saying they may not be able to expand their operations at Olympic Dam due to unreliable high priced electricity.

    The impact of the LRET is a huge economic disaster already, and the final impact on Australia we can only imagine. The economic (and social) impacts are already evidenced by the South Australian (SA) experiment, which has to be adjudged an abject failure.

    SA has the highest proportion of renewables of any state in Australia by far (in excess of 40%), SA also has the highest electricity prices of any state in Australia by far (in excess of 100%) compared to some states.

    Words, saying renewables will bring the cost of electricity down have been uttered ad nauseam by the proponents and spruikers of renewables over the last 10 to 20 years. Words don’t pay the bills for those getting disconnected, and the facts are renewables are doing the opposite.

    The evidence and facts are renewables are simply unpredictable, unreliable and much higher priced than what we had previously (or still have with fossil fuels).
    DUMP THE LRET NOW, 10,000 households in SA alone will applaud you!

  3. Geoff Cruickshank says:

    Interesting debate happening at: https://theconversation.com/we-dont-know-why-south-australias-wind-farms-stopped-working-so-hold-off-on-the-blame-game-66631#comment_1106640
    Some of us do know why South Australia’s wind farms stopped working – here is part of the thread:

    I am glad you have bought this up though Christopher as it brings to fore the great fraud of wind turbine generation in South Australia – the data generated about their contribution is misleading. On the 29th of September, The Conversation published an article titled “What caused South Australia’s state wide blackout?”. One of the images in the article shows the dispatched GW of the grid, with the S.A. black system event starkly evident. However, as AMEO stated, wind farms played no part in the system restart, yet the data clearly shows a percentage of wind farm contribution when the system was being restored. HOW CAN THIS BE POSSIBLE?
    The answer revealed itself over the next few days – the meters used to gather wind farm data are only installed on the OUTGOING side, and do not reflect the power on the INCOMING side when the turbines are being driven by the grid (like giant fans) for stabilization. From about 14:00 on the 29th, Snowtown North 1 and South 1 were being driven by 10 MW each from the grid until 07:00 on the 30th, when the input power was increased to 50 MW each for the rest of the day. However, the Aneroid site labels this as “Wind Energy Production” !!! The wind farms are actually spinning because of power injected from the gas and coal fired power stations, yet this is fed to the unsuspecting general public as coming from wind farms. And this, in my view, is BLATANT FRAUD by persons unknown, and is akin to “laundering” fossil fuel power and turning it into renewable power.
    This is not the Aneroid website’s fault as they only publish the data they receive. The INCOMING power fed into the wind farms (which includes energizing Balance of Plant components) must be metered and deducted from the OUTGOING power to give a true indication of a wind farm’s output.
    I am quite sure there will be angry responses to this post – and there are very good reasons to be angry as the public has been badly mislead with regard to wind farm generation contribution – either by accident or by design. This situation would most likely never have been exposed had it not been for the Black System event and the excellent data sources like Aneroid that allows ordinary citizens to monitor grid activity. The data is all there – anyone who disputes it can analyse it and see for themselves – the flat line outputs of the S.A. wind farms in the days after the 28th could not possibly have been created from normal wind generation, and thus revealing an Inconvenient Truth about wind turbines . You guys have been grossly mislead.

    Howls of protest and disbelief over that one!
    I posted about this on LinkedIn during the 28th, 29th and the 30th. I can supply the Aneroid data if required.

  4. Francis Bowkett says:
  5. We can make your group look great in front of the cameras. A unified look ensures your message and protest have unity which translates to impact. Check us out.

    Our Shop

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  6. I have written an illustrated children’s book that compares wind energy to oil and gas. People viewing this site might be interested in it. It is called Gary the Go-Cart: Wind Blows and it is available everywhere.

  7. Gerard Mooney says:

    I want to join this campaign to help save Ireland’s natural beauty. Please direct me how.

    These power thirsty lunatics are intent on destroying our beautiful land just before humanity reaches the golden age of evolution. Act now and preserve what is left for our future generations to enjoy. Praise god the creator and the great spirit.

    I will help in any way I can and i can rally others in support of this great and noble cause also.


  8. ozspeaksup says:

    this links may be of interest
    it shows the insanity of claimed and actual
    the depth of drain on public funding for useless birdshredders.


  9. I have not read all the comments but I think this is not covered. I maintain Wind Farms are a great success! If we take a typical Coal fired power station they are about 2.5 GWs a typical Wind Turbine is 2.1 MWs. That means you need at least 1200 Wind Turbines to equal the plate capacity of a CF P/S. This would be okay if were 100% efficient but in fact the best obtainable is 25%. That means 4800 are needed which equates to $19.2 billion capital cost. This is for something that may not be producing anything for a week! For instance Capital Wind Farm did this also 58 days in 2014 it was under 5%. As you say the electricity you get is about 4 times more than coal.

    So why is this a success? I depends on your point of view. Read closely what the green movement wants it wants to save the planet but who for? It is not humans because for them humans are the problem. They talk of moving civilisation back to the 1850s that is back to about a billion world population. To do this the only way is to destroy modern civilisation by removing fossil fuels and relying on renewables, it will do it. So far the damage to western economies and how far they have gone is a remarkable success!

    Don’t be on their side civilisation will crush them it is a matter of when.

  10. Harry Amey says:
  11. I host the blog ‘Idiocy of Renewables’ and also ‘PRISMs to Power the UK’

    Right now, a PRISM nuclear power unit is being considered by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) for the disposition of the UK’s 140 tonne plutonium stockpile.

    From the fuel produced, whilst rendering the plutonium useless as a bomb-making material, the PRISM unit would be able to generate 622 MW of emission-free electricity for a further 50 or 60 years.

    This is a most worthwhile contribution to meeting the UK’s mandatory carbon target – but more significantly:


    Support needed to get the NDA to go for the PRISM option. Would any friends and supporters of ‘STOP THESE THINGS’ be prepared to write to: your MP – the NDA – the DECC – the Prime Minister?????

    Friend and ‘Likes’ also needed on: https://www.facebook.com/Prismsuk/timeline

    • nuclear – so not an option for the UK’s or worlds energy needs and what on earth do we do with the waste? Australia’s big enough to bury it if you want to support it!!

      • Inform yourself. Thorium MSR can use all the waste from other reactors. Reducing nuclear waste to almost nothing.

  12. Solar is just as ludicrous when you listen to the YouTube video by John Kutsch

  13. Congratulations on your campaign.

  14. Since my website http://www.caithnesswindfarms.co.uk/ maintains the only global list of turbine accidents I wonder if I could ask your readers to send us media links of any they hear about please? We can only report what we know ! It’s updated quarterly.

  15. I’m guessing you’ve seen this already? Effective wind power opponent dead of “apparent” suicide. French Senator Jean Germain. http://www.principia-scientific.org/suicide-of-french-senator-jean-germain-friend-of-windfarm-victims.html?utm_campaign=april-15-2015&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter

  16. Harry Amey says:

  17. Hi, Pam McElheran here and I just wanted to share some good news. http://www.nugget.ca/2015/03/17/innergex-drops-mattawa-wind-farm-proposal
    This brings hope that if we band together anything is possible. We started a website on facebook and if you care to visit you are very welcome to check us out. Have a great day!

  18. Hi Stop these things,
    I have been a reader of this site for a while and never had any reason to post, but I came across an interesting article which is of some importance in the fight against windfarms.
    I have seen mention of vibration, along with infrasonic sound, but I haven’t seen any mention of seismic transmission of sound, which from this article can travel through the ground for about 6.8 miles.
    This factor could conveniently overlooked by audio engineers telling people that the noise is all in their heads.

  19. I like the clever, to-the-point name of this website and I’m tired of the political-correctness surrounding these rural skyscrapers. Let’s call them what they really are: invaders posing as saviors.

    I want to point out a ludicrous claim made by Neil deGrasse Tyson in Cosmos episode 12 (2014). He claimed that wind turbines use “very little land” while panning over an ocean array. I think it was partly an intentional attempt to mask land-blight, but also used the ruse of individual turbine pads being their only affect on surroundings. We all know that their webbing effect (including wide access roads) is what really matters. They taint all the acreage they’re installed on because you can’t avoid seeing them!

    My only complaint with this and similar sites is the inevitable climate-denial arguments used against wind turbines (hard to avoid if you link to other articles). It should be stressed that Peak Oil is a geological certainty, only temporarily delayed by shale & tar sands, and we clearly need alternate sources of electricity. But we still need oil for heavy transport and other uses that batteries will never cover.

    There are many reasons to stop wasting oil besides AGW and there are no magic replacements for it. That’s what both sides of this debate like to ignore (we may be up a creek due to an overly large population grown on oil and coal). The Earth never came with a carrying-capacity warranty. Short of nuclear war, there’s no one “worst” thing people are doing, just a cumulative burden on Earth’s land and resources. Wind turbines are the biggest expansion of the human footprint I’ve seen in my lifetime. They simply stick out too much and no other large structures have their distracting kinetic component.

    • Thanks EA.

      The AGW debate is something we leave to others; for our view, see this post: https://stopthesethings.com/2014/01/15/john-cowl-md-comments-on-global-warming/

      Wind power is meaningless as a power source and increases rather than decreases CO2 emissions in the electricity sector, it therefore fails in meeting its key justifications.

      Consider a country where its electricity supply was exclusively based on wind power generation; a place where businesses would attempt to run around the vagaries of the wind; where houses would be well-stocked with candles and their occupants left to keep food cold with kero-fridges or iceboxes – and those homes otherwise run on wood, sticks or dung, used for cooking or heating. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

      As soon as that country had the chance (due to the availability of technology and/or as a process of economic development) it would build a system based on power generation sources available “on-demand” (ie coal, gas, hydro, nuclear, geo-thermal).

      Its people would then be able to enjoy around the clock illumination; factories could run to the clock, and not the weather; homes would be heated and cooled according their occupants’ needs, making life safer and more comfortable (no-one need be frozen to death or expire from the heat because the wind stopped blowing); economic development and prosperity would follow, as night follows day.

      Placed in the practical context of the needs of a functioning society, wind power can be seen as the patent nonsense that it clearly is. If a country didn’t have a conventional power system (as we have), it would build one, anyway.

      Once people grasp that fact, the rest of the wind industry’s ‘case’ falls away.

      Talk about “wind farms being in the right place” just sounds silly; ergo, with arguments about distances from homes; separation from bird nesting sites or migration routes etc, etc.

      All of these other considerations – while legitimate – simply jump to periphery and dilute the strength of the key argument.

      Keep hitting our political betters with the pointlessness of wind power as a generation source and the rest falls away.

      What reasonable decision maker would back policies that favour something that has no economic benefit? Moreover, as the central claim that wind power reduces CO2 emissions in the electricity is a complete falsehood, the justification for the hundreds of $billions in subsidies directed to wind power looks like pure lunacy, at best; or graft and corruption (aka ‘crony’ capitalism), at worst.

      To that end, STT really is about bringing a monumental economic and environmental fraud to an end.

  20. David Archibald says:

    Dear Stop These Things,
    I have been invited to make a submission to the Senate Wind Turbine inquiry. To that end, I would like to get some statistics on the wind industry in Australia. If you have that, please email me.

    With thanks.

    • STT does not store statistics related to the energy market, wind power generation etc. Depending on the statistics you are looking for (and your request is unclear) you may find assistance at the NEM, AEMO websites, or sites like ANERO http://energy.anero.id.au/wind-energy on wind power generation output. If you are looking for general numbers, then work your way through the links on the Smorgasbord post (at the top of the site), many of those posts contain links to academic or industry papers/studies etc brimming with numbers. Good luck with your submission.

  21. It’s good people are speaking out. I wish there could be more speaking out also about the toxic chem/contrails being sprayed in the sky in practically every country. I used to live in Australia. Sad to hear.

  22. Fan Club

    In roaring ranks upon the hills
    Stand eagle-chopping giant windmills,
    And through the day, the birds they slice
    And then at night, the bats they dice.
    With tips that move at lightning speed,
    With carrion, the crows they feed.
    Untiring do they kill and maim,
    Till bearings burn and burst to flame.

    Dennis N. O’Brien

  23. Julie Gray says:

    We know how everyone feels about wind industrial sites in their area and we agree that these environmental disasters should not exist full stop. We live 2km away from Infigen’s Capitol wind farm with 62 turbines (and more from Woodlawn – not sure how many). Now apparently there will be more funded by the complete idiot Simon Corbell in our direct midst. These people are like the Mafia who find and corrupt idiots in government.

    Julie Gray

  24. I’ve recently driven around South Australia and New South Wales and noticed all the wind farms.
    I must say reading the articles here has opened my eyes to what is going on. I’ve put a link to here on my site.
    Good luck with the fight.

  25. “First they ignore you,
    then they laugh at you,
    then they fight you,
    then you win.”

    Mahatma Gandhi

  26. Blown in the wind... says:

    My best information for anyone fighting a wind farm is twofold, do not show your hand to the windfarm. Have no dealings with them. Keep your cards close to your chest. And secondly find out about their permit and ask for a copy, you would be surpised of the lies they can sprout in the permit.

    In our case, they stated that we were on town water (incorrect), that a substation was documented on a different Road Name, and the CFA shed which is on our land, some 900 to 1000 meters from the turbines, was never mentioned by the windfarm company. Above all ask questions from council. Another good avenue is the DPCD Paul Jarman. We are now awaiting on the Wind farm company to lodge a hearing for the Supreme Court, if they do not in 28 days, we have won…finally. Permit issued in 2006.


  27. Thankyou STT – for adding to the awareness and truth of wind energy and the companies that run them. During a six year dispute with a wind energy company to build a nine-turbine wind ‘farm’ within a rural residential area near Yarram, in South Gippsland, Victoria, my disappointment moved from a concern for my own well-being due to the presence of the turbines (just on 500m metres) to the disgraceful performance of the wind energy company who NEVER IN SIX YEARS addressed any of our concerns. Likwise, the response from the then Labor government was pathetic, especially that of Health Minister Andrews, now leading the party. Fortunately the project did not proceed and we could get on with our lives. See our website http://yarrampa.customer.netspace.net.au/windfarm.html or http://www.devonnorthwindfarm.info
    if you want some good news for a change. But the b…..s are still out there!

  28. Thankyou very much for this site as it has been extremely helpful to us in QLD. AGL are wanting to build industrial wind turbines at Coopers Gap between Dalby & Kingaroy. Boy can they tell lies as their Lap Dogs come here all the time trying to win us over, but with your help & the neighbours of the industrial wind turbine sites up in north QLD & down in VIC & SA it has made us very empowered to deal with these Lap Dogs. I am looking forward to meeting you all in June 17 &18 if all goes well. The wind mob will go to the scrub like DINGOS as they can’t stand the truth about their industry.

  29. wise comments only says:

    Quite right.

  30. Well done SST on reaching the 100000+ mark! What an achievement . Thank you so much for all the info you are getting out there. Lets hope it will eventually find it’s way into the mainstream media so that the general population finally find out the facts about industrial wind turbines & the pain they are causing so many poeple. Keep up the good work!

  31. Congratulations STT on reaching the 100,000+ hits milestone in 101 days!

  32. Paul Kenyon says:

    Thanks for what you are doing. I’m fighting these things in Vermont. I live off grid with a small turbine and a PV array. These devices have taught me about them. There’s good reason to doubt that they do what they are being bought and installed to do: reduce significant CO2 on their modern grids. Demand full and unequivocal proof that they do.
    Also, don’t apologize for being a NIMBY. The NIMBY charge is an attempt by a self-selected elite to deny free speech rights of others. Simple as that. I’m a NIABY, myself: Not In Anybody’s Back Yard…at least until it’s proven that, 1.) there really is an unquestionable threat to climate from growing atmospheric CO2 concentrations and, 2.) that the machines being sold and installed to combat that problem really do what they are being installed to do,
    Paul Kenyon

  33. Denise O'Keefe says:

    Many thanks for this site and the information it contains
    King Island Tasmania is currently looking at a proposal for 200 90 metre plus blade wind towers to be placed here on our Island
    Yes the wind blows and yes not a lot of people live here but there is beginning to be real opposition to this proposal
    The carrot of jobs and money and upgrades to services is being dangled in front of a community which recently lost it’s abattoir
    and consequently a lot of jobs so the proposal looks attractive to some as well as those who think wind farms will solve environmental problems
    I for one hope this NEVER gets off the ground
    So again thanks for the information and thank you to Martin Hayes for the heads up

  34. I want to express my graditude to STT.

    I have been following this wind turbine saga for years and seething inside about how it damages communities everywhere, and for no benefit. Through your work, together with some other key generous and passionate souls out there, it is clear now that the tide is turning, and the days of this wind scam are numbered.

    The people now know what to do. They are informed, connected and empowered. That is a great service, and STT has played a key role in delivering this.

    Thank you all for giving up your personal time and expertise to help expose this scam, in all its complex horror, and connect those vulnerable people out there who were unlucky enough to be visited upon by wind energy greed.

  35. The Callous Wind says:

    I too would also like to thank the volunteers who created and maintain this site, the information posted here is invaluable. It already has been and will be a great help to us, in our battle to stop the Ceres Wind Turbine Project here on Yorke Peninsula.


    Unlike some of the other projects, we were told this was coming, but we were never asked what we thought about it, by the developers or the hosts, who just happen to be our neighbours, we were told it is going to happen.
    At the so called information meeting at Curramulka, the developers refused to communicate with us as a group, refusing to answer our questions, saying that they didn’t have to. Their idea of an information meeting was to split everyone up into groups of 25, take them inside and lock the doors, which is what happened eventually, after they called the police, because a few people became a bit vocal, but there was never any hint of violence.


    At the moment, Suzlon/REpower have submitted their Development Application to the DAC and anyone can send in submissions. I am no expert, but their submission contains glaring miscalculations, lists procedures that will never happen and is totally non compliant. It is also blatantly obvious, that the consultants and the developers, have spent very little time in the area, to know how rural communities operate, working with the land, fighting fires etc.To receive Crown Development Status, there has to be total transparency to the community and the project is not to impact on any of its’ neighbours. Firstly, there has been no transparency, there are approximately 1,300 houses within 2 to 4 kilometers of the turbines, including one large and two small holiday communities along the coast and the majority of those people have only found out about this project in the last few weeks.
    Secondly, the turbines have been placed on all of the host’s boundaries, which eliminates the use of aerial spraying and baiting by their neighbours, for a distance of 500 meters or 3 kilometers from the turbines, depending which way the planes have to fly. When the developers were asked why they did this, the reply was, “so we don’t inconvenience the hosts”. In my opinion, if this project is approved by the DAC and given the go ahead by John Rau, the minister for planning, then there is something terribly wrong with our system.
    At the moment, there is a very isolated group of 36 hosts and a very angry community of 2-300 people and growing, which will only get worse if the Ceres Wind Turbine Project goes ahead.

  36. Please remember, The Federal government cannot force these things on us, The State Government cannot force these things on us either, neither can Local government, the Wind Turbine Companies cannot either. The people that give us Wind Turbines are the Wind Turbine, so called hosts who sell out their communities and their neighbours for 30 pieces of silver, and then complain when their neighbour who cannot live in his or her home, due to noise and health sufference, has their property de-valued up to 50%, in some cases after buying their property with life long savings , gets upset. Orrrrr Deeerr. Maybe I am missing something.

    • Old Ranga from Victoria says:

      More importantly, those turbine hosts need a constant reminder that – longterm – their own properties will be devalued by the turbines they install. So what are they doing to their children’s inheritance? Regular letters to local papers are invaluable here, and possibly the Weekly Times as well.

  37. Thank you so much for this website. You are doing collectively what so many Australians were trying to do individually. With your understanding of the trauma caused by years of fighting proposed wind farms, (in our case, Mt Emerald Wind Farm), you give us, the individuals, just a little more hope.

    • Thanks Jennifer. We see this issue as one of the most important affecting rural and regional Australia today. We also think it’s vastly unreported by traditional media. This site is manned entirely by volunteers. We receive no funding from any individual, group or organisation. We certainly welcome your “pat on the back”.

  38. This is a truly international blight! I am contacting you from N. Ireland where we are being spun a web of lies so that corporations and politicians can benefit from the building of these monstrosities!
    Please check our website-www.windwatch.co.uk
    We also have a facebook page and would love to have your support- it is accessible from links at the top of our site.
    Good luck- wishing you the very best

  39. Welcome to the fray!

    Check http://www.windwiseradio.org/australian-senate-inquiry/ which I am maintaining.

    I’ve added Stop These Things to our list of friends!


  40. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Not only too SA, but across SA, today is a Catastrophic fire danger day in the Lower SE of SA, and in other parts, with the rest of the State on high alert. A fire could bring devastation, across Southern Australia even with the assistance of aerial water bombing. It would be a much more dangerous and fast moving process without water bombing.

    A CFS spokesperson here in SA the other week said aerial water bombing wasn’t that important because it’s the people on the ground who put fires out – yes he is right about the people on the ground, but ask them if they would prefer to do it without the help of water bombing! The idiot was speaking after being asked if it was true turbines could interfere with the ability to fight fires.

  41. Extreme fire conditions in south west Victoria today. Look into the near future when all the approved wind farms are constucted -turbines from Geelong to South Australia and aerial fire control not an option – wind farm neighbours collateral damage.

  42. A few years ago a wind energy company and its supporters tried to intimidate my family and others in our area, The wind company is now defunct and most of the fishy supporters are close to broke after thinking they were going to get a payout and then it all falling over when the majority of the community objected and fought them. The moral of the story is to fight anyone who supports this junk, intimidate them, and by no means do any business dealings with anyone who you know supports wind energy and let it be known. Their support will soon stop when they think they are loosing money
    Its good to see a site dedicated to spreading the truth on this issue. Keep it up!

  43. Murray May says:

    It is interesting that the Greens now regularly portray anyone with concerns about wind turbines as fronts for the coal industry. Chistine Milne did this recently in a speech in the Senate on the Madigan/Xenophon bill on excessive noise from wind farms. Perhaps it’s time for the Greens to spend more time in wilderness listening to the sounds of nature and reflecting on John Muir’s original question about the proper relations between humans and bears, mountains, clouds and rivers.

  44. Always great to see another new site come online. Welcome to the club. The more of us there are, the sooner our voices will be heard. One can only hope. I’ll put a link to you on our site in Ontario. I try to include wind turbine news from all over the world, so I’ll put a link to you on our home page. http://www.quixoteslaststand.com

  45. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Yes, I am referring to Richard. I to think he should be recognised for his stance. And the way the Government has used him as a ‘scape goat’ and excuse to bring about Draconian changes to the Development Plans is a disgrace.

    Their response to Richards win has shown them up for what they are, and being relatively polite I’ll leave what they are to each of us to speculate on.

    I am sure people would find a story on Richard enlightening.

  46. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Good luck with this site and:

    What would you call a Government that changed Development Plan regulations to ensure applications for wind energy installations could not be refused on grounds of Visual Amenity or anything else?

    With the excuse given for changes being a single win in the ERD court by one farmer on grounds of Visual Amenity had apparently created so much uncertainty for developers the Government had to ensure it could not happen again.

    They then made further amendments creating Zones where Visual Amenity can be used to stop projects.

    Funnily enough the district where the farmer lives is NOT one of them!

    • Thanks for stopping by Jackie and for contributing to the debate. Are you talking about Richard Paltridge by any chance? We hope to feature Richard in a future post. A true wind warrior. He deserves recognition for his courage and determination to take on single-handedly a major overseas multinational.

  47. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    I wish “Stop These Things” web site every success in exposing and publicising the many negative aspects of wind turbines.

    Concerning the disclosure under the About tab that “We are not climate-change deniers.” I am a little surprised at the choice of such pejorative language, presumably intended to describe those who (though they certainly don’t “deny” that climate has always changed) remain sceptical about the dangerous man-made warming orthodoxy fundamentally because it is not supported by any direct scientific evidence. Also, be mindful that the tactics employed by wind developers to justify the wind industry, e.g. argument from authority, refusal to provide data, obfuscation, misinformation and intimidation of objectors, are the very same ones adopted by alarmist politicians, commentators, and other proponents of the warming orthodoxy.

    • Thanks for your good wishes, Bob. And we welcome your comments re our pejorative language. Good point.

      Accordingly, we have tweaked our “About” description to better reflect our group, the diversity of its interests and attitudes – and the ongoing human-induced climate change issue. We think some well-placed quotation marks in the above make a world of difference to meaning.

      In our view, the term “climate change denier” is pejorative, like NIMBY. And used by the wind industry and its supporters to dismiss and diminish any opposition (i.e. anyone who opposes their extremist agenda is a flat earther).

      The debate on this issue, of course, is not whether the climate is changing but the size of the impact of human activity. But this debate is separate to the wind issue, in our view, although it’s central to the justification for the wind sector’s rampant expansion promoted by its supporters.

      Thanks for visiting our site. We welcome your ongoing feedback and input.

  48. I agree with you.

    I found Phineas Windbag – https://www.facebook.com/phineas.windbag

    he speaks sense.

    We are currently being invaded by the Gullen Range Wind Farm.

    • Thanks for visiting us Rosemary. And thanks for making a comment. Phineas Windbag is a warrior we are certainly aware of. And you’re right. He does speak sense. Do come back and see us again.

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