How ‘Green’ is Wind Power: Offshore Wind Farms Killing Whales

One her way to be ‘saved’ by the wind industry…


Energy generation systems of all descriptions take their toll, but only one of them claims moral superiority over all others. That increasingly tenuous claim rests on the ‘we’re saving the planet’ mantra – chanted by the wind cult around the Globe.

Not for the first time, and not for the last time, wind turbine noise and vibration has clocked up Cetacean fatalities, messing with whale’s sonar guidance and communication systems: Wind Turbine Noise Terrorising Whales

Here’s how offshore wind farms in Britain are doing their bit for the environment.

Three whales wash up dead on UK coast and two are injured ‘after becoming distressed by offshore windfarm’
The Mirror
Chris Kitching and Katie Ridley
21 May 2017

The first dead whale – a calf – was spotted on a mudbank before the carcasses of two adults were found later.

Three minke whales have died and another two are in distress off England’s east coast amid suspicions that offshore wind turbines are to blame.

The first dead whale – a calf – was spotted on a mudbank in the River Ore, near Felixstowe, Suffolk, on Saturday afternoon.

Officials later sealed off an area near Felixstowe Pier after a 30ft adult whale, thought to be the calf’s mother, washed up dead.

Another adult whale was found dead in the sea near Harwich, Essex, while another two were reported in distress on Sunday afternoon.

The deaths have led to suspicions that offshore windfarms may have interfered with the whales’ sonar. Whales use sound to communicate with each other and navigate.

John Cresswell, from the Felixstowe Volunteer Coast Patrol Rescue Service, thinks this weekend’s deaths could be down to two possible factors.

He said: “Sometimes whales can’t get very good sonar transmission near mud banks, which means they end up at shore.

“I also believe that the wind turbines would have contributed to this, as whales aren’t able to communicate properly when wind turbines are being used.”

Environmentalists believe offshore windfarms have contribute to whales deaths in the UK in the past.

Mr Cresswell said it was normal for porpoises to wash up on the shore, but not whales.

He added: “This is a really sad day. I have worked as a volunteer coast guard for twenty one years now and never seen anything like it.

“These creatures are beautiful and it we need to do something to stop this.”

Environmentalists believe offshore windfarms have contributed to whale deaths in the past.

He said council officials were planning to call in a special company to dispose of the whales, which would include towing the animals out to sea and “letting nature take its course”.

However this has caused a stir as there are fears that the carcass could become a hazard to fishermen.
The Mirror

It’s OK, kid. This about saving the planet.

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