Psycho Simon: Renewable Energy Zealots Incite Terrorism Against Wind & Solar Critics

As a rule, RE zealots are not only stupid and selfish, they’re invariably nasty and prone to fits of outrage and violence. Leading the gang in Australia is silver-spooner, Simon Holmes a Court.

Simon has a Masters in Smug, the result of the enormous pile accumulated by his (late) billionaire corporate-raider daddy, Robert. And claims ‘glory’ among virtue signallers for ‘Hepburn Wind’. A whopping 2 turbine ‘community wind farm’, in central Victoria.

Simon’s ‘green’ miracle has been pocketing hundreds of thousands in REC subsidies – for the pair of clapped out Suzlon/REPower 2MW turbines Simon speared into Leonard’s Hill in Victoria – each year since 2011.

Simon’s set up was made possible by duping 1,900 gullible ‘investors’ – mostly air-headed uni academics, school teachers and public servants. Simon’s community calamity (see our post here) hasn’t returned a penny to its shareholders. Helpfully, its website carries some candid comments about the likelihood that ‘investors’ will escape with more than their shirts, answering its own questions like:

Q: When will I receive a return from my investments?

We have braced for a protracted period of low energy and certificate prices. During this time it is our intention to continue to direct all free cash to paying down our bank loan. While this will push a financial return for members into the future, we hope that members will understand that in reducing our debt exposure we are protecting the long term interests of our members.

We recommend that members revisit our FY2014 annual report which included an explanation our early forecasts are unlikely to be met in the medium term. In the current environment it is likely to be a number of years before the co-operative is in a position to pay a return to members.

Q: What if I can’t wait for a return and need to sell my shares?

A small number of members have asked us if they can sell their shares. As set out in the offer document, shares in a co-operative are not listed on any exchange, therefore there is no simple process to buy and sell shares. In general, the sale process involves making a transfer between willing buyers and sellers. (While the co-operative is permitted to buy a number of shares each year, it is at the board’s discretion and the board has determined that the co-operative is not in a position to do so at this time.)

While we are not required to do so, we do try to help members (especially deceased estates) who need to sell their shares for whatever reason. We maintain a register of members wishing to sell shares and we help facilitate introductions to existing and prospective members wishing to buy shares. Importantly, members are free to find their own buyers at any time.

Whilst we have facilitated a number of share sales/transfers to new members and marketed the shares in our e-newsletter, it is worth noting that the process thus far has been slow and will likely continue to be slow under these policy conditions.

We have spoken to other co-operatives both within Australia and internationally and have found that share sales are not common in the sector. Most members buy in for the long term and we respectfully ask our members for patience as we ride out these mid-term challenges.

Asking members for “patience” is the hall-mark of every good Ponzi scheme – as the overblown, promised returns (surprise, surprise) fail to materialise; and the scheme’s organisers get ready to flee with the loot! Hepburn Wind could have added some gleeful touch to its baleful warnings, such as “don’t call us, we’ll call you”; or “the weather’s especially nice this time of year in [insert name of tropical paradise, with no Australian extradition treaty]”, say?

Those comments came from a ‘patient’ investor back in 2015.

And, that poor unfortunate must have the patience of Job because, as yet, there’s still no sign of a dividend.

Simon’s last financial report had this to say on the topic of returns to ‘investors’:

[Note to Ed: what was PT Barnum’s line about there being one born every minute?]

Simon also has more than his fair share to say about Australia’s self-inflicted energy debacle, including making the risible claim that power prices in wind and solar superpower, South Australia have fallen as a result of its RE obsession. Contrary to Simon’s peculiar worldview, they’re still the highest in the world and on the rise. STT smashed that woolly-headed-waffle here: South Australia’s 50% Renewable Energy Fail: World’s Highest Power Prices Caused by Subsidised Wind & Solar

Simon routinely tells his acolytes that wind and solar don’t receive any form of subsidy. Simon might like to share this little snippet from his financials, with his way too credulous followers:

For the uninitiated, the subsidy is the renewable energy certificate. Of Simon’s combined generation income ($1,763,108) just on 48% ($834,475 + 11,275) came from REC subsidies, the full cost of which is all added to consumer’s (rocketing) power bills.

No wonder Simon’s so eager to see a Green/Labor Alliance take power and extend the Renewable Energy Target until Kingdom Come (it expires in 2030, the future REC price has collapsed and wind and solar investment is at a standstill).

As part of the loony-left fringe, Simon, and his best mates Alex – Born Lucky – Turnbull and Mike Cannon-Brookes do a pretty good impersonation of The Three Stooges, blathering and bumbling their way across the social media landscape.

Although, notwithstanding sterling efforts from Alex and Mike, STT rates Simon as the Grand Pooh-Bah of RE rent-seeking Twitter trolls. Over time, Simon’s Twitter rants have become increasingly unhinged but, this time, Simon’s outdone even himself, encouraging his fellow climate cult crazies to terrorise the family home of Brian Fisher, an energy economist who had the temerity to point out that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Climate economist Brian Fisher’s home egged
The Australian
Rosie Lewis
3 May 2019

An unnerved Brian Fisher is considering walking away from future independent economic modelling after his analysis of Labor’s climate policy led to his family home being egged when prominent clean energy activist Simon Holmes a Court posted his address online.

The managing director and chairman of BAEconomics, who has worked as a bureaucrat for Labor and Coalition governments, told The Australian yesterday it appeared“extremely difficult” to have rational, economic debate about climate change in today’s political environment and his family felt disturbed by what had happened to their Canberra home yesterday.

It is one of the more extreme examples of intimidation during an increasingly nasty federal election campaign and came on the same day caricatured posters of former PM Tony Abbott appeared in his ­electorate of Warringah covered in expletives and the word “Pell”.

The egging of Dr Fisher’s porch and front wall took place soon after Mr Holmes a Court suggested on Twitter that the media “send a camera crew around to film” Dr Fisher’s offices, linking to his home address. He also posted a photograph of the Fisher home.

Bill Shorten also ridiculed Dr Fisher yesterday, likening him to “doctors that the big tobacco companies used to roll out in the 70s and 80s to say that smoking was healthy for you”.

It is not the first time Dr Fisher has been threatened. After his initial modelling on Labor’s climate policy was released in March, strangers hung outside his house “just being generally annoying”.

He was also sent a bullet in the mail in the early 1990s when he worked for the commonwealth and conducted modelling on how the government should extract itself from the collapsed wool buffer stock scheme.

“The environment in which this one (the egging) has happened is a fair bit different because in the past we’ve been able to identify exactly who has been involved and they were all mental­ly disturbed,” Dr Fisher told The Australian.

“I’ve been doing this sort of modelling for 25 years because I have an interest in the area and, secondly, I thought there wasn’t any rational, transparent debate about the cost of these (climate) policies, whether it be Coalition or Labor.

“I thought it’d be useful to attempt to inject a bit of rational debate. I’m not claiming to have all the facts, I just wanted to get some sort of economic discussion going.

“It appears in today’s world that is extremely difficult. I’m having serious second thoughts about whether I’ll ever do this again. It’s hopeless.”

Mr Holmes a Court, son of the late mining entrepreneur Robert Holmes a Court and a supporter of independent Warringah candidate Zali Steggall, removed his tweet promoting Dr Fisher’s address yesterday afternoon.

Bill Shorten made his comments about Dr Fisher yesterday after his modelling found the best-case estimate of Labor’s 45 per cent emissions reduction target on 2005 levels by 2030 with open access to international permits would result in a GDP loss of $53 billion.

The Opposition Leader has ­defied calls to put a price on his signature policy and declared his party did not believe the “scary numbers” in Dr Fisher’s report. He questioned who paid for the report and who had been involved in the modelling, and said it was full of wrong assumptions.

“This fellow and his report remind me of the doctors that the big tobacco companies used to roll out in the 70s and 80s to say that smoking was healthy for you. We will file this report under ‘P’ for propaganda,” Mr Shorten said.

Hitting back, Dr Fisher challenged Labor to provide more details of its cap-and-trade carbon policy to enable full modelling of the proposal and said he had not been “hired” to conduct the report.

“The government has never asked me to do this modelling,” he said. “I’ve done it myself.

“That’s really not a sensible comparison to draw. I’m happy to provide advice to any government and in fact I have. I worked as a bureaucrat for the Hawke-Keating government, I worked as a bureaucrat for the Howard government. I provided the same sort of economic advice to both sets of governments. I probably annoyed both of them equally.

“In the end, for me, this is about trying to provide advice on the best way to do things and to me the best way to do things are the ways that get the job done in the cheapest possible way, from an economic perspective.”

Dr Fisher conceded that some of his assumptions may turn out to be wrong because there was missing detail. “The Labor Party hasn’t explicitly said exactly how it’s going to implement this. We don’t know the details of the shielding for emissions-intensive, trade-exposed industries,” he said.

“Each of those industries may have to negotiate with an incoming government. I’ve got no magical way of knowing what the outcome of those negotiations will be.”
The Australian

Brian Fisher: latest victim of RE zealot’s terror campaign.


Brian Fisher’s ‘sin’ amongst the RE cult was to run the numbers on the insane cost of Labor’s energy/climate policies – which include plans for a 45% emissions reduction target and a 50% renewables target by 2030. This is a fair summary of Dr Fisher’s findings from Alan Moran:

Brian Fisher’s study of Australian policy options to reduce emissions found the Coalition policy of cutting emissions by 27 per cent involves a tax of $263 per tonne of CO2 and that of Labor, for a 45 per cent reduction, would mean a tax of over $900 per tonne (the abolished 2013 carbon tax was $24 per tonne). Costs of Labor’s policy would be $1.2 trillion (two-thirds of annual GDP). That of the Coalition is a “mere” $80-90 billion. Addressing the Fisher report, Labor’s Mark Butler showed wilful incuriosity in claiming “firmed” renewable contracts are “only” $70 per MWh (itself almost twice the price previously prevailing) when the average market price is around $100.

Dr Fisher also pointed out that adding even more heavily subsidised and chaotically intermittent wind and solar to Australia’s power grid under Labor’s plans will result in an inevitable and substantial increase in electricity prices – crippling businesses and whole industries, precisely as occurred in South Australia. His report concluded that:

By 2030, Australian electricity prices are projected to increase around 38 per cent under the Coalition policy and by 94 per cent under Labor’s proposed policy, relative to the reference case electricity price projection.

Dr Fisher’s finding on the insane costs of pursuing Labor’s 50% RET with subsidised wind and solar is one of those inconvenient truths that so riles the likes of Simon Holmes a Court.

Some might recoil in horror that an unhinged, spoiled little brat like Simon might stoop to inciting acts of terror against those ready to challenge his cushy little domain. However, to STT, Simon’s appalling (if not criminal) conduct comes as no surprise. Indeed, we would be surprised if a true fascist had behaved in any other way.

Fascist brat and his only true friends.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Mat Bianco says:

    Perhaps someone should Post Simons home patch in Hawthorne

  2. Reblogged this on ajmarciniak.

  3. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Just to add – today, SA went through an extended period of producing NO wind energy at all, actually at least at one point wind was drawing energy from the Grid to keep its self ‘switched on’ ready to go when the wind starts to blow.
    The battery was working – after a fashion – while recharging from the Grid.

  4. Well, Zali Goldylocks wants to go 100 percent renewable – probably a third of Warringah could afford that. The others are just roadkill for her big petrol powered SUV. As for Simon, not sure if it was Robert or Gina’s father who had spent a few years roaming the Pilbara looking all over the place for iron ore, flat broke, couldn’t find any. Went into the pub, talked to a local man who looked at the rock, said I know where that stuff is, promised him a new car. The rest is history, so they ripped the local community off way back then. Now they’ve moved into renewable subsidies.

  5. Jackie Rovensky says:

    How much longer before people accept massive subsidies are the main ongoing cause of price increases in the cost of energy to you and me.
    How long are we going to accept those speaking the truth being rubbished by comments espoused by Shorten or is it ShortON a brain, with respect to Doctors and the Tobacco industry – doesn’t he know that Doctors were also attacking the industry much the same as today when Doctors and other educated and well informed people are reporting the dangers of the Wind Industry and the rush to destroy peoples lives with Turbine noise/sound/vibration. is a push to disaster.
    They need to remember the damage done to peoples health by those who supported the tobacco industry due to their financial investment/interest.
    Why are Shorten and others not listening to the those crying out for action to PROTECT PEOPLE suffering adverse effects of these massive Industrial Turbines.
    Also of course there is the damage being done to the
    Environment with the increasing number of Turbines and other so called renewable’s being installed, especially in our productive lands as well as our once beautiful expanses of natural vistas, now being destroyed by INDUSTRIAL constructions. Where are the Greens?
    Are they not concerned or do they only listen to the those with an axe to grind ie Investors. So like the days of the Tobacco wars.
    Why is Labor and any one else thinking this enormous push to all out change is benign?
    Why do they think it is necessary to destroy to ‘save’?
    Why do they think to rush such a massive change to our way of life is good BEFORE any true investigation of worth and safety has been undertaken?
    Why haven’t they asked themselves why all of a sudden the World has gone mad, or why is it Financial Investors are the ones pushing for it?
    MONEY MONEY MONEY makes some peoples world go round, not the love of the environment, the desire to do the right thing for everyone – but MONEY MONEY MONEY.

  6. Infidel says:

    Can you spell Ponzi Scheme…

  7. Anthony Carden says:

    Actually it was Robert Holmes a Court and from discussions that I have had he was a very astute and pragmatic person.
    However, I regard his son as a member of the Green Bourgeoisie.

  8. Son of a goat says:

    Sometimes I feel like Sidney Poitier in the movie “To Sir with Love” in my bid to help Yoda Yates win the Federal seat of Kooyong away from the incumbent Joshi Frydenberg.

    I have had to grab him by the scruff of the neck in his quest for the seat of Kooyong and point him in the right direction for political success in an honorary capacity. In the beginning Yoda was just a man with his pooch Peanut. At the start he wasn’t even rated by Sportsbet, but after following my advice, now he is a 9/1 contender on the third line of betting.

    Yoda, I have noticed the improvement in work rate, getting out on the streets, also the attention to detail in your Mandarin speech to the Chinese community of Kooyong.
    Hey big fella, I did see you try and spruce it up with the pose with chicken woman Zali, as I suggested, (she could have smiled!) Luckily you followed my advice and distanced yourself from the Renewable Energy Messiah.

    How-ever I notice that whenever anyone contacts you with a query on Facebook, they are fobbed off and given a reply by “Team Yoda”. Yoda, when some-one contacts you, they don’t want to hear the world according to an unshaven uni drop-out with dreadlocks, eating a vegan pie, whose only claim to fame is protesting on a street corner, blowing a bugle with one hand, and scratching his nuts with the other. They want the man!

    Yoda, a lobbyist once told me that, in his opinion generally it is the last person in the minister’s ear whose advice he takes. Similarly it is the same for the candidates and the voters of Kooyong, therefore your last week of campaigning is vital.
    The way I see it, this election could be on a knife edge, and if the stars align, it could be decided by a handful of independents, such as your good self.
    Yoda, did you ever see the movie “Ferris Bueller’s day off”, where Ferris hijacks a float and sings Twist and Shout to an enthralled crowd.

    I want you to hire a flat bed truck, hang you placards off the side, get yourself some cheer leaders and pom-poms. No Yoda not those mother earth types from the Hawthorn probus club, we want something under 30 and easy on the eye.
    I see you Yoda with Peanut the pooch, girls dancing, you greeting and waving to the adoring crowds on the back of the truck, as it travels down Glenferrie Road and surrounding suburbs with the kick-arse song, ‘The Man’, by the Killers blaring out over Kooyong.

    Yoda, the way I see it, you have done a great job, but you are 2 goals down, with 5 minutes to go in the last quarter, Doddy’s good but I think we both know he’s no match winner.
    Dare to dream, and you really could be THE MAN.

    Listen to the lyrics, Yoda, this is you!

  9. Son of a goat says:

    Maybe its because its May 4th and may the force be with you STT, but at the moments there seems to be a certain aligning of the stars between STT our friend Simon(Renewable Energy Messiah) and my main man Yoda Yates in his bid to win Kooyong.

    Last year when I was commenting on the Messiah and his antics the ever astute STT replied with “generally it doesn’t end well for false Gods and prophets” Never a truer word spoken.
    Dear oh deary me, what the hell in Gods name was he thinking?

    In what can be only described as a most gutless and cowardly punch, having disagreed with Brian Fishers costings of Bill Shortens climate policy he posted Fishers address and a picture of his house online and let the goons do the rest.

    Last night I was going to bury the prick on STT but after reading some of the 940 odd comments to the article (those that could be printed, I think the Messiah might have a good understanding of what Australians think of Daddys little rich boy and gutless acts.
    One wonders how he explains his actions to his kids at the dinner table.

    Its amazing how one can undo a lifetime of work, for the Messiah this is what he will be immediately associated in the public eye. Far be it be from me to stop him wallowing in his misery although actually I do worry about his head space at the moment.

    What you did Messiah was simply a low life act and there should be a public apology but don’t go doing anything stupid to yourself.
    The sun will still come up tommorow but with climate change will just burn a little bit brighter if you know what I mean.

    Getting off twitter might be a good start.

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