Fraud in Falmouth MA – Town Relied on Acoustic Consultants’ Faked Vestas Wind Turbine Noise Report

Definition of fraud

There aren’t many certainties in life, save death and taxes. But STT is happy to add – without reservation – to that short-list, another: that you’ll never find the words ‘integrity’ and ‘wind industry’ coupling up in the same sentence.

Lies, fraud and corruption are the norm; and that extends to the industry’s pet acoustic consultants who helped write the noise ‘guidelines’ that deliberately ignored a decade’s worth of research by NASA – which proved that incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound causes adverse health effects, such as sleep deprivation:

Three Decades of Wind Industry Deception: A Chronology of a Global Conspiracy of Silence and Subterfuge

Not content with setting up ‘standards’ with absolutely no relevance when it comes to protecting neighbours’ sleep and health, the industry’s noise ‘experts’ have repeatedly shown their eagerness to hide ‘unhelpful’ data, to write reports made to ‘measure’; and to otherwise guarantee their pay masters that they can and will continue to destroy neighbours’ abilities to sleep, live in and otherwise enjoy their homes and properties, with state-sanctioned impunity.

One Australian example popped up last year, when Victorian Senator, STT Champion John Madigan exposed one of the wind industry’s ‘favourite’ noise consultants, Marshall Day for producing fraudulent noise ‘compliance’ reports for Pacific Hydro at Cape Bridgewater and Acciona at Waubra:

Pacific Hydro & Acciona’s Acoustic ‘Consultant’ Fakes ‘Compliance’ Reports for Non-Compliant Wind Farms

And the very same type of wind industry backed criminal activity has just been exposed in Falmouth Massachusetts.

Falmouth Taxpayers Hooked Tens Millions Turbine Fraud – Corruption
Frank Haggerty
Falmouth Patch
24 December 2015

Falmouth fraudulent wind studies put Falmouth taxpayers at risk of tens of millions in nuisance litigation. Town Knew Turbines 6 + Decibels: Falmouth Taxpayers Responsible For Tens Millions Fraud – Corruption

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center Board of Directors is aware of the 6 to 7 decibels missing from the Falmouth noise tests.

The MassCEC Board of Directors has given the Town of Falmouth 1.8 million dollars to help pay litigation costs against the wind turbine victims.

This is renewable energy tax receipts your money.

The MassCEC sold the Falmouth Wind I turbine to the Town of Falmouth.

The fraudulent wind turbine studies and corruption puts Falmouth taxpayers at risk of tens of millions in litigation for wind turbine nuisance for up to 200 residential home owners.

“HMMH studies commissioned by the Town AFTER the distress was known acknowledged the maximum sound power level of 110dB(A) for the Vestas V-82, but inputted the averaged Octave Band Data of 103.2 dB(A) power into its projected sound pressures.”

What does it mean? The town knew prior to the installation of Falmouth Wind I the turbines were 6 + decibels over the original studies and hid the information from the public.

On June 15, 2011, Salvatore F. DiMasi became the third consecutive Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives to be found guilty of a federal crime.

DiMasi’s trial and conviction naturally highlighted the issue of political corruption in Massachusetts, which has become a matter of serious public concern in recent years.

Sal Dimasi is considered the father of the Massachusetts Green Communities Act. Former Governor Patrick admitted at the trial of Dimasi that he, Governor Patrick, is “Sally Reynolds” the author of emails from the state house.

Federal law looks at governmental corruption that crosses an imprecise line into dishonest behavior that our society is not prepared to tolerate.

Federal prosecutors seeking to crack down on public corruption have had plenty of targets among Massachusetts elected officials in recent years.

The Town of Falmouth hid a noise warning letter from Town Meeting Members for 5 years that the Vestas wind turbines were 6 to 7 decibels louder than the feasibility studies. At over 100 decibels this more than doubles the noise.

The attorneys for the Town of Falmouth and the news media have been well aware of the noise levels for years. Falmouth taxpayers are paying for litigation in which they can’t win.

The Town of Falmouth today has no study for the two town owned Vestas wind turbines that generate 110 decibels of noise. The wind turbines can not be permitted under any permit.

Public health and safety concerns are the main concern of the Zoning Board of Appeals. The facts have already been established the turbines endanger the public health, safety and substantially diminish or impair property rights.

The Town of Falmouth lied in a federal waiver to buy the foreign made Vestas wind turbines. The town stated they were going to permit Falmouth Wind II with Special Permit 240-166. They also failed to disclose General Electric a domestic wind turbine company refused to build a commercial wind turbine because of set backs to property lines. (6 million dollars)

On April 2, 2013 the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center in a memo to the MassCEC Board of Directors admitted acoustic noise “mistakes” prior to the installation of Falmouth Wind I.

Crimes have a corrosive and harmful effect on public confidence in our government and other trusted institutions, including such crimes as perjury and obstruction of justice.

Massachusetts politicians have found themselves repeatedly in the cross hairs of federal prosecutors seeking to crack down on public corruption. But in light of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Skilling v. United States, convicting corrupt state legislators and other public servants of so-called “honest services” fraud – long the preferred method of prosecuting official betrayals of the public trust.

The honest services fraud statute remains a practical and effective tool for combating political corruption.

Falmouth Email Shows Wind Turbines 6-7 Decibels Above Studies:

Brian Hopkins Vestas Representative email:

Fri 5/28/2010 1:48 PM
Brian Hopkins
RE: Sound / Feasibility Studies

TO: Wiehe, Stephen, cc Duijvesteijn, Olle; Yanuskiewicz, Francis

“Steve, I don’t believe I saw a feasibility study for Falmouth other than Site Plans.

Was a sound study updated with the additional turbine?

Does the information I provided in the octave band data support the conclusions that you are conservatvely within MA state sound regulations?

The table highlights the fact that V82 produces greater decibels when it reaches its stall regime beyond the IEC design standard at 95% capacity.

The table also helps recognize the effects of shear on the sound levels experienced at receptors which should also be considering with the sound study.

My email was lost from the time we did the first turbine so I don’t have a great record of information but do you have this decibel mapping for Falmouth?”

Note # Question from Vestas: “Do you have this decibel mapping for Falmouth?”

The Answer: There appears to have been no answer to this Vestas email by either the Town or W&S (based on documents requested through discovery, and what has and has not been provided).

There never was any decibel mapping for the second turbine, or for both turbines operating together, as of the date of the Potamis letter accepting responsibility.

The concern of Vestas (accurate acoustical mapping) was apparently ignored.

Note # It is important to note that the HMMH studies commissioned by the Town AFTER the distress was known acknowledged the maximum sound power level of 110dB(A) for the Vestas V-82, but inputted the averaged Octave Band Data of 103.2 dB(A) power into its projected sound pressures.

Thus, the HMMH studies are low by about 6-7 dB(A).

Even so, both the main HMMH study and the supplement showed many instances of exceedances at the neighbors’ homes.

The Falmouth Select Board and Falmouth Town Meeting Members are aware of the above facts.

These facts make you the taxpayers of Falmouth liable for payments to wind turbine victims for the past six years. There are up to 200 residential homes modeled in the CBI WTOP studies:

“participants suggested that this group should carry out a survey of all 200 affected homes separately from the potential DPH study, in order to generate more quantitative data.”

See the Final Meeting Summary.

See this link for more information on how long the Town of Falmouth needlessly tortured their own residents in the name of renewable energy: ZBA Submission.
Falmouth Patch

falmouth turbines

Falmouth’s pair of community destroyers.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Fraud is operated in this industry in many ways. Fraudulent assessment of noise is one which creates mass health and damaging environmental issues, but the fraud is also committed in terminology such as ’emerging technology’ and ‘new technology’.
    Recently Vesta stated in relation to their turbines that “Actually, we thought we had reached the maximum for the height of wind turbines on land, but we have developed a new tower construction so that we can increase the height and size”, (windwatch 4.1.16).
    This article was in relation to ‘improving technologies’ which will enable towers to go from a maximum of 150mts to 166mts. With the blades increasing in size to 67mts in length.
    What is new about this when the actual functioning of the turbines will be the same.
    In November it was being proposed to increase the height of proposed turbines at Lal Lal to 16 mts. Just how much larger are they proposing to increase turbine heights.
    Have these taller turbine heights and blade size been tested for:
    Noise and vibration
    Effects on human health
    Ability to provide energy when the wind isn’t blowing
    Ability to produce more energy at an overall cheaper rate than smaller ones
    Overall Cost effectiveness (financial)
    Overall Cost on environment of – transportation (widening roads felling trees, visual amenity, flora and fauna etc.)
    Overall Cost to environment of increased amounts of concrete
    Overall Cost to environment of changing air movement
    Ability to conduct aerial fire fighting

    Will Greg Hunt and his department ensure ALL OF THESE AND MORE are properly researched and assessed BEFORE granting any funding to this OLD TECHNOLOGY.
    What was new about the technology being used for the Ararat project?
    Did the proponent produce ANY viable evidence of the NEW TECHNOLOGY of the turbines they will be using?

    If they cannot prove new Technology in the way wind produces energy then Greg Hunt cannot allow the CECF fund them – but he does THAT IS FRAUD, he and his department is contributing to a fraudulent payment of funds FROM OUR MONEY to an industry that is riddled with people willing to manipulate the truth to ensure they prosper.
    Turnbull and those in his Government who allow this to continue are nothing more than stooges and should be questioned thoroughly in Parliament and forced to provide evidence of the NEW TECHNOLOGY they are funding.

  2. VW’s emissions fraud pales in comparison to the international industrial wind turbine fraud scam in terms of emissions, money and people impacted. It literally touches up every power bill payer in every country in which they stand. This amounts to billions of people and billions of dollars. However the worst crime and almost intangible cost is the direct health impact on people, animals and ecosystems due to infrasound emissions, radiation from unwanted electricity earthing and radioactive waste produced to supply the rare earth metals in industrial wind turbine generators that will impair the planets health for millions of years to come. Industrial wind turbine development will be remembered in time as grand scale humanitarian crime. The United Nations Secretary-General, the Pope and other world leaders need their blinkers removed so they can see this catastrophe.

  3. Barbara Durkin says:

    It is demonstrable beyond doubt that Massachusetts’ governing powers should have reasonably known that wind turbines harm humans-before the fact, installation in Falmouth, MA, and elsewhere of wind turbines.

    UPC First Wind CEO Paul Gaynor is the green policy
    Advisor appointed by Governor Deval Patrick to
    inform the Executive Secretary of Energy of MA and
    the MA Department of Environmental Protection
    regarding green policy measures.

    First Wind CEO and “Defendant” Paul Gaynor failed to disclose that noise and health complaints have plagued his wind projects.

    Had Falmouth Town Boards been apprised of these complaints and lawsuits related to declining health of citizens living near Governor Patrick’s Advisor’s wind projects, would Falmouth, or Fairhaven, or other MA towns, have installed wind turbines and assumed this known health risk on behalf of their residents?

    Paul Gaynor of UPC First Wind is a MA Public Official as an Advisor appointed by then Govenor Deval Patrick on green policy, AND the:
    ‘Hawaii Wind developer tied to Largest-ever asset seizure
    by anti-Mafia police’ (for wind energy fraud). Read–

    And, Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities has posted these facts online–

    Click to access 13-165-Comments-9131.pdf

  4. Jim Wiegand- Wildlife Biologist says:

    With the wind industry virtually everything they do amounts to fraud.

    What the ignorant public needs to understand is that wind energy is not about viability, the climate, or the future needs of society. These turbines are more about how these robberies take place or the terrible impacts from these turbines does not matter as long as it gets done. This is why wind industry research has been rigged for decades.

    Well paid fake scientists estimate that hundreds of thousands of migratory birds die each year from collisions with the fast-spinning blades of wind turbines. Numbers from all these people should never be published anywhere because they are estimates from decades of wind industry controlled rigged research. These numbers are not from real scientists, but fake or shill scientists working on behalf of the wind industry. Real scientists use scientific methodology in their studies and do not deliberately avoid studies that would expose the truth. Real scientists do not let the industry dictate their research methodology or sign nondisclosure agreements that hide the truth. Real scientists also do not design studies for predetermined outcomes.
    The “Wind Tech” story has been out over 2 months. This important story about the industry concealing turbine fatalities has been completely ignored by the media and the FWS. Let this example of our corrupt system at work serve as a grim Warning to us all.

    There is also much more to the wind tech story. Unfortunately much more very important information was left out of the story because it would have revealed who he was. As it is the twisted (corrupt) laws protecting nondisclosure agreements would have nailed this poor guy with a conscience. With immunity, this wind tech information could have been revealed and closely guarded and illegal secrets could have been exposed to the public.

  5. That offers a reason for the sudden sale of Pacific Hydro to the Chinese.. I wonder if the Chinese know what a grab bag of trouble they have bought?

    • Con-compliance? says:

      Also explains Planning Minister Wynne’s recent hasty, unlikely and too convenient determination of his “satisfaction” that the screeching, whirring, infrasound thumping Cape Bridgewater windfarm which has nuisanced the community for more than 7 years operates in compliance with NZS 6808:1998.

      Did Minister Wynne disclose that his “satisfaction” is based on the conclusions of an un-peer reviewed, doctored, averaged out acoustic report produced by Marshall Day Acoustics without SAC assessments, that was tailored to meet a brief and prepared to the satisfaction of the windfarm operator.)

      Premier Andrews told the wind industry, ‘Victoria is open for business’ and promptly halved the setback distance to prove it.

      The Minister is happy to turn a wilfully blind eye to Cape Bridgewater windfarm’s status of CON-COMPLIANCE. Time will tell how many rural Victorians he’s prepared to sell-out in order to facilitate a sale.


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