Wind Power is a Perpetual Loser: Wherever These Things Get Planted

Turbine fire with black smoke

A little while back, the usual response from those opposed to wind farms was along the lines of: “we’re all in favour of renewable energy, so long as wind farms are built in the right place”.

But that was before people understood the phenomenal cost of the subsidies directed at wind power through the mandatory LRET (see our post here) – the impact on retail power prices (see our post here); and the grid instability and blackout chaos it causes (see our post here).

Fair minded country people are usually ready to give others the benefit of the doubt; and, not used to being lied to, accepted arguments pitched by wind power outfits about the “merits” of wind power: guff like “this wind farm will power 100,000 homes and save 10 million tonnes of CO2 emissions” (see our post here).

Not anymore.

Apart from the very few farmers that stand to profit by hosting turbines, rural communities have woken up to the fact that wind power – which can only ever be delivered at crazy, random intervals – is meaningless as a power source because it cannot and will never replace on-demand sources, such as hydro, gas and coal.

And, as a consequence, that wind power cannot and will never reduce CO2 emissions in the electricity sector. The wind industry has never produced a shred of actual evidence to show it has; and the evidence that has been gathered shows intermittent wind power causing CO2 emissions to increase, not decrease (see our post here; this European paper here; this Irish paper here; this English paper here; and this Dutch study here).

The realisation that the wind industry is built on series of unsustainable fictions has local communities angrier than ever and helps explain the remarkable numbers opposed: 90% is what’s fairly called a solid “majority” in anybody’s book.

The hostility that’s erupted among pro-community groups to the great wind power fraud is a world-wide phenomenon – with more than 2,000 groups doing their level best to bring an end to the greatest environmental and economic fraud of all time (see our post here).

And, for the wind industry and its parasites, the situation will only get worse from here. In our travels we’ve met plenty of people that started out in favour of wind power and turned against it.  But we’ve yet to meet anyone who started out opposed to wind power, who later became a supporter.

May 2015 National

Funny about that…

In this cracking little letter to the Editor of the Orleans Hub, STT Champion Mary Kay Barton, delivers a well-directed missile at the facile arguments of those who start their ‘plant them anywhere you like but not near my place’ pitch with the line about being ‘all for wind energy’ – without having the faintest clue about how electricity generation works, let alone the cost of trying to integrate chaotic, and cripplingly costly wind power.

Over to Mary.

No matter where it’s sited, industrial wind is a net loser
Orleans Hub
Mary Kay Barton (to the Editor)
6 January 2016

I am writing in regard to Gary Kent’s letter on Dec. 15 regarding the industrial wind issue currently plaguing the area. With all due respect to Mr. Kent, ‘green’ energy is NOT a partisan issue. Frankly, I do not know a single person (Republican, Democrat, Independent, or otherwise) who is not all FOR protecting our environment.

According to Mr. Kent’s reasoning, wind turbines are OK sited elsewhere, blighting someone else’s horizons – just not ours. Those who support this kind of ‘NIMBY’ (Not In My Back Yard) reasoning unintentionally give undue credibility to the scam of industrial wind.

Fact is: Industrial wind is a NET LOSER: economically, technically, environmentally, and civilly – no matter where it is sited. Let’s consider how.

  • Economically:

New York State already has one of the highest electricity rates in the nation, in large part due to throwing $Billions of ratepayer dollars into the wind.

Why destroy entire towns when just one 450 MW gas-fired Combined Cycle Generating Unit, operating at a 60% Capacity Factor, located at New York City – where the power is needed in New York State (NYS), would provide more power than all of NYS’s installed wind factories combined, at about 1/4 of the capital costs – and would significantly reduce CO2 emissions and create far more jobs than all those wind factories – without all the negative civil, economic, environmental, human health and property value impacts that are a result of industrial wind factories, or all the additional transmission lines to New York City.

The Institute for Energy Research tallied the numbers and found that each wind job costs $11.45 million, plus more than four jobs lost elsewhere in the economy; and all while wind is subsidized over 52 times more than conventional fossil fuels on a unit of production basis.

Consider multi-Billionaire wind developer, Warren Buffett’s candid admission, “We get tax credits if we build ‘wind farms.’ That’s the only reason to build them. They don’t make sense without the tax credits.”

  • Technically:

Due to the unreliable, erratic, and volatile nature of wind, industrial wind turbines (IWTs) provide virtually NO Capacity Value, or firm capacity (specified amounts of power on demand). Therefore, wind needs constant “shadow capacity” from our reliable, dispatchable generators – that is, if you want to be sure the lights will come on when you flick the switch. Thus, as Big Wind CEO, Patrick Jenevein candidly admitted, “Consumers end up paying twice for the same product.”

The list of accidents, blade failures (throwing debris over ½ mile), fires (10X more than previous wind industry claims), and more, is updated quarterly at this website (click here).

This lengthy and growing list is evidence of why these giant, moving machines do not belong anywhere near where people live.

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA – the wind industry’s lobbying group) admits that the life of IWTs is only 10 – 13 years (January, 2006, North American Wind Power) – substantiated by studies of these short-lived lemons.

Adding insult to injury, NYS’s wind factories have been averaging approximately 24% Capacity Factors (actual outputs) – many days providing nothing at all. Physicist and Malone Town Board member Jack Sullivan figures that NY wind factories are not even producing enough power to pay for themselves over their short life-spans.

  • Environmentally:

According to AWEA there are approximately 45,100 industrial wind turbines in the U.S. today. Most IWTs are remotely sited, far removed from urban centers where the power is needed. This necessitates the addition of a spider web of new transmission lines (at ratepayers’ expense), which exponentially adds to the needless bird deaths being caused by the IWTs themselves.

Studies show there are MILLIONS of birds and bats being slaughtered annually by these giant “Cuisinarts of the sky” (as a Sierra official dubbed wind turbines in a moment of candor), necessitating the passing of special 30-Year Eagle-KILL permits by President Obama for his favored wind industry.

Sprawling industrial wind factories cause massive habitat fragmentation, which is cited as one of the main reasons for species decline worldwide.

  • Civilly:

The only thing that has ever been reliably generated by industrial wind is complete and utter civil discord. Neighbor is pitted against neighbor, and even family member against family member, totally dividing communities (already apparent in Orleans and Niagara counties). It is the job of good government to foresee and prevent this kind of civil discord, not to promote it.

Don’t be a NIMBY! This partial list of the destructive NON-SOLUTION that is industrial wind energy is reason enough not to support the scam of industrial wind – no matter where it is sited.
Orleans Hub
Mary Kay Barton
Silver Lake, Wyoming County


About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. 4TimesAYear says:

    Reblogged this on 4timesayear's Blog.

  2. Jim Hutson says:

    Planning and Assessment Commission. Forget it. If ever there was a dodgy outfit this is it. Cannot ask questions, do not answer questions, no qualifications to adjudicate on the matters at hand.
    Their minds are made up before the event, and it’s in the Wind Turbines favour. If on the off chance you get a commissioner that gets it and does not approve it, the Commission gets discarded and another PAC meeting is held. The fall back position from the dodgy State government is ” On Legal Advice. “.
    Been there done that many times , just a corrupt process .
    One thing you may tell the Commissioners, by approving said Wind Farm they are actually ” Sanctioning State sponsored TORTURE and one day they will be held liable along with all the others “.

  3. Here’s another failing pointed out very nicely by Anton Lang – you need to replace turbines far more often than thermal plants. Check the proposed closure dates for the modern coal plants versus the lifespan of turbines (and solar arrays)

  4. I’ll try to frame the size of the wind power/pv solar scam as best as I can. I may may leave some of it out, so feel free to help.
    First, YOUR MONEY AND PROPERTY are used by the developers to acquire sites and erect their equipment. YOU are charged for the kind of junk energy that they produce, before YOU are charged for the real electricity that YOU need to use to power everything in YOUR homes; YOUR lights, YOUR computers, YOUR phones, YOUR water pumps and heating systems, and so forth. (If YOU noticed that YOUR electric bill has suddenly trebled, ca.2/3 of it is to pay for the expensive wind turbines and solar arrays that don’t make much power but really foul up the grid. And when the the price of oil and gas falls, because of the glut, did your power bill come down? No. YOU are being made to pay more taxes to pay for new infrastructure in order to transport this junk energy. YOU and YOUR neighbors are at each other’s throats about who should pay, and who should take one for the team. This stuff is OK if it is put on the other side of town, or in another state, or someplace else, where YOU don’t have to see it. (Familiar?)
    And there’s the ENERGY RACKET itself. It has at least two parts to it that YOU pay for. One part is the one where the operators pull “dirty” power from the grid, pass it through the wind turbine meters, and claim “clean” energy production for the SAME electricity that they put back into the grid. They then step up and and collect their subsidies that YOU pay for. The other part to this scam is the one that they play with the banks on Wall Street, or wherever in the world such finances are conducted. It is the CARBON CREDIT RACKET. This is a form of Green Money that “dirty” energy producers are now forced to purchase from “renewable energy” producers, so that the “dirty” energy producers can continue to burn coal and use fossil fuels, like natural gas, to make the energy that YOU require, reliably and every time YOU need it. Someone has to stand behind this counterfeit money. YOU are made to! So, stand and deliver!
    WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER! (And that’s just the money part of the nightmare. The author’s of this debacle have factored into their formula the destruction of the health and property values of any people in the targeted areas [could be YOUR home next], the lives of the powerless, whether they be human or animal, the water structure of upland aquifers [some people are dependent on this]; why, they have hijacked the very government structures that are there to protect you; the US EPA, the Congress, the Governors and AGs [look at what they are trying to do to Annette Smith in Vermont], the Legislatures, the Courts, the Town Selectboards [Falmouth], Zoning Boards,[Falmouth], Boards of Health [Falmouth], and lots of others, for example, Fairhaven, Kingston, Portsmouth, and on and on…
    Where do you think that great environmentalist, Al Gore, made his millions? The CARBON CREDIT RACKET. After convincing the willing that the world is about to end as a hot, dry desert using Prof. Michael Mann’s fraudulent “hockey stick” curve of increased world temperature, this plunderer proceeded to take US ALL to the cleaners.
    Nuf’s enough!

  5. I would like to tell you of my latest book and documentary.
    ‘The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science’.
    My latest documentary and video of my presentation.

    My website is
    Thank you.

  6. Owain Rowland-Jones says:

    Dear STT, I am preparing last minute material for a PAC meeting on Wed for the Crudine Ridge Windfarm. Could you please provide asap any offical wind output (capacity factor) figures for the eastern grid and NSW, particularly over the last few years. This is very much a David and Goliath task, but we, unlike David, have unfortunately had our slingshot taken from us. Many thanks

    On Sun, Feb 7, 2016 at 5:39 PM, STOP THESE THINGS wrote:

    > stopthesethings posted: ” A little while back, the usual response from > those opposed to wind farms was along the lines of: “we’re all in favour of > renewable energy, so long as wind farms are built in the right place”. But > that was before people understood the phenomenal cos” >

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