Believe in Unicorns & Pixies? Why Not Believe in the Fantasy of Wind Power, Too?

The wind-cultist is a special breed: long on starry-eyed belief; short on our good friends ‘logic’ and ‘reason’ – occupying a fact-and-consequence-free netherworld, in which their favoured form of power generation arrives as a result of meteorological serendipity and, when it doesn’t, the power still appears, as if by magic. Except that the ‘magic’ was […]

Wind Power is a Perpetual Loser: Wherever These Things Get Planted

A little while back, the usual response from those opposed to wind farms was along the lines of: “we’re all in favour of renewable energy, so long as wind farms are built in the right place”. But that was before people understood the phenomenal cost of the subsidies directed at wind power through the mandatory […]

Big ‘Green’ Wrecking Machines: The Wind Industry’s Woeful ‘Legacy’ – So Far ..

*** America’s big ‘green’ wrecking machines Mary Kay Barton 19 August 2015 Politically connected industrial wind zealots are destroying rural America and electricity markets “If you have no conscience, no morals, no aesthetic sensibility, no understanding of free markets; if you hate wildlife, people and the natural landscape; if you loathe private property… then […]