Berserk Warriors: it’s the Dane’s Turn to Take Cover as (Yet) Another Turbine Self-Destructs


For some strange reason, these things are finding it increasingly hard to go the distance in Germany, Denmark & all around the world ….


Remember all those stories about wind turbines lasting for 25 years – without so much as the need for an oil-change – and being “safe as houses”?

Well, as STT followers well-know those ‘stories’ are unraveling at a rocketing rate – with giant fans collapsing in crumpled heaps; spontaneously combusting; and throwing blades to the four-winds – all over the world.

We’ve just about covered the Globe now, with “events” from Ireland (see our posts here and here); Scotland (see our posts here and here); Devon (see our post here); Nicaragua (see our post here)  – BrazilKansasPennsylvaniaGermany and Scotland – where turbines have been going berserk like Viking Warriors.


Magnus says: “swords good, but 50m Vesta’s blades MUCH better”.


Now – if you’re nowhere near these things, you’re probably finding these events a bit boring and our posts a little repetitive?

But – if you’re within a bulls’ roar of these pyrotechnic-50m-blade-chuckers – your anxiety and blood-pressure levels could be excused for being a little on the high side.

However, we figure that we’re bound to keep them coming – forewarned is forearmed.

So here’s another about a turbine going “berserk” – this time, in Denmark.

Blades fly off runaway wind turbine
The Local Denmark
16 January 2015

turbine collapse denmark2

Something’s rotten in Denmark – and it ain’t the fish ..


The blades and gearbox have been spun off a wind turbine in western Jutland after a malfunction allowed it to reach to dangerous speeds in high winds.

turbine collapse denmark 3

Maybe the wind did it in?? …


“There was a loud bang and then one of the blades span off, and shortly afterwards the the gearbox’s housing fell to the ground,” Henrik Nielsen, one of the officials at the scene, told Denmark’s TV Midvest. “The wings splintered, and fragments and smoke reached as far as 35 meters away from the turbine.”

No one was hurt due to a 100m safety zone which local police had enforced around the turbine ever since it first ran out of control on Thursday afternoon. Several turbine maintenance specialists had tried to bring the turbine under control, but in the end judged it too dangerous to approach.

turbine collapse denmark 4

Pretty sure their hard hats wouldn’t have helped much …


“We cannot get close to it until the wind dies down,” Oluf Jakobsen, from the local Morsø municipality explained on Friday morning. “There’s nothing we can do but sit and wait for the outcome.”
The Local Denmark

Wind energy in Denmark : wind turbines in Holstebro , Westjutland

Life in the Danish Danger Zone.


Little wonder then that the wind industry in Denmark has decided to bring in the bulldozers to flatten homes and whole villages (see our post here).

Creating vast-vacuums, devoid of all human life will, no doubt, help with their escalating public liability insurance premiums.


It’s safer this way: and we get to slash our public liability premiums.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Not sure if our Danes did it first or not. I recall Big Wind flattened some homes at Waubra in Victoria, Australia, albeit after the Industrial Wind Factory had been built. Surprise, surprise, they bought some of the suffering occupants out, with gag clauses on contracts to suppress the details for doing so. It was never about unlivable dwellings due the noise and acoustic pollution impacts was it???!!!

    Of course the best thing to come out of Denmark is Utzon’s Sydney Opera House, with iconic sails firmly anchored to the ground. The worst is their rovhul wind industry blades spewing of acoustic pollution, with total contempt for the health and welfare of Industrial turbine neighbours around the world. The only saving grace is their sails are at least following Utzon’s example earthwards, icons of the beginning of the collapse of the world’s greenest Ponzi scheme to date.

  2. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    The blades are going the way of the companies – flying off in all directions and landing in a heap not worth anything more than what you can get for scrap after you’ve paid to dump environmentally damaging waste.

  3. Neil van Dokkum says:

    Reblogged this on The Law is my Oyster and commented:
    In any other area of product liability, investigation and product recall would happen very quickly. why is this not happening with wind turbines? Are they somehow above the law?

  4. Reblogged this on Waterford Wind Aware League.

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