With wind energy, your goose is cooked

Birds and bats cop it pretty rough when it comes to wind turbines entering their environment. But some animals are migratory, so when the low frequency noise and infrasound starts being emitted, that can take to the air and find somewhere else to call home.


Let’s get out of here

But what happens to animals when they can’t escape? It is the same thing that happens to humans who can’t leave their homes, they suffer.

In Poland, they have been doing field studies comparing the health of caged geese at various distances from operating turbines over a period of time and have found measurable differences indicating the birds closest to the turbines were under more stress.


Look at that monster – and we can’t get out

The abstract from the study reads:

Wind farms produce electricity without causing air pollution and environmental degradation. Unfortunately, wind turbines are a source of infrasound, which may cause a number of physiological effects, such as an increase in cortisol and catecholamine secretion. The impact of infrasound noise, emitted by wind turbines, on the health of geese and other farm animals has not previously been evaluated. Therefore, the aim of this study was to determine the effect of noise, generated by wind turbines, on the stress parameters (cortisol) and the weight gain of geese kept in surrounding areas. The study consisted of 40 individuals of 5- week- old domestic geese Anser anser f domestica, divided into 2 equal groups. The first experimental gaggle (I) remained within 50 m from turbine and the second one (II) within 500 m. During the 12 weeks of the study, noise measurements were also taken. Weight gain and the concentration of cortisol in blood were assessed and significant differences in both cases were found. Geese from gaggle I gained less weight and had a higher concentration of cortisol in blood, compared to individuals from gaggle II. Lower activity and some disturbing changes in behavior of animals from group I were noted. Results of the study suggest a negative effect of the immediate vicinity of a wind turbine on the stress parameters of geese and their productivity.

You can read the full article here.

goose attack

Get away from me – my stress levels are through the roof.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Keith Staff says:

    Adding to this direct slaughter, consider all of the infrastructure involved with construction of industrial wind energy facilities [IWEF] and how this also impacts on birdlife. Their natural habitat is destroyed by these massive concrete foundations for the turbine towers. Consider also the impact of the service roads connecting the towers underground/ overhead power lines and cables. Then there are the maintenance buildings and substations – all this leads to the displacement of birds from nearby IWEFs. To top it off, there is the complicit nature of agencies, whose job it is to protect endangered species, that are actually making it ‘easy’ for proponents to gain planning approvals. It is environmental vandalism on a massive scale.

    • Wind just doesn’t work as a renewable as it is intermittent, chops up birds and bats and stresses out anything that can’t get away from the LFN and infrasound – we need to find something else, this wind energy is a dud for modern society.

  2. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    I expect our friend SC will find something comical about this study, after all geese are only animals so they don’t count and if they were human they wouldn’t count either, and those undertaking the study are laughable because they thought of doing the study – why – because as we know SC, and his ‘list’ makers consider there’s no problem and money should only be spent in their ‘pretend research’.
    True researchers are finding ways to get around the fakery that has prevailed for so long and be heard, others are now seeing they can do this research without being ridiculed or if they are then there are those willing to stand up and support them.
    Every little helps build the picture and expose the lies and false claims.

  3. Talking of gooses, I wonder what readers will make of this one:


    In my recent online exchanges Simon Chapman has explicitly, categorically denied point blank any “official” links to the wind industry.

    But according to the blogger, Chapman chooses to attack his tobacco enemies of industry ties. Seems that going to a conference on alcohol proves a pro-tobacco bias.

    I would invite Chapman to give an explanation on this one.

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