Will the real Frank Bestic please stand up?

In our last couple of posts, we’ve looked at the battle to save Collector from the wind turbine disaster proposed by Thai wind scammers, RATCH. RATCH’s pitch to the Planning Assessment Commission went down like the Hindenburg. No surprises there.  Of the crowd that filled the hall at Collector, 95% were bitterly opposed to having […]

Alan Jones on RATCH’s proposed Collector Calamity

**** A while back we reported on efforts to keep Thai wind scam outfit RATCH from messing up Collector’s pristine pumpkin patch. Back in May we covered the frantic efforts by local hopeful turbine host Gary Poile and RATCH’s spinmaster Nick Valentine to win local hearts and minds in our posts here and here. RATCH […]

RATCH – get your hands off our pumpkin patch – Part 2

In Part 1 STT readers learned of an effort by Collector’s locals to take back their pumpkin festival which had been purloined by a local (proposed) turbine host, Gary Poile, with the help of his benefactor, the Thai wind farm developer, RATCH. Well, on the big day, to Gary’s horror, the locals turned up in […]

RATCH – get your hands off our pumpkin patch – Part 1

A couple of weeks ago the Canberra Times reported on a community fight-back brewing at Collector.  We will follow up the aftermath in Part 2. Wind farm divides festival  The Canberra Times May 1, 2013 Hamish Boland-Rudder A Collector plumber has outbid a multinational, multimillion dollar energy company to be this year’s primary sponsor of […]