Terry McCrann says “can the fans”

Hawaii rusting turbines

McCrann is no fan of fans.

Things are going from bad to worse for Aussie wind weasels.

What – with the Fin Review calling for the RET to be scrapped outright and Alan Jones giving the wind industry a pasting every morning (stay tuned for posts of Alan’s recent shows) – the wind weasel and their parasites have probably been thinking that things couldn’t get much worse, surely?

Well – they have.

The mainstream press has suddenly turned against the wind industry’s lies, deceit and treachery with a vengeance.  It’s as if someone put something in the water.

Terry McCrann is a seasoned business reporter with a strong head for numbers and understands a cost/benefit analysis when he sees one.

Here’s Terry telling it like it is.

Let’s get rid of all the useless wind farms
Herald Sun
Terry McCrann
30 October 2013

I STILL have a dream. Of that one day when we start pulling down all the utterly useless, landscape-blighting, bird-killing, people-punishing, so-called wind farms.

We’ll leave a few, some stripped of their turbines, some left with a blade to turn lazily and even more uselessly in the occasional breeze; all, like fragments of the Berlin Wall, as testimony to the time when insanity engulfed our supposed intellectual and policymaking elites.

Why, we could even keep one as a particular memorial to a certain former prime minister and his “greatest moral challenge of our time’’. This one, shorn of its blades, to mark his squibbing of that challenge.

The Climate Change Authority’s 177 pages of sheer drivel, released today, as disconnected from reality as an abandoned wind farm is from the grid, comes close to ranking as the high-water mark of this insanity.

Although it came after a pretty competitive week, after the hysterical fires fanned by the ABC and Fairfax media, and in particular down at Climate Frenzy Central, the Age broadloid newspaper.

For the Big C, as the CCA styles itself, was not content with just doubling down on the climate stupidity, it tripled down in its draft report.

Indeed, it was even gathering its collective loins, to quintuple down in its final, and hopefully FINAL, as in ever, report early next year.

Thanks to Julia Gillard and Bob Brown – endorsed so memorably by that in-chamber kiss from the squibber, Kevin Rudd – Australia is legally committed to cutting its emissions of carbon dioxide by 5 per cent by 2020.

Thankfully, the way the legislation was constructed, the 23 million individual Australians are excused from having to reduce their bodily CO2 emissions by that 5 per cent; or required as an alternative to buy the appropriate permit to emit.

Well, the CCA says that’s “inadequate’’. It said, we’ve got to shoot for at least 15 per cent; and it left little doubt that it really thought 25 per cent was where we should be aiming.

That’s hardly surprising given the troika of professorial climate hysterics, Hamilton (Clive), Karoly (David) and Quiggin (John) that are the CCA’s core. It’s only surprising they didn’t persuade their fellow members to shoot for something more tangible – like closing down all our real power stations by 2020.

The central argument from the CCA for bigger CO2 emission cuts, was that “evidence is also mounting’’ that several other comparable countries were “gearing up’’ to reduce their emissions even more aggressively by 2020.

This was followed by the usual ‘what will they think of us’ bleat from the policy activist, that a 5 per cent target would leave Australia lagging behind others, including the US.

Well, Greg Sheridan at our sister paper The Australian, utterly shredded that claim two weeks ago, so far as action through an emissions trading scheme is concerned.

Of the 195 members in the UN Framework Convention on Climate, only 34 had anything resembling an ETS and 27 of those were in the European Union – where the way it rigged the measurement of CO2 cuts around the closing down of inefficient former eastern European industry, has run out of steam anyway.

Japan had effectively abandoned plans for an ETS, Sheridan wrote. South Korea had one but was going to issue all permits for free. Some of the biggest emitters, like Indonesia and India, actually subsidised carbon-based fuels.

Yes, the US has an impressive target. It also stumbled on shale oil and gas – like winning the CO2-cut lottery. But it does not have either a carbon tax or an ETS and never will.

But it all really comes back to the carbon elephant in the room: China. Which of course buys a lot of coal and iron ore from us and turns that into steel, a little bit of power and a lot of CO2.

It is this context that the CCA lives up to its claim of independence. It just failed to add, that was, independence from reason. The world it projects of robust action on cutting CO2 emissions is like an alternative universe – a universe that exists only in the delusions of especially Hamilton and Quiggin. But now it would appear also, of their fellow CCA members.

The report claimed that China was stepping up its efforts to “reduce emissions.’’ And that it was “investing heavily in renewable energy projects, closing inefficient coal power plants’’.

The first is simply and completely untrue. As the fine print of the CCA report itself noted, China is only aiming to cut CO2 emission intensity not emissions per se. By cutting emissions per unit of GDP by 40-45 per cent by 2020.

That might sound impressive, but given China’s phenomenal pace of growth, its actual total emissions in 2020 will be significantly higher than they are today.

Do the math and the very best outcome would see China increase its emissions between now and 2020 by more than the total of Australia’s emissions.

More realistic projections would see China increase its emissions by up to `10 Australia’s.’ That’s to say, China would go up by perhaps 200 times as much as we cut at 5 per cent; by 67 times as much even if we cut by 15 per cent,

And that’s assuming it actually met its target. It’s not binding; and as even the Sydney Morning Herald has noted in an analysis from Reuters, China’s actual carbon intensity was unchanged from 2009 to 2011.

The third CCA claim is a deliberate constructive lie. Yes, China is closing down old coal-fired power stations – to reduce REAL pollution, the dirty little bits of grit that really does kill people in poor energy-deprived countries.

But is replacing them with modern plants that pump out just as much CO2 plant food, but does it cleanly. Indeed, it’s building far more than it replaces.

As the Economist Intelligence Unit noted in an analysis in July, China’s CO2 emissions were headed for a 40 per cent INCREASE by 2020. Why? Because of rapidly expanding coal-fired power generation.

The CCA report is worse than a disgrace. It proposes wilful pain on all Australians and extraordinarily serious damage to the economy.

To cut emissions by 25 per cent in just seven years would require us to send the economy into recession, or write out multi-billion dollar cheques to foreigners, just for `permission’ to keep our lights on and (any remaining) factories operating.

And all for utterly no point. Even if you believe the climate hysteria, it would make no difference to global or indeed Australian temperatures; and the CCA lies aside, the rest of the world is NOT following anyway.

The report could just as well have been written by Bob Brown and Christine Milne. It certainly channelled all their fantasies.
Herald Sun


Terry – “I hate Turbines” – McCrann

Six months ago a story like that would have never seen the light of day in an Australian daily.

The Clean Energy Council would have been all over it like a tropical rash.  The goons from the CEC would have schmoozed the journo and/or bullied the editor to make damn sure any tale to be told about the wind caper carried a positive gloss.

But, it seems these champion spin masters have lost their magic.

The bloggers that parrot for them – the Climate Speculator, yes2ruining-us and ruin-economy – have lately been reduced to vitriolic diatribes about how they’ve been “done in” by Tony Abbott & Co – reserving a special dose of bile for Angus “The Enforcer” Taylor.

As we said about Crystal Brook’s Monstrous Hypocrite, Dave Clarke – of delusional “Ramblings” fame – when the inevitable change of government came these boys were unlikely to take it at all well.  They haven’t.

Fantasists – like Clarke & Co – really did believe that the Green-Labor alliance would last forever – such that their “green” dream of having all of us pay to cover everyone else’s patch of paradise with giant fans was just a heartbeat away.

Not only have they lost control of the Big House on the Hill in Canberra, they have lost control of the mainstream press.  From here on, STT expects to see a lot more press coverage like Terry’s terrific little piece.

As we’ll report in our next few posts, Angus “The Enforcer” Taylor is on the warpath and is – apparently – dedicating his political career to dismantling this subsidy driven rort fest, piece by rotten piece. Angus is gathering a very solid team in anticipation of the RET review, and none of them are friends of the wind industry.

Oh dear.


Come on young fella – you didn’t really think
your scam would last forever, did you?

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. David Mortimer says:

    Lending institutions have cottoned on and are treating wind power like the proverbial hot potato. Where are our politicians? Can’t they see also or is it that they pay “experts” such as professors of sociology etc to tell them what they want to hear so that they can ignore the real experts and send our once great country to an economic grave.

    That they can foist these monstrosities onto our citizens without any community consultation after having been informed in very clear terms that the wind turbines are toxic to our health is nothing short of criminal bordering on genocide. Will the politicians and wind weasels play host to turbines? Not on your nelly, but they are very quick to label US as nimbys!

  2. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    The report is a prime example of the misinformation, inaccurate interpretation and lies this industry and its supporters have been peddling since this country became a target for the ‘spin’. All but a few of our politicians fell for it, many because instead of reading and researching for themselves they left it to their ‘policy advisors’. These ‘policy advisors’ were fooled (or complicit) by the ‘spin’ doctors of the ‘spinning’ industry, and because of this have done great harm to this country’s environment and peoples lives. Others fell for it long before, becoming ideologically blinded to its failings.
    The lies worked so well in other countries even before they headed our way, and rather than read a report and interpret it themselves politicians total reliance on ‘policy advisors’ has now proven to have been a fatal mistake.
    It’s time they realised this and more are now doing so and it seems the media is also taking a more considered approach to the subject.
    Laziness on the part of politicians and reporters can and has proven detrimental to this country and its citizens.
    Yes, you will always have those who are blinded and will never consider their ideology may have faults, but they will and should be a minor consideration when making decisions for the whole country.
    I like many others I know want a clean and healthy environment for now and the future, but this industry is not the way to ensure it. It is an industry which destroys more than it saves, its an industry which has proven not only to fail on its glorified promises, but has actually added to the world’s environmental and economic woes.

  3. On the rocks says:

    Repowers Ceres project has run aground and is sinking under the weight of consultancy and planner fees. Pretty boy in head office must be shaking his head in disbelief as the bills keep rolling in.

    The Yorke Peninsula council have unanimously rejected the project, as such the Ceres team are throwing money at planners to try and discredit the Council. I read their pay for services reports and just shake my head at what society has come to.

    In the end it won’t matter as no investor is going to finance a 1.3 billion project where the council and citizens are against it, even if it’s got major project status.

    The really sad part of it all is when the Ceres eventually starts sinking the rats will jump ship. The proponents, consultants and planners will have all been paid their wages and commissions and will move on to their next project. They will have never lived in the country community where they have created so much disharmony and ill feeling.

  4. Jim Hutson says:

    Tonight those affected by These Things should sleep a little easier. No, not really, not until they’re pulled down.

    Just imagine what could have been done with all the money, the time and the energy that has been poured into something that doesn’t work.

    To think that our State Government is still approving These Things defies gravity. The man in the street can be convinced that these things are useless but most of our Politicians cannot.

    Doesn’t say much for them or for the future of our country.

  5. Terry McCrann has been around for some time, and knows how numbers stack up, real numbers. The wind weasels and greentards have around for a very short time BULL SH***ING numbers that have no meaning at all, let alone stack.

    A lot of the hosts and potential hosts are sucking up to the fraudulent wind companies in a big way, as they have been lured into the parlour by the fraudulent dollar factor, and it is very unhealthy indeed. All this rubbish that is going on will have to come to a stop, as it worse than C02 – and the BULL S**T numbers will destroy this great Nation of ours if not stopped, if it hasn’t already destroyed our Nation.


  1. […] The Herald Sun’s leading numbers man, Terry McCrann is clearly on the STT team – he came out swinging a while back with a call to can the fans – in no uncertain terms (see our post here). […]

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