This is the End – my only friend, the End


As Mr Mojo Risin just said: “This is the End”.

In Australia – this is the end of the greatest economic and environmental fraud ever committed on a Nation.

After a decade of lording it over ordinary Australians – you know, the ones who can no longer pay their crippling power bills; the ones who suffer night after merciless night from turbine generated low frequency noise and infrasound; and the 40 or so families who have abandoned homes which are no longer habitable for the same reason – the eco-fascist and greentard journos and bloggers have just been given an “ALMIGHTY BITCH SLAP”.

The Coalition’s brilliant victory on Saturday must have caught them napping.  It’s as if they couldn’t or just wouldn’t see it coming.

Did THAT get your attention?!?

The “grown-ups” are well and truly back in charge and have made no secret that the great “green” scam is over.

The Senate make up isn’t settled, yet, but the newcomers all come from conservative backgrounds and aren’t likely to line up with the dwindling rump of Green-Labor Senators on the big issues – like scrapping the RET.

The greentard bloggers have just worked out that the cabal that kept their favourite little rort alive has been sent packing and will play no further part in the “game”.

One of them – ruin-economy –  has obviously been following STT – and posted this terror filled lament today:

Wind Energy biggest loser as Abbott sweeps to power
By Giles Parkinson on 9 September 2013

Tony Abbott was swept to power on Saturday and declared the country to be under new management and “open for business.”  If it is true for any industries, it is certainly not the case for large-scale renewables.

The wind energy sector is probably the biggest and most immediate loser from this election result.  It has been at a virtual standstill for months because utilities who write contracts, and the bankers who finance the projects, were mindful of a likely Coalition win, and yet another review of the large-scale renewable energy target (LRET).

That review will now take place, but will unlikely to be completed until the end of 2014, and the findings may not be known until early 2015.  The Coalition certainly appears in no hurry, and unless the renewables industry can find a compromise, it will have to wait for the result.  To make matters worse, the review may not be completed by the Climate Change Authority – which last year rejected the complaints of incumbent fossil fuel generators and the conservative state governments – because the Coalition now has the numbers to dump the CCA.

The election has delivered a hung parliament of a different sort, and a number of new, strongly anti-wind members to the Coalition.  These include Angus Taylor in Hume and Peter Hendy in the neighbouring seat of Monaro.  Taylor is the author of an ill-informed document on wind energy, and Hendy was an advisor to Brendan Nelson when he made his fateful change of position on climate policies, and is also a former CEO of the anti-carbon price, anti-renewables Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Worse, the Senate looks potentially hostile to wind energy, now that Labor and the Greens appear to have lost their ability to block changes after June 30.  The role of avowed anti-wind senators such as John Madigan, and Nick Xenophon (who nearly managed to clone himself in Saturday’s result), presents a formidable problem for the wind industry.

Zed Seselja, who may win an ACT Senate seat for the Coalition, is another anti-renewable warrior, and the opinions on wind and renewables from the remaining cast of the Senate circus is not clear.  Clive Palmer could have two Senators – Glenn (the brick with eyes) Lazarus and Jacqui Lambie.  While a noisy maverick, Palmer’s principal interests are coal and dinosaurs.

Family First Senator-elect Bob Day is a former member of the highly conservative HR Nicholls Society, so that is not promising.  The views of the motoring, sporting, and shooting groups who may win seats is not known, possibly even by them.  Madigan didn’t get elected on an anti-wind farm ticket either, but his acquired hostility may be his lasting legacy.

A further complication for the wind industry is the Coalition’s determination to hold yet another review of wind farm health impacts and its proposal to introduced “real time” wind farm monitoring, which the industry says would be expensive and useless.

Keep an eye out for Giles and people of his ilk.  We are deeply concerned for them.  No – we really are.

As we said of Crystal Brook’s monstrous hypocrite Dopey Dave Clarke a while back – when we predicted a solid Coalition win – make sure to keep these boys away from rope and razor blades come September.

Well September has come – and with a vengeance.  These lads are not taking it at all well.

These cheery chaps are reacting in much the same way as the French Aristocrats who avoided the fervent celebrations during the first Bastille Day back in 1789. It was one party the nobility were quite keen to miss.

Cheer up lads – Hydro is THE renewable and it has a very big future – it’s only giant fans that are finished.

Viva La Revolution!

Off with their heads. Remember how they
treated us when their team ran the show?

14 thoughts on “This is the End – my only friend, the End

  1. I guess this could be ooroo from the guru and the Ceres team.
    One question, what the hell were you thinking? You didn’t have to be a Rhodes scholar to see this project would never get wings.

  2. Lyn, as I read it at the moment Bodangora is approved and legally Infigen can go ahead, albeit there is still the possibility of appeal. What may prevent it are other factors. Such as Infigen not wanting to go ahead if the RET/REC situation is reversed because they won’t be able to make them pay and/or Infigen not being able to raise finance through the banks. After all Infigen has had approval for Capital 2 for some time and, as far as I’m aware, it hasn’t looked like progressing with construction. I think I am right in saying that Infigen would like to offload all their Australian assets. What you may eventually have is a win by default. What we need to do is get the decision reversed so the threat doesn’t constantly hang over your head. Ditto any other industrial wind turbine projects in Australia that are approved but not constructed or financed. So we need to continue to petition and educate our federal members of parliament, and the Senators, with energy, persistence and facts. There are still some Coalition members (a dwindling number I would hope) who are pro-wind turbines which is extraordinarily hard to understand!

  3. The Wind lndustry squealing has begun as the REC Gold and Subsidies trough dries up. The truth of acoustic pollution and a multinational financial scam is being acknowledged by a new government.

    The Wind Industry (and the Danes) thought they could buy the Senate with Green votes and failed miserably. Thank goodness this is the beginning of the end of this rort on rural neighbours (and hosts), the taxpayer, the planet, and citizens world wide.

    The Greens can now focus on the recycling of the wind towers into Melbourne street sculpture and a Green Dream theme park. (except safety regulation will require them to lie supine to avoid the acoustic and emf pollution, and the risk of blades falling on pedestrians and apartments). It will create Green jobs for which they should take full credit. And Adam can keep his seat forever.

  4. Good luck to all of my Aussie friends. We are envious, only because we wish for the same! You have earned the right to free yourselves from faux-green oppression. Be proud, that your country is the one that has opened the door, and showed the rest of us “how to do it”!!! Sincere Congratulations from Canada!

  5. From this it’s quite clear they are upset they will now have to justify themselves and prove they do no harm and find funding other than from the public purse. Do they realise that in India they already have to undertake something similar to ‘real time’ monitoring, or perhaps they would rather pretend India doesn’t exist as the industry is ‘on the nose’ there as well?

    Mr Parkinson mentioned the word ‘compromise’. I’m not sure the industry knows this word, as they’ve certainly not shown any willingness to compromise where their monster non-organic non-environmentally sound machinery is concerned.

    Further it seems Mr Parkinson is of the opinion the election of the Liberals was an error, because they did not choose them, nor do they have a strangle hold influence on them, but what he should realise is that THE PEOPLE chose them – which includes all those who are suffering, who are concerned and who have been struggling to be both heard above the noise from the industry.

  6. Well with a bit of luck the proposed Collector Wind farm is dead in the water. BOF needs to take heed. No RET, no carbon tax and no green energy fund for proposals that the banks would not touch with a barge pole. Hooray. Also with a 3% swing away from the Greens -that means they are next.

  7. Bring on all studies into noise-related illness please. Although I don’t have these Wind Monsters, I have something similar – industry near my home has been torturing me with incessant infrasound and low frequency noise and stealing my health, my sleep and my peace.

    The sooner the acoustic research is done about industrial noise inside homes, using the correct filters that won’t mask the low frequencies, the better.

    As the noise is worse inside our homes, because the sound energy interacts with the structure of our homes, this heightens the damage, because it deeply penetrates and violates our personal safe havens and destroys our private peace. It must stop.

  8. I’m a bit confused by all of this. As someone who has Pacific Hydro threatening to plonk 40+ gigantic turbines along the hills behind us I have been hoping like hell something would happen to stop them. Does this election win mean that their days are numbered? Can we at Keyneton, South Australia breathe a sigh of relief yet? It’d be nice to go to bed not worrying about these greedy wind-farm pricks and their plans to destroy our lifestyles. We’ve been waiting for years to hear what will actually happen!

  9. Oh please someone tell me it will also bring an end to those projects that have been fast tracked approved before the election. Give us hope at Bodangora

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