21 thoughts on “Wind farms aren’t noisy, are they?

  1. AGL are trying to get the Coopers Gap Industrial Turbines going in the Kingaroy & Dalby arear in QLD. They have told us that the health affects are all in the mind, we know that they are lying, one of the reasons we know they are lying because they won’t do any attenuation tests on our homes because they know the noise tests will come up illegal . The noise will come up to high as a few of us have got the tests done by a private acoustician & AGL don’t want to know about it as the attenuation drop is only 3dba. Their projected noise level is 40 dba outside which = 37 dba inside the home, in QLD the max noise at night is 30 dba inside your home NOT HARD TO WORK OUT. The turbine hosts also want it done on our houses because they are wanting to retain the little respect that is left & the hosts know that they will be liable for health problems & loss of land values as they will have wind turbines on their land that will be causing the above impacts. When you approach AGL about any of these problems & other isues they avoid answering the subjects. AGL have no respect for anyone who questions what they have done & intending to do. They also make out they are doing every thing possible for the people who are suffering at their other industrial wind turbine sites in VIC & SA. We in QLD know that they could NOT CARE LESS & won’t do anything until they are forced to & they will squeal like stuck pigs before they will do anything. The wind industry is bleeding & squeeling now, because they are coming up with all the crap possible, & think we will believe it all, NO SUCH LUCK.

  2. Crispin, thank-you for this essential visual and aural documentation of what people living near industrial wind turbines are being exposed to. My heart rate accelerated, I wanted to flee and tears flowed as I watched and heard the familiar intrusive noise of turbines.

    Every community threatened with potential construction of these factories has an opportunity here, to become educated to the reality of turbine noise pollution by watching your footage.

    The suits and decision makers, that fly in or out of our tiny communities and won’t even make eye contact, let alone meet with us, should be forced night after night to listen without escape to this noise, and please turn the volume up so they get the vibration effects as well.


  3. Here is an actual complaint by a family living about 2.5 km away from this rather small-sized IWT.

    We here in the Atherton Tablelands are under threat from these IWT criminal terrorists of a much larger IWT project. Don’t kid yourselves, folks living within 50 km radius of this monstrosity would be severely affected in some way, some more than others.

    Only TERRORISTS intending to destroy the lives of Australian rural folks would promote IWTs in communities. Greed is the grease to ram in these KILLING machines. All government officials colluding beware, we know who you are.

    1. Do not forsake the fact that the Mt Emerald project on the Atherton Tablelands is proposed to be situated in the middle of Good Quality Agricultural Land with Water, e.g. the northern hub of banana growing in Qld along with other intensive horticulture. Our horticultural industry will raise locally and retain locally more money than the turbines will ever inject in to our community.
      I was told personally by the Project Manager from Ratch that Mt Emerald Wind Farm was just stage one of a huge turbine development. Watch out Atherton, it may becoming your way.

  4. Thanks for this new addition to STT TV.

    The video format works to share the noise experienced from IWT. It strips out all the technical jargon and my first thought was that it may assist a judge in deciding if someone has indeed experienced a loss of well-being as a result of poorly-sited IWTs. Let’s face it, judges are people too, and this acoustic stuff is very sophisticated.

    If I was one of the neighbours to a yet-to-be-commissioned industrial wind facility, I would be working out what ‘before’ evidence might be needed in a court of law.

    [ First ideas ….Perhaps a video diary, like in Avatar, each evening and morning for a season or so, saying how you are sleeping, feeling, what the wind was like, recording the background sound in the same way on the same device each time. Then compare that with what it is like after the turbines commence. Having said that, it would probably be best to get some of those standardised well-being tests that Bob Thorne used and a consult with Con Doolan from Adelaide Uni who did that annoyance testing at Waterloo … ]

    Or would this type of data collection effort be useless anyway, as only evidence that had been collected by a third (neutral) party, be valid in a court of law?

    Perhaps there are some STT readers out there with a legal, medical and/or acoustic engineering background, who might know the answers to some of these questions?

      1. Thank you for your reply.

        I spoke to a friend with a legal background, and the sense I got was that all the evidence can get in, and the lawyers, on either side, then explain the merits and limitations of the data, and the judge decides.

        I referred to the earlier STT post

        A Thorne in the paw of big wind

        and I think these might be the survey tools Bob Thorne used –
        – The Pittsburg sleep quality index http://consultgerirn.org/uploads/File/trythis/try_this_6_1.pdf
        – The WHO quality of life index

        Click to access english_whoqol.pdf

        – The SF-36 questionnaire
        But best confirm these with someone from the Waubra foundation.

        You might also note the actual wind speed and direction data on the recording dates from the daily observation tables from your nearest BOM centre,
        as some other STT victim impact statements have indicated that the character of the wind can change the degree of impact.

        And of course you might want to note your property valuations.
        Your Council rates are helpful here.

        Then there is the question – who to sue? My legal friend suggests that the best place to start is with the hosts, who, without their consent, there would be no construction. You might also speak to other neighbours and see if they are also interested in collecting data too. If needed, you might join, to share legal costs.

  5. As annoying as this video is, it is mild compared to actually being there on a very windy night, and hearing it first-hand. A nightmare that you cannot awake from. A terrible form of slow, insidious torture. This is followed by relief when it stops finally, then an attempt by your body to re-stabilize….till the next onslaught. How can any sensible person deny that this is inhumane?

  6. I hope Chapman and Flannery have been listening to this footage. If they have not they should be made to. Maybe if it were sent to the VC of Sydney University and the Dean of Chapman’s department they would be able to make more informed assessment of his biased ‘research’ – even though they would still be in their ‘ivory towers’, and not out where the problems exist they surely could not deny such noise is unacceptable and only creates an imagined problem.

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