The taint that exists among wind industry academia

wind fraud

When a researcher wants to find out about wind turbine syndrome, you would expect them to ask people living next to turbines, and measure what they are exposed to.

Simple, right? Get out into the field and make your own investigations.

Renowned acoustician Dr Bob Thorne has done that at numerous wind developments across Victoria.

Bob found people’s health seriously impacted.

Associate Professor Con Doolan from the University of Adelaide did the same at Waterloo.

He found the “annoyance” symptoms correlated DIRECTLY with low frequency noise, at specific levels, which the residents said was coming from the wind turbines.

Con couldn’t verify it came from the turbines because TRUenergy would not cooperate with turning the turbines off for comparative measuresment.  But locals certainly know the difference between wind in the trees, wind turbines, and noise from a fridge.

Dr  Campbell Gemmell (CEO of the SA EPA) said during and after a meeting with Waterloo residents that he would make sure there was on/off testing.  The SA EPA staff member who met with Waterloo residents to do upcoming testing at Waterloo, starting on Monday, confirmed the EPA were going to do it and that TRUenergy executives in Melbourne had promised to do so.

We shall see what actually happens … and just how transparent the SA EPA is going to be with this upcoming data collection.

Here’s our question for today, however.

If you were a researcher, and instead of wanting to find out the truth you wanted to hide it, or at least “muddy the waters”, would you ignore the results of people like Thorne and Doolan and many others such as  Shepherd and Nissenbaum?

And from what is already known about the  impacts of low frequency noise, would you:

1.  Find ways of presenting data which hides, denies or minimises the true impact of wind energy (including relying on unverified wind company complaints data)?

2.  Use healthy young subjects in your experimental studies who are not living with big wind, and then subject them to tiny doses of infrasound which have never been shown to do anything to any body, and do it for only 10 minutes (Chrichton et al from Auckland University)?

3. And then imply or assert that your results are somehow applicable to people living near wind turbines, exposed 24/7 365 days per year, for a minimum of 25 years, to much higher doses of sound energy, which include vibration, infrasound, low frequency noise and audible noise, all of which have the potential to exert a physiological effect, if the dose is high enough and exposure long enough?

4. And do  you conveniently ignore the fact that your repeated and widely broadcast public comments denigrating sick people and personally attacking those who are asking for research might additionally have a further negative effect on whether people complain to the wind developers, or speak out publicly in the media?

Most country people are reluctant to make a fuss.  They are normally a resilient lot, coping with fires, floods, droughts, and plagues.  They are not complainers.  To speak out publicly in a closely-knit rural community is not easy to do.

So, as a researcher wishing to hide the truth, you would NEVER directly ask the residents themselves. Would you?

You certainly don’t talk to them, even when sitting next to them at an NHMRC workshop.

Just ask Donald Thomas, from Waubra, about whether the University of Sydney’s Simon Chapman spoke to him, when they were sitting next to each other in June, 2011, in Canberra.

Even a request from Chief Medical Officer at the time (Dr John Carnie) failed to budge Chapman from his fetid academic isolation. Does Chapman really want to hear directly from sick people?  His specialty is public health, after all.

It is clear from his observed behaviour that he does not.

Chapman’s campaign – his articles and posts on such blogs as The Drum, the Conversation, Crikey and in New Scientist, countless radio interviews and pieces in local country newspapers – raises still more questions.

As public relations, he gets wide media access. In our view it’s the sort of campaign only money and a good PR person could initiate. (Unless he spends most of his working day chasing it, which is just as likely.)

The NHMRC gave him a grant of $1.8 million of taxpayers’ money in 2008 to examine the influence of media in health reporting.  Yet not one cent has yet been spent on researching directly the adverse health effects of wind turbines. Media reporting of the wind issue has been a major factor in growing negativity, according to the pro-wind lobby. (See this post.)

As a public health issue, wind turbines are an unprecedented attack on Australians living in rural and regional communities.

And Chapman’s “research”/public announcements/propaganda are a long way from the truth of this issue – what ordinary people are living with (and living through), day and night.

We refer to our video interviews with Sonia Trist, Melissa Ware and Rikki Nicholson.

Listen to wind turbine host David Mortimer being interviewed by Steve Price on 2GB about his reaction to Tim Flannery’s comments.

David Mortimer is an inconvenient truth for Chapman, who said there was no such person as a turbine host who had symptoms.

What is happening to rural residents who are neighbours to industrial wind factories, large and small, foreign-owned, and small “community”-owned, is an ongoing abuse of human rights, and is being supported by academics and others with their own agendas who are anything but transparent with respect to their conflicts of interest.

Did the Auckland University researcher Keith Petrie disclose, for example, he had previously given evidence for a wind developer in a NZ court? Did acoustic consultant Dr Norm Broner disclose his work for wind developers (at Toora and Waterloo) in his conflict of interest statement for the NHMRC?

Did he disclose that his firm, SKM, have HUGE commercial connections with the wind industry globally?

Does Chapman disclose that he speaks at wind industry conferences and at wind industry “community consultative committee” education (propaganda) sessions, and gives misleading information about the work of leading researchers in this complex area. (See this link.)

Did acoustic consultant Dr Norm Broner disclose his work for wind developers (at Toora and Waterloo) in his conflict of interest statement for the NHMRC? Did he disclose that his firm, SKM, has huge commercial connections with the wind industry globally as well as locally?  Dr Broner is also the current President of the Australian Acoustical Society.

It all has a strong taint, in our opinion.

So we at STT will continue to expose wind industry bunkem. And we call for continued direct action.

We need to let Tim Flannery at the Climate Commission as well as the Australian Medical Association know directly how wind turbines are impacting on the lives of rural people –  and why independent full spectrum noise monitoring is so urgently required.

We need to let them know multidisciplinary research was recommended by the Australian Senate inquiry  nearly two years ago and must take place.

Please email Flannery at

Current AMA Federal President Dr Steve Hambleton can be contacted through the following address.

c/- Acting Secretary General

In our view, the truth will ultimately prevail. In the meantime, it’s up to us to expose what industrial wind does to rural communities.  It destroys them.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. What I can see is that you can dress up a pig, it is still a pig. The wind mafia try to dress up lies & the lies will come from under the covers as lies. All of the above are not telling the truth about the noise ect from the turbines that are destroying the health of people living around the structures. I would love to cage the lap dogs from the above and put them near the noisey turbines until the go mad from the torcher. I would include the hosts & intended hosts in the same cage also.

  2. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Simon Chapman’s grant, the NHMRC should undertake an investigation of how this grant is being managed. What research papers have been produced, and do they fulfil requirements of the grant and academic ethics and procedures? It could appear Professor Chapman is attempting to influence results of any ‘research’ into the influence of the media by constantly using it himself to create controversy. If so, the question should be asked is this an ethical research process. Surely with respect to a Public Health grant it would require the researcher to include interviews with affected members of the public, and to at the very least give an appearance of being unbiased. Neither of which Professor Chapman appears to even try to. How Flannery can utter and repeat such unsubstantiated rubbish in his position asa Climate Commissioner is beyond me. Surely it is the effect of what humans are doing on the worlds environment which includes effects on the humanbeings living in the world is more important that supporting a theory which has not and cannot be proven.

  3. I do not believe that forcing people to be guinea pigs, is an acceptable thing to do. The wind industry has no right to go against the Nuremburg Code, and use live, unwilling human beings, as lab rats. To do a proper study, one that won`t be tainted by cries of `NIMBY`, or `NOCEBO EFFECT`, they will have to buy some land, build a pile of homes, and surround these homes with the biggest, loudest turbines possible, and invite all of the turbine-pushing, lying, cheating politicians and wind industry thugs, to live there, while we study the hell out of them!!! Anything less would be inhumane.. Please pass this solution on to all whom it may concern….

    • Andreas Marciniak says:

      I’m with you on this one, don’t worry to build a pile of Homes, just stick them all in to the town of Waterloo.

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