Response #9 to Chapman’s “study”




Dear Editor,

My wife and I are  beef cattle farmers from the Millicent district in South Australia.  We had two wind industry turbines installed on our property in 2004 at about 750metres from our house. From about 2006, we started noticing health problems similar to those attributed to wind turbine syndrome.

We (like most other people) had no idea that it could be the turbines causing our problems, so we, like any normal person, took our concerns to our local GP who could find nothing wrong with us and no reason to refer us to any specialist.

The audible noise of the turbines was disturbing and so we built a new home on a 10 acre block 5KM from our home and 2.5KM from a cluster of four 1.75MWatt, 100 metre tall turbines.  Their view is blocked by a copse of trees and  we thought we would be free from their noise. In the main, we are.

We had not heard of wind turbine syndrome and so continued to suffer believing that our conditions were age related. In December 2010, were were informed of a new wind industry project that was to place around 17 wind turbines of 3.6MWatt each 150 metres tall up wind of the front of our home at a distance of 2KM.  We were devastated that our neighbours and the wind industry could wantonly destroy our panoramic view of the lake, sand hills and pasture land as well as significantly devalue our property (maybe a subjective view).

At this time, we we had no issue with the current wind turbines as we had no reason to believe they could harm us. NOBODY HAD TOLD US! By sheer chance in about March 2012, we heard a new wind “farm” resident list a set of symptoms he had been suffering since an adjacent wind “farm” had been constructed. His symptoms mirrored mine almost exactly!

We carried out a series of empirical tests to check if our symptoms were turbine related.  We took breaks away from the district of as short as one overnight to two months. During those times away, we experienced NONE of our health symptoms.  I sense (not hear) a sharp pulsing in the base of my skull similar to my heart beat, but when I measure my heart beat, it does not correlate with the pulsing in my head. A session on the exercise bike to raise my pulse rate still shows the pulsing in my head as around 1 per second but slightly erratic.  This is repeatable, not scientific, but repeatable.

January this year, we had a three week acoustic profile carried out inside and outside our home. It shows a very high level of infra sound inside, consistent with a cluster of four turbines.  Also shown was significant levels of low frequency audible sound which occurs in my head as a deep resonant drumming sound that ear plugs can not shut out.

We are “off grid” and have no appliances that run 24/7 – also, the sound can be heard strongest from the direction of the turbines. the acoustic testing has cost us several thousand dollars – money we should not have to spend if the wind developers, governments and their associates were honest.

Wind developers are claiming that we only started complaining about wind turbines after we found out about the (now approved) wind “farm” for in front of our home. It begs the question, “why did we wait until late 2012 before complaining?” Simple – we did not realise that the turbines could be causing problems.  Until recently, it was an unknown, so little wonder that more people are coming forward.

I for one, would like to see the “study” that Professor Simon Chapman has conducted related to wind turbines and health.  I suggest that it is no more than opinion and fudged data.

Perhaps if he lived in our home for a year or two, he may well change his mind unless he has already shot himself in the foot too badly to own up.

David and Alida Mortimer

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Gee, and the wind company tells everyone that turbine farmers never complain of ailments from IWT’s. Well, this seems like more proof that, indeed, they do. I’ve heard many such stories, from host farmers in several countries. More wind industry lies…..not surprising.


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