Response #8 to Chapman’s “study”




Dear Editor and Sean,

I have just read the article you wrote in the Warrnambool Standard. “SICKNESS DOUBT”
I cannot believe that you could get your facts so wrong, and to interview someone who has no qualifications in the area of medicine, to comment on a health matter.

Professor Chapman does not have a degree in medicine, he is a sociologist. His claim to fame was fighting the tobacco industry,  now he is an advocate for the wind industry, which is HARMING people’s health, and he refuses to identify this.

Why  doesn’t he go out and  speak to the people concerned.? His facts are TOTALLY WRONG.

Why hasn’t the Standard been out to interview the people concerned?

Isn’t the Standard interested in its the community ?

If you did more investigative journalism you would know that the South Australian EPA have said in 2013 that there IS a  problem with infrasound and it will conduct new research.

Where were you when this was covered in the news.?

Sean,  I have already given you an invitation to come to the Macarthur wind farm and speak to the people who are affected, and to see for yourself what is going on here, but you have declined.

I now give you another invitation to come and speak to us.

Dan Tehan did, and he was ABSOLUTELY  GOBSMACKED, to think that this could be happening in his area.

Do what a good journalist does, and GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT.

Jan Hetherington.


About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.

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