American Resistance: Rural Communities Reject Destructive & Disruptive Wind Power Projects

One wind industry myth is that farmers and families can’t wait to have 300 tonne wind turbines speared into their backyards. A raft of litigation, protests and open hostility to the wind industry, in general, and wind developers, in particular, suggests otherwise. As Robert Bryce details below, rural communities are not prepared to give up the […]

Wind Power – It’s ONLY an ‘Alternative’, if You’re Prepared to Freeze or Boil in the Dark

 **** Commentary: I love the smell of fossil fuels in the morning Elko Daily Free Press Chuck Muth 29 May 2015 When it comes to energy, windmills are useless when there’s no wind, solar is useless when there’s no sun, and hydro is useless when there’s no water – a condition Nevadans were recently warned […]

Giant fans fail to get Royal Stamp of Approval

Prince Harry is the latest Royal to question the impact of wind farms The Express Owen Bennett 11 May 2013 PRINCE HARRY has voiced his concerns over the visual impact of wind farms during his tour of America. The prince apparently raised the issue with the boss of Renewable Energy Systems Americas during a reception […]