Wind Power – It’s ONLY an ‘Alternative’, if You’re Prepared to Freeze or Boil in the Dark


It’s that smell, that ‘on-demand’ smell. There’s nothing
else like it. It’s the smell of …  health, safety & prosperity.


Commentary: I love the smell of fossil fuels in the morning
Elko Daily Free Press
Chuck Muth
29 May 2015

When it comes to energy, windmills are useless when there’s no wind, solar is useless when there’s no sun, and hydro is useless when there’s no water – a condition Nevadans were recently warned about again thanks to the ongoing drought.

Indeed, the ONLY dependable sources of cheap energy remain oil, natural gas and coal. Yet all we hear are Chicken Little environmentalists screaming about global warming – oh, excuse me, “climate change” – while tax-addicted politicians in Washington are floating energy tax hike trial balloons.

Make no mistake; the cost of energy in Nevada will surely skyrocket if Congress tries to reform our insane tax code on the back of the fossil fuel industry.

Frankly, I’m tired of enviro-kooks constantly bad-mouthing affordable, dependable energy – especially as we approach the 100-degree+ dog days of Nevada’s summer.

Can you imagine sleeping at night if there was no affordable electricity to power our air conditioners and swamp coolers?

Or tourists taking horse-drawn carriages to and from Vegas or Reno instead of a petro-fueled planes, trains and automobiles?

Indeed, as the publisher of Alex Epstein’s new book, “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels,” points out on the jacket cover, fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal “don’t take a naturally safe climate and make it dangerous; they take a naturally dangerous climate and make it ever safer.”

Especially the desert.

Those of us in Nevada know how sky-high the ol’ electric bill can go thanks to the scorching summer heat. But can you imagine how high those bills would be if all of us were forced to pay the higher costs for solar power?

Not to mention the fact that solar can’t provide any of us with enough electricity to recharge an iPhone at night when the sun don’t shine, let alone an air conditioner!

“The only way for solar and wind to be truly useful, reliable sources of energy would be to combine them with some form of extremely inexpensive mass-storage system,” Epstein writes. “No such mass storage system exists … (w)hich is why, in the entire world there is not one real or proposed independent, freestanding solar or wind power plant.”

For that reason, Epstein argues that wind and solar are not so much power sources as power “parasites that require a host.”

The cost of abundant, on-demand energy that makes the Nevada desert not only habitable for human beings, but desirable is high enough already. The last thing Nevadans need are higher taxes on the very fossil fuels that make life here so livable and driving to Nevada from California in the summer so bearable.

Thank goodness for fossil fuels. Because life in the desert would be h-e-double-hockey-sticks without them. Literally.

And as for raising taxes on affordable energy, Congress should just chill.
Elko Daily Free Press


During summer scorchers, it’s pretty hard to keep your cool,
stay healthy and safe without cheap, reliable power.


STT gets its share of snippy Tweets (ignored) and comments (binned) from the dwindling band of intellectual pygmies who seem permanently wedded to the delusion that wind power is a real alternative to conventional power generation sources.

These infantile “attacks” usually kick-off with a rant that STT MUST be backed by BIG COAL or BIG OIL or BIG GAS etc – and then launch into the fantasy that our stance on the great wind power fraud is all about ‘protecting’ any or all of the former from the ‘threat’ posed by wind power – which – on the infant’s world view – will DESTROY not only fossil fuel generators, but all those who have the temerity to point out the several teensy, weensy flaws in their “analysis”.

Where their limited intellectual equipment lets them down, is on the ‘little’ things: you know, like how meaningful power is generated (on-demand) and used (in an instant); and economics, and the like.

Then there’s their failure to make even the most basic connection between the materials and resources that go into a wind turbine: like hundreds of tonnes of plastics, reinforced concrete, aluminium and steel – which all require mountains of ‘dirty’ COAL and GAS and OIL.

Far from being any kind of ‘threat’, the great wind power fraud opens up huge opportunities for fossil fuel producers, simply because wind power will never ‘displace’, let alone ‘replace’ conventional generation sources, now or ever:

Why Coal Miners, Oil and Gas Producers Simply Love Wind Power

Truth be told, STT couldn’t care less where power comes from: as long as it’s available around-the-clock, rain, hail or shine; and it’s cheap enough for every household and business to be able to use and benefit from, then the rest is ideology.

However, for the sake of argument, STT concedes the Chicken Little’s case and accepts that CO2 emissions may cause “global warming” – these days known as “climate change” (whatever that means?). But we don’t concede that wind power has made – or is even capable of making – one jot of difference to CO2 emissions in the electricity sector; principally because it is NOT – and will never be – an ‘alternative’ to conventional generation systems, which are always and everywhere available on demand (see our post here and here).

STT doesn’t bear an onus: if you think you’ve got an REAL alternative to coal, gas, nuclear or hydro, then we’ll be happy to spruik its wares.

Until then – stop pretending that wind power is an ‘alternative’ to all but permanent stone-age darkness – plug in, turn on and enjoy the cheap, dependable power delivered to your door on a daily basis, by a range of on-demand sources, like coal and gas.

plug LifeSupportSlider

If you seriously think wind power is an ‘alternative’?
Then why not give it a go? All by itself …

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:
    Good read on the sad truth of renewable aka ‘unreliable’ energy…

  2. Well, that is very well said. Terry you are one brave man speaking out like that, good on you.

    They are not even green, as they are finding out in Lewis, one of the Islands at the top of Scotland.

    They are putting turbines into the crofts which are peat. Once they do this it causes co2 to raise out of the peat.

    Any way let’s face it, who are we to say, as we have a certain man who thinks we are all potty for thinking any good can not possibly come out of these horrible monsters?

  3. Terry Conn says:

    Absolutely correct STT. I have not seen one genuine critique that argues with any basic data or logic that wind farms work as stand alone providers of power or don’t cost the ‘earth’. Nor have I ever seen any report that demonstrates they reduce GHG emissions. There are tonnes of articles saying they will ‘save the planet’ but even those, such as from the intellectual Giants at the CSIRO, end their assessments at ‘generation’ despite the fact wind farms cannot and never will be able to ‘stand alone’ as synchronous/baseload sources of electricity. Arguments in favour of ‘wind farms’ are characterised by delusion and fantasy eg. the one about bringing down wholesale prices when no consumer pays wholesale prices but rather the RET forced prices in ‘power purchase agreements’. Like you, if these supporters of wind farms can come up with a genuine case for having them not based on pig ignorance, delusion, fantasy and especially ‘greed’ then ‘I’m all ears’ ( not ‘Coalition’ type ears that have, heard, understood, agree but sells its soul, and kicks the crap out of their now ‘former’ grass roots supporters).

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