Giant fans fail to get Royal Stamp of Approval


Prince Harry is the latest Royal to question the impact of wind farms
The Express
Owen Bennett
11 May 2013

PRINCE HARRY has voiced his concerns over the visual impact of wind farms during his tour of America.

The prince apparently raised the issue with the boss of Renewable Energy Systems Americas during a reception at a golf course in Denver.

The company’s chief executive Susan Reilly said she had a similar conversation with Harry’s father, Prince Charles, in the past.

She said: “Prince Harry said he was worried about their visual impact, I told him that I had met his father some years ago and when we discussed windfarms he shared his concerns.

“But as with Prince Charles, I pointed out that we need to strike a balance between their visual impact and the need for renewable energy for future generations.”

The event was hosted by Beverley Simpson, British consul general for Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming, and among the guests was four-time Olympic gold medal winning swimmer Missy Franklin.

Harry helped the sportswoman celebrate her 18th birthday by singing Happy Birthday with the other guests during the reception at the Sanctuary Golf Course.

Prince Harry’s grandfather, Prince Philip has also spoken out against wind farms.

In 2011 Esbjorn Wilmar, managing director of the wind farm firm Infinergy, suggested to the Duke of Edinburgh at a reception that he should build wind turbines on royal land.

Me Wilmar said the Duke replied: “[Turbines are] absolutely useless, completely reliant on subsidies and an absolute disgrace”.

The Department for Energy and Climate Change hopes that offshore windfarms can provide up to 15% of electric needs by 2020.

But that will require around £8 billion of investment in transmission infrastructure such as platforms, cables and substations.
The Express


C’mon Harry, what’s not to like?

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. The Royal Family have put the industrial wind turbines in a nut shell, the wind turbines are no bloody good.

    Three cheers for the Royal Family.

  2. Melissa Ware says:

    Respectfully to the three generations of British Royalty – you are invited to take action to stop the visual impact, stop the negative health impacts and well …just stop these things. If you truly care about the impacts, become better informed and help.

  3. Reblogged this on Mothers Against Wind Turbines and commented:
    The Royal family doesn’t like them….but for the wrong reasons!

    • Lois Lane - MAWT says:

      Go Harry!! It’s a HUGE Scam…if only Harry would read a little more about it so that he could understand that it’s not just about the look of them….they aren’t green, they hurt people and they are ruining our economy!!!

  4. It is about so much more than looks….it is a bloody big scam….why don’t people do their research???

  5. Go Harry!

  6. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    They must be suffering from this misterious ‘nocebo’ disease.
    It must be coming close to being declared one of the worlds most infectious diseases. I wonder if research is being funded and undertaken into finding a vaccination to control the spread? I wonder if our friendly sociologist has secured a grant to do the research? After all – he knows so much about it he would have to be the best person to take on the research.

  7. Terry Conn says:

    For years I didn’t have much respect for the Royal Family — I have changed my mind!

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