Victim: Berni Janssen

STT would like you to meet Berni Janssen who lives at the end of a valley that funnels the impact of 30 wind turbines from Waubra Wind Farm towards her home. There is audible noise from the turbines in certain weather conditions, but it is how she feels when the turbines are operating that has […]

Victims: Carl and Sam Stepnell

STT would like you to meet Carl and Samantha Stepnell, who have long since left their home, which was 900m from the turbines at the Waubra Wind Farm. They have moved a 30 minute drive away for the sake of their health and sanity. Samantha was severely affected, as soon as the turbines started – […]

Victim: Ruth Corrigan

STT would like to introduce you to Ruth Corrigan who would like there to be no more wind farms built, in anyone’s backyard, until the medical studies have been done to find out why they are affecting some people so badly. Ruth lives near the Capital wind farm in New South Wales and is upset […]

Victim: Colin Dooley of Crookwell

STT would like to introduce you to Colin Dooley of Crookwell, NSW. Col farms near the Crookwell 1 wind farm, comprising 8 turbines, clustered on one of the boundaries.  The Crookwell 2 and 3 wind farms have also been approved.  When they go ahead his family farm, Elm Grove, will be surrounded on all 4 […]