Victim: Colin Dooley of Crookwell

STT would like to introduce you to Colin Dooley of Crookwell, NSW. Col farms near the Crookwell 1 wind farm, comprising 8 turbines, clustered on one of the boundaries.  The Crookwell 2 and 3 wind farms have also been approved.  When they go ahead his family farm, Elm Grove, will be surrounded on all 4 boundaries by wind turbines. In this short video interview, Col shares his fears for the future as aerial fire-fighting and weed control will no longer be possible in the vicinity of the turbines (3.27).

You can hear more wind farm victim impact statements here.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. N.S.W. is meant to stand for New South Wales, but instead it stands for Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong. No one gives a starch about what happens away from the coast, especially Governments.

  2. Grant Winberg says:

    Well said Col. Commonsense warnings from a longstanding local rural family.

    Hon Brad Hazzard MP has written “…In the development of the draft NSW Planning Guidelines for Wind Farms (sic), the Department of Planning and Infrastructure has been in discussion with the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) and is incorporating its advice into the guideline….”. “…In relation to ground and air bush fire fighting operations, the RFS has informed the Department there are no preferred set distances or restrictions around wind farms (sic). Any response to a fire will be dependent on the characteristics of the incident and the officer in charge will determine the most appropriate strategy to deal with it…”.

    1/ Guidelines are still in draft
    2/ Col & Jan Dooley and other neighbours will never have the benefit of any guidelines, with many Union Fenosa proposed Crookwell 2 & 3 turbines to be sited well under 2kms from non-consenting residences (as are many others, at Gullen Range etc).
    3/ Col has been advised by the “officer in charge” that there will be no aerial fire fighting support within 1km of a turbine.

    Culpability:- Union Fenosa and their paid expert (sic) consultants, Hosts, DP&I and its relevant officers, and all other parties who have contracted away their rights to Union Fenosa, and, as a result, put at risk the lives and property of turbine neighbours.

  3. The question I ask is, who is going to make good of what we lose with our health & real estate values, with all these usless industrial wind turbines?

    The hosts, potential hosts, wind companys & any other persons that give the tick for IWT’s, are nothing better then gutter rats. They are causing the health problems for people that have to live around them who have no say, but have to put up with the noise & the low frequency noise + shadow flicker & the destroyed scenery of our landscape.

  4. IWT’s are wrong for so many reasons. The only positive thing…is for the rich, they get richer, while the rest of us get drastically poorer.

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