Dear Editors of the Sydney Morning Herald

Dear Editors of the Sydney Morning Herald, I read with interest the two recent articles (March 15, and 16) by Lenore Taylor, “Wind Turbine Sickness,” and “When Lobbyists Blow in.” I note the extensive quotation of the smiling Prof. Simon Chapman, noting that “wind turbine sickness” was a “communicated disease,” and that many of Australia’s […]

The Gullen Range wind farm is a disaster waiting to happen

  From a correspondent in the field Gullen Range wind farm – a project by the Chinese company Goldwind – is approved, and is currently being built. Local people have tried to stop it in the NSW Land & Environment Court, without success. We have lobbied the NSW government and local MPs, again without success. […]

Deals done in ivory towers

Recently several of us were out to dinner with people not involved in the wind farm issue. But unprompted, a question arose from the second group. What is it with Sydney University and wind farms? When asked what the questioner meant, the response was enlightening. “I’ve noticed the university has a real bug about discrediting […]