China Won’t Waste Its Time on Wind Power

With the wind industry taking a belting around the planet – its spruikers are left clinging to any vestige of hope, with the anxious zeal of shipwreck survivors happening upon that last piece of flotsam. One such “hope”, is their belief that China provides the perfect example of what wind power outfits can do when […]

Deals done in ivory towers

Recently several of us were out to dinner with people not involved in the wind farm issue. But unprompted, a question arose from the second group. What is it with Sydney University and wind farms? When asked what the questioner meant, the response was enlightening. “I’ve noticed the university has a real bug about discrediting […]

Grubby little secrets #1

There are so many aspects of the wind industry that its supporters would prefer you not to know. The inefficiency of turbines, their harm to the environment, the scandalous ways wind farm companies operate, the need for back-up generation, the traumatic impact on local communities etc. Here are a couple more. Both reports appeared earlier […]