Wind & Solar Power 2.5 to 5 Times More Expensive than Coal & Nuclear

Power costs matter. The wind industry keeps telling us that their product is ‘free’, and getting cheaper all the time. Trouble is, that the facts tend to differ. In the table above, in nuclear powered France, power consumers pay half the cost for power than those suffering along in wind powered Denmark. Maybe it’s got […]

Cost of Wind Power Outstrips Coal, Gas, Hydro & Nukes by a Country Mile

Wind worshippers continue to make wild claims about wind power already being “free” – and, apparently, getting cheaper all the time. Although, it appears that ‘selling’ a product with no commercial value (apart from the massive subsidies it attracts) is an unwinnable battle. Even the merest mention of a cut to subsidies has the wind […]

US Wind Power Spruikers – AWEA – Caught Lying About Wind Power Costs

**** The wind industry was built on lies, half-truths and critical omissions – and it preys on misconception, ignorance and downright stupidity. The stanedard tactics are to go on the offensive, with well-oiled spin from the wind industry’s “play-book”. However, as time marches on, the myths and lies are being called for what they are. […]

Institute for Energy Research Takes the Scalpel to the Great Wind Power Fraud

As time goes by, the number of crack energy market experts joining the effort to bring the great wind power fraud to its inevitable denouement – and the quality of their work directed at that fine and noble task – has increased exponentially. The American “Institute for Energy Research” has just released a brilliant piece […]

Perverse Renewables Policy turns Wind Power into Super-Predator

**** On the rare occasions when wind power is able to deliver meaningful output to the grid – usually at night-time – generators are more than happy for the dispatch price (the price paid by the grid operator to generators) to hit zero – and have even paid the grid operator to take their output, […]