Top Sleep Specialist Slams ‘Nocebo’ Nonsense: Wind Turbine Noise Obvious Cause of Sleep Deprivation

Dr Wayne Spring is a sleep specialist with a lifetime’s experience of dealing with those suffering from sleep deprivation from all manner of causes. Recently, Dr Spring went into print, slamming those from the wind-cult who spend their time deriding the wind industry’s victims, rather than listening.

One of its victims, who will never be silenced, is STT Champion, Annie Gardner who let rip in the Hamilton Spectator with this thumping letter to the editor, picking up Dr Spring’s sharpest points along the way.

Hamilton Spectator
29 April 2017

IT’S most important that Dr Wayne Spring’s willingness to expose his experience of treating many wind farm victims, referred to him for sleep deprivation, is released to the people in your readership area, particularly as so many will become exposed to the same problems particularly around Macarthur and Oaklands Hill. Below are excerpts from Dr Wayne Springs study:

Wind turbine health impacts can be like seasickness, according to a recently retired consultant physician. 

Dr. Wayne Spring said, much like seasickness, wind turbines may not affect everyone exposed, but those affected could suffer disabling symptoms including nausea, vertigo, sleep disturbance and a sense of feeling unwell. 

Dr. Spring was a Consultant Physician in regional Victoria for 33 years, including 20 years as a Ballarat-based sleep specialist, and cared for patients who lived near wind turbines. 

“I’ve spent my whole life as a physician interviewing patients, assessing their symptoms and looking at their individual circumstances.  I object when people are vilified because they have a range of symptoms that they claim are related to wind turbines” Dr. Spring said. 

He said while people with seasickness were generally sympathised with, people without any medical qualifications were quick to malign and criticise people who suffered symptoms possibly from wind turbine activity. 

Dr. Spring said as a sleep specialist he only saw patients who were referred to him by their GP’s and therefore the actual number of patients who were suffering from wind turbine health impacts was probably far greater. 

“Some affected people go to other locations to sleep in an effort to cope and some people have just sold up and moved away”, he said. 

“It has always struck me how stoical country patients are and, of this stoical population, the most stoical are farmers and this group makes up a large part of the complainants”. 

“Another confounding factor is that farmers with wind turbines on their farms are bound by confidentiality agreements so that complaints cannot be made.”

The situation outlined above is exactly what is happening to many neighbours living in close proximity to AGL’s Macarthur Wind Farm, and some families out to 10 kilometres from turbines.

Ongoing sleep deprivation is recognised by the World Health Organisation as a disease which can lead to many other serious illnesses.

Many families suffer seriously from ongoing sleep deprivation as a result of the acoustic emissions from the 140 turbines at AGL’s Macarthur Wind Farm, whether  it be background noise, infrasound or low frequency noise, or a combination of all.

These acoustic emissions, in addition to ground borne vibration are a very dangerous cocktail, such as so many families had never experienced prior to October 2012, when the first turbines began operating.

AGL continues to deny our ongoing serious symptoms are as a result of their turbines and have for four years now, recommended we merely visit our doctor.

We sincerely appreciate Dr. Wayne Spring’s decision to expose his findings over many years treating patients suffering sleep deprivation as a result of proximity to wind turbines.  This is the first time Australia-wide and possibly in the world, that a physician of any sort has been willing to publicly expose the truth.

So far the toll on families’ health living near the Macarthur wind farm, has been huge.  One family with young children left their job, their home and the district in early 2013 as their two young babies who had previously slept through the night, screamed all night as a result of the acoustic emissions from the turbines so close to their home. Their behavior during the day became erratic also.

An adjoining neighbour to the Macarthur wind farm was tragically killed in a horror car smash last July.  This person, for fear of falling asleep whilst driving to and from work daily, had been forced to move to Hamilton due to extreme sleep deprivation in their home next to the wind farm.  Unfortunately due to inability to pay rent and the farm mortgage, this neighbour was forced to move back to the farm, but put on stronger sleeping tablets in an attempt to fight ongoing sleep disturbance.  Severe sleep deprivation could possibly have prevented this driver from taking evasive action in the fatal accident.

Another farming family living in close proximity to the turbines was forced to buy a house in Hamilton in order to get sleep at night. They travel 40 kilometres into Hamilton each night and another 40 kilometres out to the farm every morning.

Two families have been forced to sell up and leave their farms due to their serious inability to sleep at home.  Other families leave their home and farming property every week for a few days and nights just to get at least two nights decent sleep.  This comes at huge personal cost, accommodation and travel each week, and also the cost of not being able to work their farm full time, nor look after their animals.

For six nights from Sunday 2nd April till Friday 7th April all of the 140 turbines at the Macarthur Wind Farm did not operate, due to maintenance at the switchyard.

Residents were able to sleep in a manner such as they enjoyed for years prior to October 2012, when AGL’s turbines began operation, far too close to homes.  We slept without any pain, no headaches, no head pressure, no excruciating ear pain, no dizziness, no nausea and no vibration.  We were also able to work as normal in our paddocks in a pain free environment, without any severe noise pollution which is most distracting and dangerous, particularly when riding motor bikes and operating farm machinery.

Our request to AGL to carry out full spectrum noise testing has been ongoing for two years, but this company refuses to co-operate, in order to find out what really is the problem at their wind farm, which has taken away our Common Law right to sleep in our own homes at night.

Another western Victorian newspaper recently in an editorial claimed “When someone of Dr. Wayne Spring’s standing says that people who live near windfarms are suffering health problems caused by the turbines, one can only conclude he knows what he is talking about”.

This newspaper’s editorial claimed further “The situation demands a full inquiry, either State or Federal, to determine once and for all the effects of this technology on people who live close to these turbines.  After Wayne Spring’s contribution to the windfarm debate, we can no longer dispute the evidence that living too close to these facilities can be harmful”.

Too many families in this district are being hammered by infrasound and or low frequency noise and vibration from AGL’s turbines, whether it be Oaklands Hill wind farm at Glenthompson, or Macarthur.

With the number of new turbines proposed in south-west Victoria this carnage will escalate dramatically as turbines become bigger, resulting in greater dangerous acoustic emissions.

This is a very serious public health issue, which is being ignored by government and authorities at all levels, whilst large companies such as AGL and others, demonstrate reckless disregard for people’s health and wellbeing, continuing to benefit handsomely from a form of heavily taxpayer subsidized power generation, which cannot supply base load power, that is, power on demand.

PENSHURST, Victoria 

Annie Gardner: an AGL victim who will not be silenced.


About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Anne L. Fairfield says:

    I’m ready this timely article in the Niagara Peninsula, Ontario Canada, just outside our city of Hamilton. We are surrounded by 5 IWT’s averaging 1 km. in distance, the closest being 640 m. They are Vestas 1.9 MW, but create all the same problems for us. Just last night I went to bed, but it was like a ship being tossed in a storm, on my way to seasickness. In the morning it is different — vertigo — I have to sit on the bed for 5 minutes to stabilize until attempting to stand. Tinnitus 24/7 doesn’t help. I am going to give this article to every Doctor I know who does not believe these symptoms are caused by IWT’s. Our Wind Action Group collected enough money to buy our own equipment to measure full spectrum noise to prove our concerns — to an Ontario government that has insulated itself in legislation that only recognizes dBA readings (The Green Energy Act 2009). So we will lean on the Ministry of Health, provincially and federally. The Science has been here for decades, but, who cares?

  2. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Dr Spring is someone everyone should admire as a person with an ethic that outshines many others in his profession as well as others who claim to know more than those who have had direct contact with people suffering adverse health effects from living in a toxic environment not of their choosing.
    Annie sums up the situation with great clarity even though she is so badly affected by these torturous machines. Annie like so many others did not bring this trouble on her self she did not seek out to be attacked in her own home, she did not ask to have her lefe turned upside down.
    It was all brought into her home, life and environment by greedy self serving companies who had the backing and support from ideologically challenged fools, with some having no other reason to support these assaults than wanting to have their names in print and their twisted views acclaimed.
    Dr Spring I applaud you for your strength to come out and embarrass some of your colleagues who have sat silent allowing this disgraceful situation to continue.
    Dr Spring like Dr Sarah Laurie you deserve our heartfelt thanks for what you have and are doing to ensure a light is shined on the disgraceful behaviour of those who deride and down play the agony of those suffering from adverse effects of these manmade machines that are allowed to be installed without any proof they are safe and do no harm.
    Hopefully more will find the strength to speak out and that those who should be looking after our welfare will come to accept their responsibility and stop further onslaught on the lives of others who are facing the destruction of their lives and livelihoods as well as the environments they cherish.
    Thank you to all those who speak out and keep the message of the dangers these things pose in public view.

  3. swan101 says:

    Reblogged this on UPPER SONACHAN WIND FARM.

  4. Neil van Dokkum says:

    Reblogged this on The Law is my Oyster and commented:
    More ammunition for those families intending to sue wind farms who have ruined their lives.

  5. Terry Conn says:

    Well done, again, Annie Gardner and well done Dr. Spring – he now needs all the referring doctors and other specialists to speak up as well – otherwise he will just be labelled a crank as other lone wolves have been.

  6. It amazes me all of these very educated people are speaking about sleep deprivation being real because of Low Frequency Noise, but it appears the Medical Practitioners etc know better.
    Walk 9 years in my shoes and mine is caused by a coal mine or industry.

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