Australia’s Runaway Renewables Policy to Cost $Billions

**** Competitive structure best way to rein in costs The Australian Barry FitzGerald 20 August 2014 IT is a touch ironic that it has taken the abolition of the carbon tax to highlight just what a pernicious bit of work it was. More than even Tony Abbott’s labelling of it as a big, bad tax. […]

European Governments Rip Up Wind Power Contracts

**** In recent weeks there has been a cacophony of wind industry rent-seeker bleating. Turbine makers, like America’s GE have been running hard in the press touting the “merits” of retaining the mandatory Renewable Energy Target – a scheme that will see $50 billion added to Australian power bills and directed to wind power outfits […]

Angus Taylor: Community Backlash Brewing Over ACT Wind Farm Plan

*** Canberra’s costly carbon follies outdo even the Danes The Australian Angus Taylor 1 August 2014 AUSTRALIANS are learning the hard way that moral vanity comes at a high price. After many years of climate policy chaos, we know that most people want some action on climate change but they don’t want to waste money […]

More Australian Wind Power “FAILS”

**** Renewables in the doldrums The Australian Graham Lloyd 2 August 2014 A spell of calm weather exposes a fatal flaw in the case for wind power FOR Australia’s multi-billion-dollar renewable energy industry, marooned in the doldrums of investment uncertainty, the big calm before the renewable energy target review storm came last week. For two […]

Maurice Newman: NSW’s “Green” Dreaming is Nuts

**** California dreaming is nuts in NSW The Australian Maurice Newman 30 July 2014 There will be national fallout from our biggest state’s clean energy stance   NSW Environment Minister Rob Stokes told a Clean Energy Week forum last week, “We are making NSW No 1 in energy and environmental policy.” He added: “When it comes […]

Henry Ergas: the Mandatory RET Must Go Now

Greenhouse follies must end The Australian Henry Ergas 28 July 2014 Abbott must get rid of ineffective policies that hurt the economy THE carbon tax may have gone, but the players have not moved on. For the Greens, its resurrection is only a matter of time. Labor, ever reluctant to face realities, pretends to maintain […]

Nick Cater: the Mandatory RET the Greatest Rort of All Time

Hostages to a renewable ruse The Australian Nick Cater 29 July 2014 The Abbott bashers are unwittingly siding with crafty merchant bankers. THE power couple. If there is a sound more pitiable than the whine of a pious environmental activist, it is the wail of a ­financier about to do his dough. The mournful chorus […]

When the Wind Doesn’t Blow…NO POWER!

Terry McCran writes about the stupidity of intermittent power output from wind farms in Australia looking at July 21. Truth is July 22 was worse. When the wind doesn’t blow, the power doesn’t switch on Terry McCrann Herald Sun 22 July 2014 ON Monday, all the wind farms in Southern Australia, all the hundreds of […]

Jennifer Westacott: Time to End Poorly-Designed Energy Policy

Jennifer Westacott is the chief executive of the Business Council of Australia and has extensive policy experience in both the public and private sectors. She has occupied critical leadership positions in the New South Wales and Victorian governments. This weekend she wrote in The Australian about the devastating impact of poorly-designed energy policy on businesses and energy consumers – and the necessity […]

Senator Chris Back: Time to Kill the Mandatory RET

**** WA Liberal Senator, Chris Back launched a stinging attack on the wind industry during a speech in the Federal Senate, yesterday. Responding to a cacophony of wind industry rent seeker bleating, Chris has smashed headlong into three of the wind industry’s greatest myths. The first is that any alteration to the mandatory Renewable Energy […]