More facts about Wind turbines and rare earths

**** You will remember our earlier stories on the use of rare earths in wind turbines  (here and here), and how the demand for these materials is causing environmental havoc in China. **** Your ‘too-friendly’ neighbourhood wind developer has probably said that there are no rare earths used in wind turbines – well now you can […]

Who put the “Clean” in “Clean” Energy Council?

**** Australia’s peak wind weasel lobby group is called the “Clean Energy Council”. After watching this video, STT is not exactly sure why these boys can claim to be backing a “clean” form of energy at all? In fact, we think they’re either abusing the English language beyond what it can ordinarily suffer – or […]

Grubby little secrets #1

There are so many aspects of the wind industry that its supporters would prefer you not to know. The inefficiency of turbines, their harm to the environment, the scandalous ways wind farm companies operate, the need for back-up generation, the traumatic impact on local communities etc. Here are a couple more. Both reports appeared earlier […]