What’s Wrong with the Green New Deal? We’ll Start With the Economics

It took Americans a generation to become energy self-sufficient, but the Democrats will start destroying all that as soon as Joe Biden gets the keys to the White House.

The Democrat’s Green New Deal was cooked up by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ed Markey, the kind of know-it-all socialists who can destroy economic prosperity without raising a sweat.

Joe Biden may well simply be a mouthpiece for the lunatic left within his party, however his deputy Kamala Harris is no stranger to the subsidised renewable scam.

What this lot have in store for the USA will inevitably make energy unaffordable for all but a handful of their elite buddies. Businesses and whole industries will head offshore and American manufacturing will die a slow, but certain death.

Anyone looking for an insight into what Kamala Harris is all about, need look no further than Michael Shellenberger’s Apocalypse Never.

His chapter on what Governors Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom did to wreck California’s reliable and affordable power supply (and line their pockets along the way) is gobsmacking – and cynical corruption doesn’t cover it.

And Kamala Harris as Attorney-General was front and centre, helping to prevent federal investigators get to grips on what Brown, Newsom and a bunch of their crony capitalists mates were up to. Shellenberger’s book is worth the ticket price just for the revelations about Brown, Newsom, Harris & Co.

Here’s a taste of what Harris & Co have in store for the USA.

America’s Energy Supply and the Green New Deal
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Myron Ebell
18 December 2020

In 2019, New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Massachusetts Senator and fellow progressive Ed Markey introduced the Green New Deal, a Back-to-the-Dark-Ages manifesto that seeks to regulate how we light, heat, and cool our homes, how much energy we are allowed to use, and even which vehicles we can drive.

With progressives back in power in Washington, it’s more important than ever for Americans to learn about the effects their heavy-handed regulations may have on our pocketbooks and, more broadly, our way of life.

CEI is launching a new video series that asks: What’s Wrong with the Green New Deal?

The second, and most recently released, video in the series examines America’s energy supply, and what would happen if the Green New Deal mandates America phase out of coal, oil, and natural gas.


The shale revolution is one of America’s greatest accomplishments. In just a few decades U.S. industries pioneered the economical extraction of oil and gas from the pores of rock and made America the world’s leading producer of energy today. According to one study, the shale revolution saves U.S. consumers, $203 billion annually or $2,500 for a family of four. American energy is more abundant and affordable than ever before, but some lawmakers want another energy revolution. One that would make energy increasingly scarce, costly, and unreliable.

Through political mandates, draconian regulations and trillion dollar subsidies, they want to rapidly phase out the production and use of coal, oil and natural gas, which supplies 80% of America’s energy. Originally proposed in 2019, the Green New Deal has found new support among progressives in Washington. Just one component of the Green New Deal, meeting a hundred percent of U.S. power demand through renewable and zero emission sources, would cost rate payers and tax payers, an estimated $490 billion annually.

Another Green New Deal mandate for increased energy efficiency in buildings and homes, would cost an estimated $42,000 per household. Implementing the Green New Deal energy agenda would cost the average household tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Few Americans have any desire to incur such burdens for an unproven energy scheme. That may be why all senators who sponsored the Green New Deal voted present rather than yes when it came up for a vote. The shale revolution has made America the world’s leading producer of oil and gas, surpassing both Russia and Saudi Arabia. Costly centralised planning under the Green New Deal would take American energy back to the dark ages. There couldn’t be a worst time to impose burdensome energy mandates on Americans, still recovering from the pandemic. The Green New Deal is a recipe for economic disaster.

2 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with the Green New Deal? We’ll Start With the Economics

  1. With more and more RICHER nations jumping on the bandwagon to electrify their societies, those rich nations are experiencing high costs for their electricity like Germany, Australia, California and soon to be the UK.

    The poorer nations cannot afford expensive electricity and rely on coal fired power plants for affordable and reliable electricity.

    Here is the most important fact about today’s environmental movement:

    The United States of America, the largest economy in the history of mankind, representing 4 percent of the world’s population (330 million vs 7.8 billion) could literally shut down, and cease to exist, and the opposite of what you have been told and believe will take place. Simply put, in the United States, every person, animal, or anything that causes emissions to harmfully rise could vanish off the face of the earth; or even die off, and global emissions will still explode in the coming years and decades ahead over the population and economic growth of China, India, and Africa.

    1. For a first to third world perspective, may I suggest reading Washington Bullets 2020 by Vijay Prashad and his more encompassing earlier book The Darker Nations.
      There is also The Wealth of Some Nations 2019 by Zak Cope. They show which way the $s flow. As 1st, 3rd world peoples, are we there yet?

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