Turbine Terror: Truckers Face Life & Death Transporting Giant 60m Wind Turbine Blades

With wind turbine blades pushing 60 metres (197 feet) and weighing in at up to 20 tonnes, those that transport them for a living are dicing with death, on a daily basis.

So far, the wind industry has clocked up 195 fatalities: 122 were wind industry and direct support workers (divers, construction, maintenance, engineers, etc), or small turbine owner/operators and 73 were public fatalities, including workers not directly dependent on the wind industry (eg transport workers). Hundreds of workers have been seriously injured, including transport and construction workers.

The sort of event that places them in mortal peril includes runaway blades during the construction process, as depicted above at French wind power outfit, Engie’s Willogoleche wind farm, Hallett SA.

Here’s another life-and-death moment brought to you by the wind industry, this time the turbine terror takes place in Turkey.

Truck Carrying Huge Blade Of A Newly-built Wind Turbine Overturns In Turkey
Republic World
Vishal Tiwari
7 December 2019

A truck in Turkey carrying a gigantic wind turbine blade fell on to its side while it was trying to make a turn on the highway, and the video of the incident has gone viral on social media. In the video, the truck is seen making the turn at an extremely slow speed. But as it makes the turn, the rear part of the truck tilts and falls over to the side, which causes the turbine to gradually tilt and causes the whole truck to fall on to its side. The incident was captured by an onlooker who was watching the truck.

According to Turkish media, the incident took place in Kandira district and the driver of the truck escaped unharmed. The video of the accident was captured by onlookers who later shared it on social media. The turbine was reportedly part of the new win project in the district and the company building involved in the project had done extensive research on how to move it to the site.

The video of the accident is grabbing headlines in Turkey as special shortcuts and modified trucks were created for the movement of the turbine but yet the company failed to do it efficiently. The accident caused a blockage of the road for around an hour. A huge crane was brought to help remove the blade from the road.
Republic World

Fun and games on the German Autobahn.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Peter Pronczak says:

    Those who understand know the safest place to hide something is in plain sight.
    Prior to the disappearance of the detailed information of the 2009 BP Solar factory fire in Bürstadt, Germany that had to be let burn out spreading carcinogens over the city, interesting pages come across are immediately saved.
    BP Solar did a runner just as James Hardie Industries in AU ran off with the asbestos compensation fund. Even the victims of the Bhopal, India Union Carbide disaster of December 1984 have had little compensation even the chairman Warren Anderson (found in 2002 living in luxury) didn’t even get a slap on the wrist and kids in 1999 were playing on the toxic site, and likely still are.
    There was initially a warrant for Anderson’s extradition from the US, both the US and India have no longer bothered about it. Although there is a petition by ordinary folk and calls for him to be tried, like most others he’s home free.

    It raises the question of how many people have to be killed and maimed before someone like the International Court of Justice has the gumption to take action against criminal atrocities.

    Anyone who doesn’t believe in conspiracies is either a fool or part of it. So the WWF-Green Malthusian agenda is doing its long term job.
    Ordinary folk can’t imagine what evil does exist and governments’ hand in hand RE industry with also some sections of the media secrecy is despicable.

    In light of the Caithness Windfarm Information, road users should be notified of turbine blade movement in advance so the choice of route roulette can be decided in advance.
    With bigger turbines being planned the situation can only get worse. And when it does rain here the current requirement of four cranes to erect one turbine on level ground, will cause massive erosion.
    But RE zealots are too busy saving the planet to see what’s in front of their noses.

    All the information on solar panels is so contradictory that even the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services give a run-around as to a definitive answer if a paneled house fire would be fought. Saying only that the attending Firies should be told if panels are present, but continue to be evasive under the condition of no-one home or panels being situated out of view.
    Only South Australia believes it safe to fight paneled house fires with water, but SA is in a crazy state situation.
    The online general consensus seems to be let it burn even if it spreads to adjoining paneled properties. As long as it doesn’t go over the general insurance legal liability amount of $20 million she’ll be right, but insurance companies usually give themselves some wriggle room.

    As our east coast fires have been burning since September it’s going to be difficult to give them a short name, the “Forever fires” perhaps may be apt.
    Some reports say the smoke over Sydney is equivalent to smoking 100 cigarettes a day. Anyone being near such smoke knows it pervades clothing, so Firies and others who drop their next to useless paper mask to take a ‘breather’ are going to suffer the long term effects. Although uncomfortable front line troops should have proper cartridge filter masks at a minimum.

    The RAAF has Hercules sitting on the ground doing nothing that regularly have to be flown keeping them operational. A bladder in these large aircraft flying in relay would go a long way to controlling fires. But the Green desired forest undergrowth will probably continue the fires until everything is burned and as many as possible are exposed to toxic fumes.

    Now that the Prime Minister has returned to reassure everyone that everything possible is being done, the subject has changed to compensating volunteers for financial loss; so there it is again money at the root, and of course, the number of people superfluous to requirements.

    New Years Eve fireworks will take everyone’s minds off the present problems. Sydney’s should be spectacular with more tonnes every year and anyone wanting to call it off are just sad-sack spoil sports. Even the cricketers played in the smoke, can’t say better than that.

  2. If commercial greenhouses strive for increased CO2 maybe that is where that false narrative of “greenhouse gasses” originated, that greenhouses “trap heat because of CO2 concentrations” and bla bla bla “we are doomed” but if that is so that argument ignores that it’s the GLASS, a solid material, that traps heat, not the air, and certainly not any of the air and especially not any air that even at higher levels of 1000ppm is still a mere 1 part per 1,000 parts! Air is subject to convection and in the atmosphere is always cooled and heated by sources WE CANNOT CONTROL by any means and air in the concentrations of 1 part per 1,000 parts at even these high levels DOES NOTHING. Earth is not a greenhouse. Show me the glass! Does a greenhouse get warmer because of CO2 concentrations? No. Prove me wrong? It’s the RADIATION and the glass trapping heat. Even the plants themselves generate some warmth like humans so similarly the more plants thriving the more heat in ever so small amounts. There are no blankets in the sky. If anyone has one please send it to me so I can donate it to the poor, a pure carbon dioxide blanket.

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  4. We build this crap instead of making sure everyone has a home, then those who invest and profit from these “greater good” inventions hoard more homes. Then they take trips and stay at vacation rental homes that are pulled from normal rental market making the problem worse. At Chevelon Canyon where sPower owned by AES Corporation which is also ruining Hawaii with these things, there is no electricity for those on the ground. There are hundreds of large properties that are not developed yet there are high power lines above no one can connect into while they plan hundreds of millions of $ project to tap into those lines. AZCC recently approved GEN-TIE that would connect 175 turbines to the grid so it can both generate power (usable?) and BURN UP ENERGY made by other renewables, throwing this chaotic power it occasionally makes into the grid, sending it elsewhere, even Los Angeles. Maybe the farms there will burn some of it up. It will ruin the region. If the “public good” was really the priority we would be bringing in localized power to properties which would spur investment in developing homes and business long and short term, thus really help solve some existential threats to humanity right in front of us, not this climate crap where 1 part per 2,500 parts of movable carbon/oxygen AIR cannot do anything.

    • Yes Horsepower higher CO2 concentrations are likely to be beneficial to the biosphere including humans. Commercial greenhouse managers strive to keep CO2 above 1000ppm to improve plant growth and submariners regularly work in 5000 ppm plus CO2 levels with no detrimental physiological effects, including cognitive function.

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