Hometown Hellraisers: Self-Incinerating Wind Turbines Prove Perfect Wildfire-Starters

An out-of-control wildfire is a terrifying experience. Self-incinerating wind turbines have joined arsonists and lightning strikes as the cause of that terror.

Whereas lightning is an unavoidable natural occurrence and arsonists live in fear of being caught and punished, the wind power outfits that spear giant industrial wind turbines into rural tinderboxes have no qualms about setting the world on fire. And the perfectly avoidable risk they create is just as obvious as the serial arsonist (often the local fire fighter turned pyromaniac).

The number of wildfires sparked by these things grows by the day. Contrary to their ‘super-safe’, ‘clean’, ‘green’ image, giant industrial wind turbines are the perfect incendiary device.

Around the world, hundreds have exploded into in palls of smoke and balls of flame – in the process – each one raining molten metal and over 1,000 litres of flaming gear oil and hydraulic fluid (see our post here) and burning plastic earthwards.

Wind turbine fires are ten times more common than the wind industry and its parasites claim (see our post here and check out this website: http://turbinesonfire.org).

The wind industry has been forced to concede that at least 4 bushfires were started by wind turbines in Australia, so far:

  • Ten Mile Lagoon in Western Australia in the mid-1990s;
  • Lake Bonney, Millicent (SA) in January 2006 (see the photo below);
  • Cathedral Rocks Wind Farm, Port Lincoln (SA) in February 2009 (see The Advertiser article below); and
  • Starfish Hill (SA) in November 2010 (see this link for more detail).

With more and even larger wind turbines being speared into Australia’s rural communities, catastrophic bushfires are inevitable.

Here’s just the latest conflagration to help you rest easy during the next burst of extreme fire danger weather.

This time it’s the good folk of County Durham in the North-East of England who’ve got a taste of what a wind powered future looks like.

Wind turbine blaze sparks more than 90 calls to fire service as flames rise from propellers
Hartlepool Mail
Fiona Thompson
28 September 2019

More than 90 calls have been made to County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service reporting the blaze off Swainston Lane, near High Swainston Farm, off Hartlepool Road off the A689, between the A19 and Sedgefield.


The service sent a crew from Newton Aycliffe to the scene initially before a crew from Peterlee took over.

Firefighters are keeping a watch on the incident, allowing the fire to go out of its own accord, and watching for the blades to fall from the remains of the turbine.

The service has shared a video of the fire as flames rose from the top of the propellers.

A spokesperson said: “Green Watch Control on duty tonight having taken over from Blues.

“We have received over 90 calls to a wind turbine on fire, near High Swainston, just of the A689, Wynyard.

“One Fire appliance is still in attendance and the fire is being allowed to burn out under supervision.”
Hartlepool Mail

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Jackie Rovensky says:

    When I read the article about the turbine fire in the UK, I had a chuckle, could they do anything BUT leave it to burn itself out!
    Just think what it would take to put even just one of the giants they are now installing in Australia and elsewhere out ~ Then if that one caused others to light up ~ it won’t be ‘allowing’ it/them to burn themselves out , especially if it happened during summer with a wind blowing, it will be trying to put out an extremely dangerous bushfire that threatens lives and property.
    Just another aspect of this industries ,”special treatment” provided by incompetent and bullheaded governments which ensures ural communities can sleep soundly at night knowing they are helping to save the world from imminent destruction!!!!

  2. Son of a goat says:

    It would seem the rent seekers have cast their nostrils to the wind and have sniffed a thin vapor of “Green Hydrogen” in the air.
    Unfortunately it would seem to have the delusional effects of smoking a bong or three if the following article is anything to go by.


    These boys seem to think they are Rocky Balboa, just when you think they are finished, they come back for more.
    First there was the proposed 600Mw “Ceres” wind farm at a paltry $2 billion followed by the 2000Mw proposal for Australia’s first offshore wind farm “Star of the South” at $8 billion.
    But why mess around with chicken feed when you can develop a 5000Mw renewables wonderland in the middle of nowhere,throw in a bit of water and electrolysis and hey presto we have some hydrogen to theoretically power our buses, trucks and ships,
    all this for a cool $25 billion.

    The day I drive my semi load of barley passed the operating Ceres wind farm on my way to the Pt Giles silos, in a truck powered by hydrogen, is the day I will kiss their hairy arses.

    • Yes, SOAG, it’s like the boys from Spinal Tap and the Marshall amp that goes up to 11. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.

    • “Renewable hydrogen is being touted as an ideal replacement fuel for fossil fuels including gas and liquid-fuels, as it is storable, useable as a heating and transport fuel and capable of being produced using renewable electricity by electrolysis.”

      What a load of BS, if it was created by fossil fuels it would be plain old hydrogen but this newer version is renewable so the woke amongst us are falling over themselves to endorse it what a F&^%$KING joke.

      Hydrogen is not storable compress it and it leaks through the walls of the cylinder, you can freeze to minus 253C but that comes at a cost, the best way we have found to store it is combined with carbon forming long strings of hydrocarbons, us common folk refer to this as petrol.

      So we get energy from wind and solar (and gen set when they dont work) to split H2O into H and O2, we then take the H and store it in containers sealed with unicorn farts and this is supposed to be financially viable…..give me a break. I can smell a subsidy scam from way over here in Adelaide, the losses in energy transfer will be humungus enough with this stupidity.

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  4. Lake George fire was also denied by developers .,,

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