‘Green’ Energy Guinea Pigs: Why Wind Turbine Noise Victims Suffer Sleep Deprivation & Worse

The German government got caught destroying data showing residents exposed to dangerous levels of wind turbine infrasound.

In the USA, wind farm neighbours are exposed to precisely the same soul-destroying cacophony; a mix of thumping, pulsing (‘amplitude modulated’) low-frequency noise and infrasound.

Evidence proving the unnecessary harm done to wind farm neighbours by wind turbine noise mounts by the day: Germany’s Max Planck Institute has identified sub-audible infrasound as the cause of stress, sleep disruption and more (see our post here); and a Swedish group have shown that it’s the pulsing nature of low-frequency wind turbine noise  (‘amplitude modulation’) that is responsible for sleep problems in those forced to live with it (see our post here).

The obvious connection between exposure to low-frequency wind turbine noise and infrasound and health problems (such as sleep deprivation and cardiovascular disease), is something the wind industry has been attempting to cover up, since the very beginning.

In Chautauqua County (Upstate New York), a group of health professionals led by nurse, Evan Davis are deeply troubled by the fact that wind farm neighbours are being treated like unwilling guinea pigs. Relying on a growing number of consistent reports from badly affected locals and backed by a wealth of quality scientific research, Davis recently gave evidence to the Villenova Town Board.

Ailments in Arkwright circle back to turbines
Observer Today
Roy Harvey
5 October 2019

It often takes medical science a long time to recognize a fully documented problem. For example, as early as 1954, x-rays were known to produce cancer in newborns whose mothers were x-rayed.

Research scientist Alice Stewart’s extensive documentation of the correlation between X-rays and infant cancer was finally published in Lancet in 1956, but the medical establishment rebuffed it for another 25 years.

“It wasn’t until 1980 that the American medical organizations recommend that the practice be abandoned.” That story is told in Margaret Heffernan’s 2011 book, “Willful Blindness (Why We Ignore the Obvious at Our Peril).” Heffernan’s next book could well document the health and ecological disaster from industrial wind turbines.

Registered nurse Evan Davis, a Villenova resident, has called attention to an increasing number of idiopathic illnesses in Arkwright: a disease cluster. Wikipedia defines a disease cluster “an unusually high incidence of a particular disease or disorder occurring in close proximity in terms of both time and geography. Typically, when clusters are recognized, they are reported to public health departments in the local area. If clusters are of sufficient size and importance, they may be re-evaluated as “outbreaks.”

In his recent testimony to the Villenova Town Board, Evan Davis said: “In the months following the Arkwright wind project (activated Sept. 8, 2018) we’ve had a major increase in referrals with idiopathic vestibular issues, syncope, migraine, seizures, and strokes.”


Davis is a case manager for a home care agency who sees patients throughout northern Chautauqua County. “We don’t have solid evidence to show direct correlation, but there’s definitely been an increase in referrals and health concerns in the Arkwright area related to these windmills.”

“I’m seeing in a lot of elderly patients what’s known as syncope or sudden loss of consciousness, in some cases related to cardiovascular. Other cases, again, idiopathic: can’t prove a reason.

But the coincidence of all this happening within three to six months of the windmills going in seems too much of a coincidence to me,” nurse Davis said in an interview (see ‘Chautauqua Updates’ on YouTube). “We’re seeing a lot of referrals in other areas, physical, occupational therapy. Many related to musculoskeletal movement issues, as I mentioned: speech, sleep disturbance, insomnia. … The World Health Organization did a study on people around the windmills and found higher levels of stress cortisol, which relates to higher incidents of depression, among other physiological symptoms.”

It’s not like this sort of information has not been available to the medical world. Dr. Nina Pierpont, Ph.D. and resident of Adirondacks area of New York, identified the many symptoms produced by industrial wind turbines in many professional papers as well as her 2009 book, “Wind Turbine Syndrome.” For years she documented cases of low frequency noise and infrasound illness that followed the introduction of wind turbines near her. People’s only recourse was to move out, sell if possible, abandon otherwise.

In his recent testimony before state Sen. Robert Ortt’s public health presentation in Buffalo on Sept. 10, acoustician Robert W. Rand (ASC, INCE) emphasized “Distance has proven to be the only reliable noise control option available for wind turbines so far. In most places there isn’t enough distance to avoid impacts.” Rand suggested four to 12 miles from residents

Chautauqua nurse Davis was surprised at how quickly the negative health effects occur, and how quickly they can be resolved: “we can see health effects in a relatively short period of time. In the case of wind turbines, symptoms present themselves over a several-week period.” He continues, “I had a patient not too far from here (who) suffered from severe dizziness, nausea and vomiting, 24 hours a day. (Physicians) tried everything they could to figure out what was causing it. There’s a procedure called an epley maneuver. It’s done by physical therapists to try to realign (inner ear) ossicles … nothing worked. Patient went on a trip; tried to get away, clear her mind. Got away from the windmills, symptoms went away; comes back home, they come back, within the day.”

“This is a controlled lab experiment where you can test on rats. We’re live subjects, and they’re experimenting on us in the real world. … If even there were just a small glimmer of something that would have an adverse effect, wouldn’t the state, wouldn’t public officials, elected officials of a town or county — they have a civic duty, even more so than a health care provider, they have a civic duty to the people and residents, to make sure that they’re safe. Why would they put monetary gains above the health of the citizens? It’s un-American.”
Observer Today

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Safe Distance from turbines is not something that can be a fixed setting. It depends on so many factors including turbine height and output capacity, also we are not all the same, some will be affected by the amp modulation causing physical adverse medical effects others the continual noise of turning blades will drive them to distraction, maybe even the dust and or pollutants thrown around by the turbine blades could cause health issues. Some could be adversley affected by a combination of things.
    Then a
    Of course you have the physical. Location – overlooking homes. Etc from a hill or mountain, in a forest or across a water way such as a lake. Such things could contribute to adverse effects.
    These industral sized turbines are not toys, they are massive and getting bigger in greater numbers and capacity machine and should be considered by everyone the same as an industral factory – the same as any industral factory. They are no more benign than an old coal plant prior to controls being. Each idividual turbine should be considered as a danger to health and th e environment. Each project with multilple turbines should be assessed as a proposal to establish a heavy industry precinct, in a clean rural area not an industral one set far from residental properties.

  2. Richard Mann says:

    October, 17 ,2019

    Registered nurse Evan Davis,

    Dear Evan,
    Hello from Waterloo, Ontario Canada.

    Thank you for your video.
    You join a growing number of “whistle blowers”, citizens and professionals alike, who see health harm and are speaking out.

    For information on infra sound and low frequency noise (ILFN), including that from Industrial Wind turbines, please see this presentation by Mariana Alves-Pereira at University of Waterloo on September 12, 2019.
    Note; there is approx 2 mins of dead air at the beginning. The talk is ~50 minutes, followed by a long Q&A.

    If you would like further information on Industrial Wind Turbines in Ontario, please visit my web page,


    Richard Mann
    University of Waterloo
    Waterloo Ontario

  3. Thank you Evan Davis for the courage it took to report the increase in evidence of harm from industrial scale wind turbines, that were sited too close to peoples’ homes. Your passionate rage about the lies you were told is absolutely warranted.

    • When we have Public Health Directors like Daniel Stapleton also speaking out-

      -there is hope that more people of conscience will follow.

  4. Excellent question…”Why would they put monetary gains above the health of the citizens? ”
    It’s supposed to be un- American and un-Canadian as well and yet this is exactly what has happened and why the harm to innocent men, women and children continues. This harm is both cumulative and irreversible and people are being told to get away from their homes to protect themselves! This is outrageous!

  5. This is hardly “un-American” the industrialized world has worked this way since the beginning. It’s about $ flowing freely into portfolios and pensions first and foremost. This is why Trump and the Republicans MUST CONTINUE TO BE VOTED IN as the Democrati are all about trashing the countryside with wind turbines and solar so they can keep making more of your $ energy flow to them. At least with the Republican party their heads are not in the clouds though they too profit as Wall Street just looks at cash flow. All of these renewable energy schemes waste energy, they use energy from the grid, they are dependent on your green $ energy to be built and function. The most ludicrous part of this scheme is how the elite behind these have convinced the public that .0004th of the atmosphere is a blanket that “traps heat”. For those who subscribe to this wack-a-theory please send me your carbon dioxide blankets that will cover .0004th of your body so I can send them the homeless for the coming winter. Let’s see how warm they stay with air covering their body for warmth or you can send me bottles of sparkling water and I will hand them out to the homeless and they can open them up and let that carbon dioxide bubble head air cover .0004th of their body as a blanket that “gets stuck there”. CLIMATE CHANGE IS A PUKE GREEN LIE. https://imovies.com/why_do_people_want_to_control_cl.html

  6. Terry Conn says:

    Yes, ‘un-American, un-Australian and in-humane’ and so on it goes. Before I die I really want to see this injustice righted – keep up the good fight everybody.

  7. Reblogged this on ajmarciniak.

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