Merry Christmas to Stop These Things’ Followers & Happy Sixth Birthday to STT

Merry Christmas and Season’s Greetings to all of our dedicated band of followers, all around the World.

And it’s Happy Birthday to STT: Boxing Day 2018 marks 6 years of giving an embattled wind industry and its dwindling band of parasites and spruikers hell.

We’ve clocked over 2.8 million views and given our loyal readers 2,240 posts – which spell out – in clear and simple terms – the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time: wind power.

We keep picking up dedicated followers – more than 32,000 so far, from all corners of the globe, including a bunch of canny Scots, Canadians, Americans, English, Welsh, Irish, Cornish, Finns, Danes, Germans, Greeks, South Africans and plenty from Downunder.

Those that watch us include lots of political staffers and journos. STT’s posts are a staple diet for plenty of Liberal, National and Cross-Bench Senators, and their staffers, who have been using it as a trusted reference tool for their speeches, media releases etc for years now.

Then there are our legion of loyal followers in rural communities all over the Globe.

Pro-farming (REAL farming, that is), pro-community and pro-real power groups are better informed and organised, and more vocal and hostile, than ever before.

STT would like to think that we’ve helped these dedicated individuals and groups a little, by providing them with the kind of factual ammunition that cuts directly across the treachery, lies and deceit – which are the tools-in-trade for the wind industry, its goons and parasites.

STT was set up as a sanctuary, where the people who have been tragically impacted by – or who are fighting the threat of – giant industrial wind turbines can speak openly and freely – and without fear of vilification or ridicule. And that’s something we have no intention of changing any time soon. This site is and will remain a troll free zone.

We think compassion and empathy far greater virtues than that odious form of self-righteous condescension, which is the trademark of virtue signalling zealots, the world over.

Whatever “social licence” the wind industry might have had – wherever in the world they ply their despicable, subsidy-soaked trade – disappeared long ago.

The bullying and threats used by wind power outfits and their stooges doesn’t cut it any more. These days, the town halls – where wind scammers “consult” communities – are filled with people equipped with the real facts: which means they aren’t about to be fooled by set-piece lines, from former second-hand car salesmen, about thousands of local jobs, “free” wind power and new fire trucks.

Looks like the noes have it (again and again)!


In short, the wind industry – the product of nothing but lies and subsidies – lost the battle for hearts and minds in the bush (well, wherever it goes, really) – and, once lost, these hearts will never be regained.

STT thanks its loyal band of followers

We know that you are using STT to help spread the message. But that message is delivered with the help of our thousands of followers and supporters.

So, we say thanks to our many operatives here and around the Globe. People who keep us abreast of happenings in their various theatres of war. Plenty of what we do is based on what our growing band of STT Champions sends us, so please keep the Tweets, Facebook posts, comments and emails coming in 2019.

Once reasonable people are introduced to the facts about the insane costs of intermittent and unreliable wind power they cease to support it.

South Australia, Denmark and Germany sit at the top of retail-power-price-league-table for one reason, and one reason only: an utterly unhinged obsession with nature’s ‘wonder fuels’ – sunshine and breezes.

When they learn of the senseless slaughter of millions of birds and bats, and the tragic suffering caused to hard working rural people by giant industrial wind turbines, reasonable people start to bristle.

But, when they learn that – contrary to the ONLY “justification” for the $billions filched from power consumer and taxpayers and directed as perpetual subsidies to wind power outfits – wind power INCREASES CO2 emissions in the electricity sector – rather than decreasing them, as claimed – any remaining support for the wind industry tends to evaporate like snow in Summer.

In our travels we’ve met plenty of people that started out in favour of wind power and turned against it. But we’ve yet to meet anyone who started out opposed to wind power, who later became a supporter. Funny about that.

Hard-working, decent, rural people throughout the world keep fighting back – out to obtain sensible energy policies that support growth, development and vibrant, prosperous rural communities.

These are entirely reasonable people who have tumbled to the fact that they have been lined up as “road-kill” by their political betters to suffer the consequences of a policy built around an insanely expensive, utterly unreliable, intermittent power source – that can only survive on a raft of massive subsidies; kills millions of birds and bats; destroys communities; drives people from their homes; and otherwise makes life misery for thousands around the world.

These people are out to smash a “policy” that – in a few years time, when it all inevitably collapses – will be revealed for what it is: an enormous government-backed Ponzi scheme, the foundations for which are greed and stupidity; and the “justification” for which can only be described as a circus of the bizarre.

We’re not here to debate the wind industry – we’re here to destroy it!

The events of 2018 have included crushing blows to the wind industry and its (would be) ‘champions’.

In South Australia, where its wind power driven pricing and supply calamity, has turned the once prosperous and industrious state into an International laughing stock (see above), leaving the wind cult looking more desperate and ridiculous by the day. For all the talk about renewables being popular with the proletariat, SA’s wind and solar obsessed Premier, Jay Weatherill was given the boot in March. His last-ditch effort to hold power cost South Australian taxpayers hundreds of millions, with very little to show for it: SA Labor Government’s Wind Power Obsession Generates Crippling $815m Bill for Taxpayers

Tormented by wind turbine noise for years, a group of Victorian farmers have launched Supreme Court action seeking $millions in damages: Victorian Vengeance: Neighbours Launch $Multi-Million Noise Nuisance Law Suit Against Wind Farm Operator & Local Council

Malcolm Turnbull committed political Hara-Kiri with his brazen push to double subsidies to wind and solar via his version of the National Energy Guarantee. The NEG was being pitched as a policy that would slash Australian retail power bills, notwithstanding that it effectively increases the current annual Renewable Energy Target (currently 33,000 GWh for wind and large-scale solar) from around 25% of electricity demand, to a figure in excess of 42%; all meant to be satisfied by wind and solar – and a few mythical mega-batteries and water pumped uphill – aka Turnbull’s ‘Snowy 2.0’.

A group of 10 Liberal and National MPs (soon known as the ‘rebels’) thought otherwise and, keen to restore reliable and affordable power to all Australians gave Turnbull the boot: Turnbull Trounced: RE Obsessed PM Ditched Over Ludicrous Plan to Double-Up on Subsidised Wind & Solar

The NEG is now Labor policy, and includes a 45% CO2 emissions reduction target, ie a great big ‘carbon’ tax of the kind that allowed Tony Abbott to flog Labor in 2013.

And as the delusional Daniel Andrews (Labor Premier Victoria) threatens to spear thousands of these things across his state, furious locals are manning the barricades to prevent the disaster that is South Australia becoming their very own: Victoria Erupts: Furious Mob Rejects Premier Dan Andrew’s Insane Wind Power Push

With those events in mind, STT can probably afford to take our foot off the pedal for a while: the wind industry appears well and truly capable of destroying itself, without any more intervention from us!

As 2018 draws to a close, STT is going box up our festive loot, put our boots up and rest on our laurels for a bit.

But while we take a little break, we’ve pulled together a dozen of our posts – one from each month – as a reminder of what’s been achieved during 2018 and what must be done from here on.

JanuaryAustralia Closes Coal-Fired Power Plants: Hospitals Forced to Cut Power Use & Power Prices Rocket

Australia’s ‘inevitable transition’ to nature’s ‘wonder fuels’, the wind and sun is looking more like a transition to the Third World.

Rocketing power prices have seen tens of thousands of Australian families cut from the grid, no longer able to afford power at all.

And power ‘rationing’ of the kind one might expect in North Korea, Cuba or the USSR of old has beset a country which once enjoyed the cheapest power on earth; thanks to the winning combination of abundant reserves of coal and gas and politicians with their feet on the ground rather than their heads in the clouds. Although they don’t call it rationing, it’s called ‘demand management’.

FebruaryRenewables Reckoning: Power Prices Double in Wind ‘Powered’ South Australia & Victoria, in Just 12 Months

One inevitable consequence of shackling your economy to intermittent and heavily subsidised wind and solar power is rocketing power prices. Another is routine load shedding (controlled blackouts) and statewide blackouts (when the grid manager completely loses control). All of those consequences are playing out in wind powered South Australia and its neighbouring state, Victoria. SA’s wind and solar push came thanks to its Labor government and Victoria under Labor is gripped by the same suicidal obsession.

Mass load shedding events in Victoria last summer drew attention to the debacle among the proletariat. But it’s watching power prices double, and double again, that really incenses the masses. That fact, as transparent as it is inevitable, is what irks renewables zealots most.

Comparing 2016 (red) and 2017 (blue) average
wholesale prices ($per MWh) of electricity by state


MarchHow Germany’s Renewable Energy Obsession Led to Rocketing Power Prices & Daily Blackouts

Germany’s obsession with sunshine and breezes, has cost it dearly: rocketing power prices and routine blackouts are now dished up daily in Deutschland. However, you’d never know it, if it was down to the mainstream media here.

Germany has been long the poster child for renewables zealots in Australia, who keep telling us that the transition to an all renewables future is just a heartbeat away. And a gullible and naïve press has religiously followed suit, with the same fawning narrative.

STT relies on Germans on the ground, including NoTricksZone, which collects German language media and does a pretty fair job translating it to English for general consumption. For some reason, the posts that STT does on the German debacle collect hits in the many thousands from our followers across the globe.

The post linked above is a very good summary of how Germany has ended up with power prices, close to the highest in the world (right up there with wind ‘powered’ South Australia), and a grid on the brink of collapse.

AprilHype-Power: Renewables Zealots’ Claims that SA’s Mega-Battery Saves Grid Pure Bunkum

With Australia’s renewable energy crisis running totally out of control, whenever you hear the word ‘battery’ you know you’re being conned.

Pumping power into and then taking it out of a battery results in inevitable exchange losses, power gets chewed up during that process and is dissipated as heat energy. And then there’s the enormous capital cost of the battery: SA’s 100 MW tiddler cost taxpayers $150 million. Even if renewable electricity delivered from batteries were available, retailers would be paying north of $600 per MWh to get it. The true cost of battery storage is astronomical and its ability to provide affordable power is a nonsense.

May‘Green’ Energy’s Poisonous Legacy: Millions of Toxic Turbine Blades Destined for African Landfills

Environmentalists of the kind lovingly called ‘tree huggers’ (rather than wind turbine worshippers) are finally cottoning on to the fact that the wind industry is anything but the ‘clean, green’ energy source its proponents claim it to be.

Real eco-warriors aren’t happy to bury inconvenient wind industry facts, instead, they’re furious at the fact that what the wind industry is actually burying millions of tons of toxic waste, among a list of other environmental sins.

Wind turbines don’t run on wind, they run on subsidies: cut the subsidies and once these things inevitably grind to a halt, they’ll never be replaced.

JuneOntario Ousts Renewables Obsessed Government: Wind Power Subsidies ‘Gone With The Wynne’

One modern myth is that political annihilation awaits any government devoted to reliable and affordable power.

The meme has it that 100% of voters are 100% in favour of 100% renewable energy.

They just might be. But, when faced with load-sheddingstatewide blackouts and rocketing power prices, their purported fervour for nature’s wonder fuels tends to wane.

South Australian voters relegated its wind and solar obsessed Labor government to the political dustbin, in March this year. Then Premier, Jay Weatherill went to the election promising to deliver on a ludicrous 75% RET.

In June, Ontario’s similarly embattled households and businesses did the same.

JulyUS Courts Ordering Wind Power Operators to Buy Out Noise-Affected Neighbours at Market Rates

Life next to industrial wind turbines is a living hell for all too many rural residents. Practically incessant turbine-generated low-frequency noise and infra-sound drives neighbours nuts, preventing them from sleeping in – and otherwise enjoying the comforts of – their very own homes.

An Australian Court found long-term exposure to wind turbine noise to be a pathway to disease: Australian Court Finds Wind Turbine Noise Exposure a ‘Pathway to Disease’: Waubra Foundation Vindicated

And that decision only adds to the wind industry’s greatest fear that, one day soon, the unvarnished law will be applied in favour of their thousands of victims.

Applying the long-standing rule that a man’s home is his castle, US Judges are bringing the hammer down in a growing list of cases, where the wind industry is finally being forced to properly compensate their victims for the very substantial losses suffered.

AugustGermany’s Renewable Energy Disaster – Part 1: Wind & Solar Deemed ‘Technological Failures’

Germany’s wind and solar experiment has failed: the so-called ‘Energiewende’ (energy transition) has turned into an insanely costly debacle.

German power prices have rocketed; blackouts and load shedding are the norm; and idyllic rural communities are now industrial wastelands (see below).

Hundreds of billions of euros have been squandered on subsidies to wind and solar, all in an effort to reduce carbon dioxide gas emissions. However, that objective has failed too: CO2 emissions continue to rise.

Over four posts, STT covered the causes and consequences of Germany’s renewable energy disaster. Part 1 is linked above. The others in the series are linked here: Part 2Part 3Part 4

The work which we reproduced was done by Vernunftkraft, a group of German energy experts, engineers and technicians. Their full study is available to be downloaded in PDF here.

SeptemberMortal Enemy: New Energy Minister – Angus Taylor Spells Doom for Subsidised Wind & Solar

If Australia has any hope of delivering reliable and affordable electricity to all Australians, it rests on the shoulders of the Federal Energy Minister, Angus Taylor. Taylor’s elevation to that role in September this year sent wind and solar profiteers and other members of the climate industrial complex into fits of apoplexy.

The wind and solar industries are built on lies and fuelled by subsidies. Taylor is alive to the former and focused on ending the latter.

The very mention of Angus Taylor drives renewable energy rent seekers wild. One reason could be that STT dubbed him The Enforcer when he first hit the political stage back in September 2013?

Rhodes scholar, with degrees in law and economics and a head for figures, Taylor has been given the unenviable task of unscrambling Australia’s energy egg.

A hodgepodge of State and Federal rules and regulations that have perverted the electricity market, coupled up with mandated Federal government subsidies to wind and large-scale solar (worth more than $3 billion a year) have left Australians paying among the highest power prices in the world (its wind power capital, South Australia suffers the highest, bar none).

Worse still, over the last decade $billions have been thrown at intermittent capacity, at the expense of the ‘fair dinkum stuff’. The resulting lack of reserve generation capacity threatens to send the entire Eastern Grid black this coming summer. A situation that Taylor appears keen to correct.

OctoberFull-Steam Ahead: China & Japan Snub Intermittent Wind & Solar to Build Hundreds of New-Age Coal-Fired Plants

One hackneyed myth propounded by RE zealots is that China is well on its way to an all wind and sun powered future. The reality differs.

Instead of worshipping nature’s wonder fuels, China is flat out building hundreds of high-efficiency, low-emissions coal-fired plant, in a concerted effort to drag itself out of the grinding agrarian poverty which, not so long ago, gripped the country fast.

If costly and chaotic wind and solar were ever in favour in the People’s Republic, they’ve clearly fallen out of favour now.

Where Mao and his Red Army drove the Communist revolution, it’s coal-fired power that’s driving China today, and for generations to come.

Chinese energy planners have realised they cannot relinquish coal as a major power source for the foreseeable future. The country remains highly dependent on coal, with coal sources accounting for roughly 73 per cent of China’s electricity production in 2014, according to World Bank numbers. Instead of abandoning coal, China is developing cleaner and higher-efficiency coal plants – and, as a boon to its plan for greater regional influence, aims to export the technology abroad.

NovemberColossal Cover-up: German Government Suppresses Damning Wind Turbine Noise Evidence

The German government has been caught erasing data that shows residents are exposed to levels of wind turbine infrasound dangerous to health.

Not for the first time and not for the last time is a government complicit in causing wholesale harm to its citizens. No country went harder or faster than Germany when it came to the rollout of industrial wind. And no government has more to lose, as residents react to the contempt that’s been dished out to them on a daily basis, for nearly 20 years.

The World Health Organization’s declaration that wind turbine noise is a serious health hazard, is a liability bombshell for developers and governments, alike.

No longer can wind power outfits and those that make a living running propaganda for them claim that ‘there’s nothing to see here, move on.’ The wind industry’s victims – mocked and denigrated for years – have been vindicated. Now comes the vengeance. Litigation is already on foot in Victoria, with more claims to follow.

Apparently alive to the threat of litigation – that will cost it hundreds of €millions – the German government is simply destroying the evidence. Evidence of the kind that will be used against it by thousands of rural residents seeking compensation for their wholly unnecessary pain and suffering and the loss of the use and enjoyment of their homes.

DecemberIowa Farmers Claim Brilliant Victory: Judge Orders Immediate Destruction of Illegal Wind Turbines

For too long the wind industry has owned the game. Now, increasingly furious communities are fighting back and they are winning.

Driven nuts by noise and shadow flicker, neighbours are no longer prepared to act as doormats or roadkill for a subsidy-soaked industry run by liars, frauds and sociopaths.

A group of farmers from Iowa have tackled the wind power outfit responsible for their daily torment. And they have won: with a judge finding that the three turbines in question were erected without the proper permits and, accordingly, ordering their immediate destruction.

STT went about this work for our Country – not for any reward – save knowing that our efforts might help spare thousands from the misery of living with incessant, turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound – as well as helping to obtain an energy policy that works for families and businesses – not against them – as current energy policy clearly is.

Thanks for your support – together – we will prevail.

STT hopes you all have a great Christmas and that you’re all ready to take it up to them in 2019. We are! But, for now, we’re heading bush to put our boots up for a while.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. And a Guid New Year to you.
    Lang may yer lum reek. (Seems appropriate)
    Thanks for all your efforts and perseverence.

  2. Sadly, certainly not dwindling in this area, and NSW generally.

    Another concern is that overseas wind farm proponents, as well as purchasing large swathes of land, are buying into local real estate/businesses. A takeover by wealth and stealth.

    Our local run down hall at Bannister was purchased by the proponents of the Gullen Range Wind Farm, Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy (BJCE), and given to the local (divided – Charley and I remain on the outer due to our determined and continued opposition) community in an attempt to buy support. Now, of course, BJCE representatives attend community functions eg 2018 Bannister Christmas Party as part of Bannister community. There is no escaping their sly penetration into our local (and beyond) society.

  3. Keep up the excellent work STT – you are an inspiration to those of us who are still able to think.

  4. Son of a goat says:

    They seek them here
    They seek them there
    They seek STT everywhere
    Them rent seekers and zealots are in despair
    For them bald bastards have lost their hair.

  5. Sara Brown says:

    My hat off to STT you deserve a standing ovation. Thank you for being a shoulder to lean on and learn from, for forming the community we have and giving each other the strength to carry on against this whole racket. We are not against renewables, we simply seek fit for purpose. We are not climate deniers or NIMBY’s or any other derogatory name they label us with. We simply care. We care for our land, our fauna and flora, our way of life. Mostly we care about community. We stand for the little guy or gal that big corporations think can muscle in on and use and abuse in the name of corporate greed. I am forever thankful for the amazing people I have met through this cause and I look forward to fighting the good fight in 2019. STT take a well deserved break, recharge and renew your zeal and I look forward to your posts in 2019. You truly are awesome and words are not enough to thank you for all you have done.

  6. Reblogged this on ajmarciniak.

  7. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019.

  8. Take care and have a wonderful Christmas.

  9. As a group of the canny Scots you mention, STT, we would like to thank you for all your hard work during the year and to wish you a very Happy Christmas, a good rest which you thoroughly deserve, and a 2019 which will hopefully see some sanity come about on the subject of energy.

  10. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year STT.

    And Happy Birthday too!

    Thank you for all of your efforts in 2018.

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