‘Transition’ to Wind & Solar Sends German Power Prices Into Orbit: 328,000 Families Chopped from Grid

A deluded band of eco-Nazis keep telling us that rocketing power prices and unstable grids are just minor ‘teething problems’ on our way to an inevitable ‘transition’ to a brave new world run entirely on sunshine and breezes.

The trouble is that with every turn of this Blue Planet the inevitable consequences of their obsession with bluster and sunbeams are laid bare for all to see.

Australia’s wind power capital, South Australia is the punchline in an ongoing international joke about what happens when an entire economy attempts to run on nature’s ‘wonder fuels’, the sun and wind.

But rocketing power prices and rickety grids caused by an idiotic reliance on intermittent renewables aren’t confined to SA.

No country went harder or faster in its obsessive push to ‘transition’ to wind and solar than Germany. And, just like South Australia, the results are an unmitigated disaster.

In just 12 months during 2016 more than 300,000 German families have had their power cut off, joining some 800,000 German households who can no longer afford power.

As power prices continue to rocket, millions of Germans are now facing the disgrace of living in energy poverty. You could call it a ‘transition’ …. to the Dark Ages…

328,000 German Poor Households Saw Electricity Switched Off in 2016 …Millions More Threatened!
No Tricks Zone
Pierre Gosselin
27 December 2017

Germany’s energy poverty is about to get worse, as poor people are threatened with being put out in the cold by the country’s green energies.

Electricity prices “higher than they have ever been”

German news weekly Stern here reports that “electricity prices will rise further at the start of the year” and that “there is no relief in sight with electricity prices”.

According to the Verivox-consumer price index, the price of electricity for a “representative household” with three persons and an annual consumption of 4000 kilowatt-hours was 28.20 euro-cents per kilowatt-hour in 2017, some 0.77 cents more than a year earlier, Stern reports. “At the end of the current year power was never so expensive.”

On January 1, 2018, the mean price will rise to 28.44 cents a kilowatt-hour.

German electricity prices are among the world’s highest, and are in large part directly due to the country’s shoddily executed Energiewende (transition to renewable energies) and EEG feed-in act, which mandates that highly unstable, inefficient and expensive wind and solar energy be forced-fed into the power grid in place of fossil-fuel generated electricity.

The rising prices of German electricity are another blow to lower income families and the poor. Meanwhile rich land and property owners who have the luxury of leasing the space for installing wind and solar systems are making money by the fistful. Social critics have called the scheme “the biggest transfer of wealth from bottom to top ever.

328,000 saw their power cut off in 2016

Citing the German Grid Agency, German aid organization Caritas here reports of 328,000 “carried out power disconnections” and over 6 million threatened power service cut-offs in 2016.

In cooperation with the ZEW (Centre for European Economics), Caritas determined in a survey that it is poor households who are the hardest hit.
No Tricks Zone

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Peter Pronczak says:

    Just goes to show how much of the truth is being kept from the public everywhere by the mainstream media, governments & their fascist financial masters.
    Germans don’t know how much of their electricity comes from French nuclear plants & the ‘greenies’ who do know, don’t want to talk about it.
    That’s privatisation of necessary public utilities, for you;) along with the public’s right to know, that the 4th Estate salutes.

    But things will be better when Prince Philip comes back as a wished for virus to cull the human herd.
    Is it any wonder the Queen has rip-off pay-day loan companies in tax havens, both applauded & used by our PM Turnbull.
    Ask yourself, what’s got 5 eyes & 2 faces?

    Would it be fair trade or less hypocritical, to keep & burn our coal, saving electricity costs & RET subsidy, rather than exporting it for others to burn & profit from?

    I think a 60s song chorus was burn, burn, burn, or maybe, turn, turn, turn, doesn’t matter, it’s all spin.

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