Wind Farm Developer Turns Family’s Water Supply to Muddy Sludge

While some might consider turning water into wine a miracle of biblical proportions, for the wind industry turning a muddy sludge into aqua pura, is all in a day’s ‘work’ – and, for these highly skilled conjurers, the kind of feat that barely raises a sweat.

But, then again, this is an industry practiced in the art of turning pure fiction into ostensible ‘truth’.

Here’s just another example of the kind of ‘miracles’, for which the wind industry has won world renown.

Wind Project Manager Calls Water ‘Visually Clear’
Blackburn News
Sarah Cowan
8 August 2017

A North Kent Wind Project manager referred to a family’s water as “visually clear” in a press release, despite tests and photos that show otherwise (see above and below).

Senior Manager of Development Jody Law says the Ministry of Environment (MOE) notified him of Paul and Jessica Brooks’ complaint on Monday.

Paul and Jessica Brooks live on Brook Line in North Kent and say they have been experiencing a plugged water pump from nearby wind tower pile driving.

Aecom, the engineering consultant behind the wind project, scheduled a site visit to sample the family’s water on Wednesday. According to Law, the tests show no issues.

“The sample was visually clear and colorless with no visible sediment. We have requested expedited analysis from the lab but, at this point, there is no empirical evidence of an issue,” says Law.

However, Water Wells First spokesperson Kevin Jakubec points out that a Ministry of Environment provincial officer made a visit to the home on Tuesday and found drastically different results.

According to Jakubec, the test results from the MOE show extremely high turbidity levels at 86.8 NTU. The Ontario Drinking Water Standard’s objective turbidity level is 5.0 NTU.

To meet conditions of the wind project’s permit, Pattern Development delivered a 2,000 gallon water tank from Ingersoll to the Brooks residence on Saturday.

“He said that there is no empirical evidence of an issue. I think the delivery of a water tank is recognition of an issue. Given that Mr. Law is the project manager, you’d hope he would know what is going on with this project,” says Jakubec.

Jakubec adds the project permit ensures that families, like the Brooks, who complain that their well has been affected by the turbines, do not have to pay for the costs of the investigation or water tanks.

Paul and Jessica Brooks demand that North Kent Wind executive Jody Law issues a full apology and retraction of his press release.

Pattern Development has scheduled another meeting with the Brooks family on Tuesday to further review the water situation.
Blackburn News

Jessica Brooks waiting for another wind industry ‘miracle’…

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Do you have a survey of this areas underground water

  2. Jackie Rovensky says:

    The danger of disturbing peoples wells or bores that they rely on for home consumption or even for stock is something that needs to be addressed everywhere these companies desire to impose turbines on anyone.
    The Ceres Project proposed for the Yorke Pen. in south Australia is one where something like this could be disastrous, but do authorities care – of course not – they are puppets of the Government who are themselves puppets of the companies and a defunct and odious ideology.
    ANY drilling, boring or disturbance in areas where aquifers and ground water are predominantly in use should never be allowed.

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