Japanese Pyro Saga: Wind Turbine Explodes in Fireball at Nuclear Power Plant

STT followers might have twigged to our sense of irony which, on the odd occasion, drifts all the way to sarcasm.

Sometimes a wry line requires considered imagination. But, other times, this stuff literally writes itself.

This saga from Saga in Japan is almost too funny for words.

Anti-nuke scaremongers rave on about the purported dangers of nuclear power, all the while pumping up the ‘clean, green’ credentials of their beloved wind turbines.

Anyone with the temerity to point to some of the obvious dangers of these things is either forced to wash their mouth out with soap or called a right wing fu@*wit.

To the wind power propagandists that determined to locate a giant wind turbine right next to a nuclear power plant, their strategy must have seemed like a stroke of genius, at the time.

However, the tendency of these things to self-immolate without warning has left them more than just a little red-faced.

Here’s how a ‘brilliant’ marketing strategy turned into a pyromaniac Saga.

Wind turbine catches fire in shadow of Saga nuclear plant
The Asahi Shimbun
22 August 2017

KARATSU, Saga Prefecture – A 60-meter-high wind turbine near a nuclear power plant in northern Kyushu caught fire on Aug. 21, posing difficulties for fire-fighting efforts from the danger of falling parts.

A resident reported the blaze at the Kushizaki wind-generating power plant in an emergency phone call at around 2:55 p.m. One of the turbine blades and the connecting area around the base of the blades caught fire, according to Saga prefectural police and fire department officials.

The blaze was confirmed extinguished at around 6:50 a.m. of Aug. 22. No injuries were reported.

A fire department spokesperson said firefighters were unable to shoot water at the flames due to the fear of falling debris.

An official of Tokyo-based JFE Engineering Corp. said the wind turbine is operated by one of its affiliated companies. JFE Engineering said the cause of the fire is under investigation.

The Kushizaki plant in the city’s Chinzeimachikushi district is located about 700 to 800 meters from the Kyushu Electric Power Co.’s Genkai nuclear power plant in Genkai in the same prefecture across the sea.

The wind-generating power plant, with a full output capacity of 1,980 kilowatts, started generating electricity in April 2004. Power produced from the plant has been sold to Kyushu Electric.

The wind turbine, made of iron, consists of three 40-meter-long rotor blades made of resin, according to JFE Engineering.
The Asahi Shimbun

9 thoughts on “Japanese Pyro Saga: Wind Turbine Explodes in Fireball at Nuclear Power Plant

  1. Nearby residents are the unrecognised, often belittled and disrespected observers and reporters of what is happening across our lands and on site at rural wind plants.
    We are force fed this industry through our purse strings and with statements along the line that wind energy is the ‘technology of the future’; with newer, ‘modern day turbines’ and brief images of wind farms in movies and television; and scale models of turbines or images on the desk of a Premier; these are all used to sell an idea that wind turbines and its industry are socially acceptable and modern day saviours.
    Why then with all this brilliant modern-day technology and do-gooding is it the responsibility of the neighbours to report emergency situations at wind farms? Observations and complaints of strange sounds and sensations neighbours also report seem to be responded to solely with statements that ‘the wind turbines (and farm) operates to parameters’. How then do these fires occur if turbines are operated within parameters? How then does turbine sound disrupt sleep and the quiet of the countryside?
    In emergency situations the response is to let the turbine burn itself to bits. …And in turn to also blast and socially condemn the neighbours, despite their useful observations. This renewable regime and it’s advertised perfection is flawed. Wind energy is an unwanted imposition on many neighbours denied the opportunity to protest and is imposed on every person connected to the electricity grid or not. Makes no difference to hopeful outcomes, of resolution or the provision of real clean, green energy, not while the cost of these useless, burning blades and this flawed energy system is being forced onto the wider community in energy taxes through political compulsion. We have seen enough burning images, heard enough ideology, enough about jobs, jobs, jobs. and had enough of turbines which fail again and again.

  2. Just a minor hiccup, “move along, move along, nothing to see here” goes the familiar PC message of our mainstream media. But can you imagine had there been even the merest wisp of smoke from the nuclear plant in the background then that same media, ably assisted by the green prophets of doom would be hysterical.
    Recall the Fukushima tsunami tragedy which claimed around 16,000 lives? Given the way the PC MSM hyped the associated nuclear reactor accident for weeks, one could be forgiven for thinking it had actually caused the death toll rather than the tsunami. The truth being of course, the nuclear accident killed no one!

  3. Take 90,000 lbs. of highly flammable epoxy resins, add 80 gallons of combustible oil, place it in close proximity to 2 million watts of electricity, then suspend 200 ft. in the air where high winds would accelerate a conflagration. What could possibly go wrong?

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