‘Deer Wind Developer, We Hate You, With a Burning Passion. Yours, the Deerhunter’ ..


Wild game camera captures community defender out to
en’deer’ himself with local wind developer, David Blittersdorf.


Linguistic pedants might wish to take issue with the apparent misspelling, appearing in the title above. However, the choice of “deer” rather than “dear” was a deliberate little wordplay on the subject matter of today’s post.

STT has reported on a variety of steps taken by community defenders around the globe:

Angry Wind Farm Victims Pull the Trigger: Turbines Shot-Up in Montana and Victoria

Communities Fight Back & Set the Wind Industry on Fire

Community Defenders Down MET Mast in Donegal, Ireland

Whether it’s spanners, bolt cutters, matches, or high powered rifles, these fits of perfectly understandable anger are all directed at an industry equipped with the moral fibre of Judas Iscariot; and the same ‘respect’ for property rights held by infamous Mongol marauder, Genghis Khan.

And it seems that the range of efforts used by those set upon by the wind industry, are only limited by human imagination.

However, this particular effort probably owes more than just a little nod to Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘The Godfather’; or maybe Michael Cimino’s ‘The Deerhunter’?

Deer head left on wind developer’s property seen as warning
Vermont Digger
Elizabeth Hewitt
2 November 2015

Police made a grisly discovery last week outside the gate of an Irasburg property belonging to a prominent wind developer — the head of a doe, apparently recently severed and delivered by night.

The grim parcel may mark a new chapter in a fierce debate over wind and solar projects in the Northeast Kingdom. But opponents of renewable energy developments say they had nothing to do with it.

David Blittersdorf, president of AllEarth Renewables, was at his home in Charlotte on Tuesday evening when he received an email notification from a cellular equipped game camera set up at the entrance to a 250-acre property he owns in Irasburg.

The infrared camera captured a fuzzy, black and white image of a figure holding something.

Blittersdorf called the Vermont State Police, worried the individual was going to vandalize a cabin located on the property. It is the same property where he hopes to install two 500-foot wind towers.

When police responded, they found no damage to the cabin, but they did discover the deer head at the gate, which is set back a few hundred feet from the public road.

Blittersdorf says the message is clear.

“I think this was put there for symbolism,” Blittersdorf said. “I saw the movie ‘The Godfather,’ what they did with the horse’s head. I think it’s a form of intimidation to see if I will stop doing the wind farm.”

Irasburg residents have strongly opposed Blittersdorf’s plan to build two turbines on the Kidder Hill property. Last month, residents voted 274-9 against the plan in a nonbinding vote at a community meeting, VPR reported.

Scott Waterman of the Vermont State Police confirmed Monday that there is a case open regarding the incident on Blittersdorf’s property. Blittersdorf reported that the game warden will be examining the deer head, to see if it may have been illegally poached.

Vince Illuzzi, a former Orleans County senator, described the incident as “disconcerting.” Illuzzi heard from Blittersdorf last week, when the developer was calling around to ensure that the incident was investigated.

(Illuzzi is also the state’s attorney in Essex County, but would not have any role in prosecuting the incident, which took place in Orleans County.)

While the deer head may not constitute grounds for a criminal case, Illuzzi said, the incident is a troubling development in the regional debate about installing wind turbines in the area.

“I think you can draw a pretty strong inference that this was placed there by one of the opponents of the project,” Illuzzi said.

Tensions in the Northeast Kingdom are running hot over the renewable energy projects proposed by Blittersdorf and others. Opposition sentiments are “pretty strong,” Illuzzi said. But Illuzzi voiced concerns that the incident last week took the opposition too far.

“You fight it on the facts and on the law, but not on intimidation and veiled threats,” Illuzzi said.

Annette Smith, who heads Vermonters for a Clean Environment, said that she has not seen any evidence that links the cervine head to wind opponents.

“Somebody left a deer head on David Blittersdorf’s property,” Smith said. “I have no basis to respond to anything else.”

Smith, a vocal opponent of Blittersdorf’s Irasburg project and other renewable energy ventures in the Northeast Kingdom, questioned the photographs that Blittersdorf shared with news outlets. The date in the lower right corner reads March 3, 2013.

Blittersdorf responded that date is incorrect because the date on the camera was never set. He provided images of troopers arriving on the scene also dated from 2013.

Meanwhile, Smith said she does not advocate violence or illegal activity in protesting energy developments in the Northeast Kingdom.

“The idea that whatever happened was the result of activities by people who oppose his projects are simply absurd and insulting,” Smith said.

Like Blittersdorf, Smith noted that there has been an escalation of rhetoric around the wind projects in recent months. In her view, however, the escalation has been on the part of Blittersdorf and others who favor the development.

In September, Smith received a notice from Blittersdorf’s attorney notifying her that she and members of Vermonters for a Clean Environment are “forbidden from entering any property owned by Mr. Blittersdorf.”

Smith read the action as “clearly an effort at intimidation.”

Blittersdorf denied that he had made any effort to “amp up” the rhetoric recently, and he said that he was prompted to send the letter after people had trespassed on his properties in numerous towns.

Meanwhile, Blittersdorf said that while he found the deer head disturbing, it would not have any bearing on his commitment to renewable energy.

“I truly believe we must have wind power and solar power renewables for our future, and I think really what’s happening is a resistance to change and folks don’t understand the realities of where we are in the world,” Blittersdorf said.
Vermont Digger


His enemies weren’t just ‘horsing’ around.
They were out to deliver a serious message.


Well, well. A wind farm developer feeling “intimidated”. Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

Blittersdorf, and his ilk, couldn’t care less whether their neighbours are driven mad by incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound; couldn’t care less whether they’re driven out of their homes; and couldn’t care less whether they’re driven to bankruptcy, with homes and properties worth either a fraction of their true market value or unsaleable and worth nothing at all.

The sanctimonious bunkum pouring from the developer’s political ‘pet’, Vince Illuzzi and the local constabulary – that places a ruthless, hard-nosed wind industry front man, like Blittersdorf in the role of a Mother Teresa like ‘victim’ of “threats and intimidation” – had STT in stitches.

This is the same class of accomplished thugs and liars that sued diminutive young mother, Eshter Wrightman for having the temerity to call, in a fitting play on words, American wind power outfit NextEra, “NextTerror”:

Ontario lass – Esther Wrightman – gives “courage” a new name

And, that in New South Wales, had goons from Trustpower and Epuron manhandling a 79 year-old-pensioner and a disabled farmer, in order to stomp on runaway community hostility to their proposed Rye Park disaster:

Wind Industry Belting its ‘Message’ Home: Trustpower’s Thugs Assault 79-Year-Old Pensioner & Disabled Farmer

And, also in NSW, saw Australia’s most notorious wind power outfit, Infigen threatening and bullying unwilling turbine hosts, in an effort to keep its threatened Flyers Creek project from collapsing:

Unwilling Turbine Hosts Tell Senate: Australia’s Most Notorious Wind Power Outfit – Infigen – a Team of Bullies, Liars & Thugs

We could go on, but we’ve made our point.

The entry level requirement for those that people the wind industry is a Masters Degree in Sociopathy, with Honours in Bare-Faced Lying; although Blittersdorf appears to hold a well-earned PhD, on both counts.

What the ‘Deerhunter’ was out to protect, with his bloody theatrics, was his hard-fought and won common law property rights: namely, the right to own, sleep, live in and otherwise enjoy his family’s home.

What drives people like the ‘Deerhunter’, is not only the callous disregard for people and their property rights, exhibited by the likes of Blittersdorf, it’s the institutional corruption; that not only condones blatant property theft, but actively encourages it.

That people like Blittersdorf can even attempt to justify destroying people’s lives and livelihoods via media outlets, is a sad indictment on how pliant and gullible journalists have become.

To allow Blittersdorf the final word on an issue affecting much wider interests (say, hundreds of those threatened by his plans?), demonstrates woefully lazy journalism (at best).

However, to allow him to skip off, totally unchallenged and unscathed, to propound the complete fantasy that “we must have wind power and solar power renewables for our future”; and that this somehow represents the “realities of the world” smacks of blatant journalistic bias.

As 2015 draws to a close, any journalist capable of conjuring up a few relevant search terms, and popping them into Google, ought to be aware that if wind power is to be our “future”, then that future is going to feature an awful lot of candlelit, cold baked bean dinners:

Wind Industry’s Armageddon: Wind Farm Output Collapse Leaves 110,000 South Australian Homes & Businesses Powerless

Another Wind Power Collapse has Britain Scrambling to Keep its Lights On (Again)

Whether the Deerhunter knew it or not, he was not just protecting his family’s health, wealth and happiness; by default, actions like his are going to protect all of his compatriots from a very dark and dismal future.


Another ‘Deerhunter’ in action …

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. When will they listen to the people of the world……
    How many must revolt by the only means available to ordinary folk, to stop the turbine killing machines. Gotta love a long-range rifle!

    Let the Revolution begin.

    Stand UP people, Stand up for what you believe in, even if You Stand Alone!


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