Ontario lass – Esther Wrightman – gives “courage” a new name

In our post “Astroturfing” – how the real pros do it” we looked at how spin masters like yesMinister.org and the Clean Energy Council “shape the wind farm debate” – and the techniques these boys use to “overwhelm” those nasty negative thoughts ordinary simple folk might develop towards giant industrial wind turbines, if nature was left to run its course.


What’s not to like?


In that post we linked to a video in which the story of how Next Era – a “swell” bunch of lads from Florida, US – have launched a trumped up law suit to CRUSH Ontario lass, Esther Wrightman – who had the unmitigated temerity to oppose the wind scammer’s plans to completely overrun her patch of paradise with giant industrial wind turbines.

STT posed a “Pepsi Challenge” to the spin masters to watch the video with the people they are paid to impress with the wonders of wind – and then see if they can OVERWHELM those nasty negative thoughts that just might pop into their malleable little heads.

Here’s the video on the approach taken by Next Era to Esther’s efforts to save her home and community. Be WARNED – you may experience one or more NEGATIVE thoughts about wind turbines and/or wind farm developers.

And here’s a video of Esther talking about what it’s like to wake up in a world dominated by ruthless corporate attorneys and where the public agenda is “shaped” by a squad of highly paid propaganda merchants.

esther wrightman

Esther Wrightman – GUILTY – of doing nothing more than protecting her brood.


Next Era was clearly outraged that this monstrous CLIMATE CHANGE DENIER (she must be, because only “deniers” oppose warm, wonderful wind turbines, right?) might challenge its plans to plonk hundreds of giant fans in her backyard and next to her kids’ school.

Why on earth would Esther be so worried about giant fans flapping around next to her children’s seat of learning?


Now, children, pay attention – today we will be using the colouring-in
books sent by Infigen. Let’s all start with the picture of
“Windy – the Wonderfully Safe Turbine”.


Not content with lying – as a way of life – it seems the next phase in big wind’s crusade to bleed power consumers and taxpayers dry – by covering the entire planet with giant fans – is to stomp on anyone who so much as hints that these boys mightn’t be playing fair.

Herr Hitler’s propaganda Minster, Joseph Goebbels would have given Next Era’s “methods” the big Nazi “thumbs-up”.


You do realise, we wrote the
wind industry “playbook”?

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. There are many “Esthers” in this world and are all worthy of being called an INSPIRATION for freedom fighters everywhere. Nexterror gas created a PR nightmare and hopefully will never recover from their disgusting attack on this Lady!

  2. This good woman lives only a bit away from where we are also fighting these giant turbines.

    Your website is now added to my watch list.


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