Scottish Council Demands Copy of Noise Report for Non-Compliant Wind Farm & Its Operator Predictably Runs for Cover


Not noble, but a strategy, just the same …


One of the slickest moves wind weasels ever made was to have their team write the so-called “wind farm noise guidelines” – which deliberately exclude all reference to the real bane of wind farm neighbours – incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound:

Wind Turbine Infrasound: What Drives Wind Farm Neighbours to Despair

Three Decades of Wind Industry Deception: A Chronology of a Global Conspiracy of Silence and Subterfuge

And the next slickest was to write the planning ‘rules’ – designed to have the operators themselves cook up the so-called “compliance data”, which they then hand over to the gullible country bumpkins that work on local Councils; untrained dimwits who simply accept whatever’s dropped on their dreary little desks, by the operator’s highly-paid, pet acoustic consultants.


Le Renard & Co, at your service …


Some might liken it to handing over security detail at your backyard hen-house to ‘Le Renard & Co’.

That wind power outfits might pull just one or two punches in their obvious commercial interest, might come as a shock to some. However, the same malevolent approach to the manufacture of helpful ‘evidence’ – and the deliberate concealment of the unhelpful stuff – has been adopted all around the globe.

In Australia, Spanish wind conquistadors, Acciona have been turning in fabricated noise data, ever since its Waubra wind farm kicked into gear in 2010.

The operator knows full well that it cannot, and will never, comply with the noise conditions of its planning consent; so does the local Council and the Victorian Planning Department – all of which are sitting on a damming document prepared by an independent consultant, Heggies – which they steadfastly refuse to hand over to their dozens of victims, for obvious reasons:

Victorian Planning Department involved in Waubra Wind Farm Non-Compliance Cover Up

The same ‘method’ has been applied to two other Victorian public health disasters: Macarthur and Cape Bridgewater.

Here’s more of the same from the Highlands of Scotland.

Angus Council may pull plug on Ark Hill windfarm
The Courier
Graham Brown
5 September 2015

Angus planners are on the brink of instigating enforcement action against the operators of the district’s largest windfarm.

The patience of council chiefs is running out over a demand for a noise monitoring report for the eight-turbine Ark Hill windfarm, near Glamis, where the 266-foot structures have been operational since spring of 2012.

A deadline of Friday was set for operators Green Cat Renewables to give an update on the noise monitoring report previously requested by the authority last November.

Residents in the area around the Strathmore site have complained about turbine noise since the windfarm became operational and they said the company was “giving Angus Council the run around”.

Following crunch council discussions within the past week, concerned residents were told that the close of business on Friday was set as the deadline for the operators to give a firm indication of when they plan to submit the monitoring report, or face enforcement action.

The ultimate sanction available to the council is to shut down the windfarm.

One resident said: “These problems have gone on since the turbines went up and they affect our lives, our pets and livestock in the fields around Ark Hill.

“There are so many things which can make a difference to the noise from the turbines, and quite often it is when there is little or no wind.

“People in the area suffering health problems are starting to link them to the windfarm and yet all this time we are still waiting on this noise report.

“The council are not at fault here, they have asked Green Cat for the report and it has not been produced — they are being given the run around.

“No-one can say that there’s not a problem here and it needs to be sorted.”

A council spokesperson said: “Angus Council understands that the wind turbine operator has completed noise monitoring and data gathering at the site and is in the process of preparing a finalised report.

“We have requested a clear timescale for the submission of that report and hope to have clarity on the matter shortly.”

Green Cat Renewables were contacted but made no comment.
The Courier

What? A non-compliant wind farm’s operator running for cover? Who ever heard of such a thing?

Wind Industry RUNS & HIDES as World Wakes Up to the Great Wind Power Fraud

The fact that wind weasels and inconvenient truths are unlikely to appear on the same stage anytime soon, is – these days – pretty much common knowledge – as the following comments to the article above attest.


Green Cat has been dragging its feet for months producing the monitoring report. What have they got to hide?

If anyone has any doubts about the excessive noise visit the site and listen for yourselves.

Disgraceful behaviour from this company.

A public apology from Green Cat would be appropriate. While residents suffer – some without a good night’s sleep – they have dragged their feet in resolving the noise problem.

An appalling stare of affairs.

Concerned Observer

How stupid is this. Has Angus Council learned nothing from the Seed Crushers fiasco in Arbroath?

Asking the offender to provide information is like asking someone to jail themselves – stupid, just plain stupid.

The correct way for noise monitoring is:

1 – the council commission an independent noise monitoring report before any development takes place for which the applicant pays the council.

2 – the noise level above that, then established ambient level, is included in the planning consent as a condition and included in the Environmental Impact Assessment.

3 – the operator is required to keep a noise monitoring log at pre-determined times as part of the planning consent (something like a set date of each month).

4 – any breach is checked against that log.

5 – any continual complaints are investigated by the council, once again commissioning an independent noise monitoring report chargeable to the owners of the site.

6 – any breach of the planning conditions are then rectified by the issuing of an enforcement notice.

Angus Council is at fault here for not applying strict rules to the planning consent and relying on the owners to hang themselves. SEPA who are equally as useless operate in the same way as the council.

It is about time the Scottish government clamped down on the shoddy practices of enforcement and to lackadaisical planning conditions, without any firm pre permission conditions and agreed methods of implementation. Green Cat are at fault, Angus Council are at fault, the Scottish government are at fault. Good luck to the residents but honestly – you are not going to get anywhere now the turbines are up and running and the operator remains responsible for providing evidence.


Highlanders gear up for an all out assault on the great wind power fraud.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    What we see from this article is there is no difference how many turbines their size or what country they are in these monsters bring trouble.

    These monsters are a combination of the turbines, the companies, the approving authorities, and the Governments of all persuasion.
    Those that suffer are those who live near these things, they are usually small communities who’s voice is drowned out by the noise from all the contributing monsters.

    Until the monster conglomerate is brought down we must keep speaking out, keep trying to ‘keep the bastards honest’ as an Australian Politician once championed. Or maybe in this case it should be ‘make the bastards behave honestly’.

    Slowly things are changing and they will change faster as the people from these small communities speak out using avenues such as STT, their local papers, writing to the National papers and media outlets, making comment and writing submissions – no matter where in the world these monsters are active, supporting people like Dr Sarah Laurie and others in their work to bring the plight of those suffering to the attention of those who can and should do something about it.

    Writing to politicians, responding to stories and reports which are patently wrong. No matter what you do if you keep at it and ask more to do the same the word WILL further the cause and bring this monstrosity of an industry down or at the least under effective control.

    This is a worldwide problem and we are members of the worldwide population – if we work together, no matter how loosely, we will become a worldwide movement for accountability that cannot continue to be ignored.

  2. Crispin Trist says:

    Border Rail Project…YES!!!

    Industrial Wind Turbines…NO!

    Trees Not Turbines! Tourists Not Turbines! Trains Not Turbines!

    Or TNT!!!

    • Hi Trist…I agree !…. since I’m old school, where we were taught to hide under our desk at school in case of a nuclear bomb, we also were taught that TNT………Dynamite…..( ya know, just like thongs were summer shoes).. which would be of wonderful use, one stick per turbine would do the trick…. (….. : ) in my dreams)
      Trains, trees, and tourist, yes !!

      • I forgot, to all the Scottish, I wave a friendly gesture. To all my distant relatives, Mitchel and Mckiddie. Hail to them!! We are stubborn and not about to give up the fight ! Proudly waves across the ocean : )

      • Crispin Trist says:

        Could a spanner and a bulldozer also come in handy Ella?!!

        Hands across the sea!

      • Trist, lets just use the bulldozer for back up??

        I say we have farm themed block parties. In the actual farm field. Here’s my idea.

        Gather the warriors together, everyone is required to bring a dish to pass. We are going to be hungry while we watch or participate in this showing of a revolt revolution. After all, we would be passively calm, knowing what the prize at the end is going to be.

        As far as myself in the U.S.A …… what’s Obama gonna do???

        Arrest a massive group of American farmers with their families and children and put us in the stock holding barn yard?? You’ll have to pry my pistol out of my cold dead hand.

        First we build a catapult, I mean a big one. We must decide what object would do the most damage and be the most fun.

        Bring all and any bow and arrow, thinking compound bows would be the most effective. We can string the thickest fishing line on to them, aim towards the blades and hope to over pass the height, allowing to then hoist a good size rope for strength. To that we would attach chains, lots of good sized chains on most farms.

        So far everything is pretty low key – cost effective.

        And Heck, if that isn’t enough fun, we’ll first break the door open and climb to the top to secure chains, if we need to.

        After we have tested our catapult for accuracy and distance, we then move it to the nearest turbine, in the spot that would be the most effective. Load it, attach a long chain to the biggest tractors and pull to release the catapult.

        We do want our warriors to be a safe distance away from the falling steel after all.

        This then becomes a tractor pulling contest!

        Now, this all sounds good so far, and I have more ideas!

        But, I digress the oil from the nacells is not something I would like contaminating any soil. Best idea I can think of at the moment would be a long range rifle, put a few holes in them and be prepared below to catch it in barrels or something. I’m sure we can come up with some grain bins! Yes! Grain bins would be good.

        Now if I can get this all done, we are on our way to saving our planet. Someone please bring beer, thanks.

  3. Highlanders, go get em.

    • Believe we me are trying. The combination of a blinkered government and big money is pretty hard to dent and they obviously don’t read the local press which is full of critical comments. This is a recent wheeze from the Scottish greenies – what on earth does that mean?

      • I must reply to this. Chaos has a specific meaning in physics, and the climate is a chaotic system, which makes it impossible to accurately predict. “Stopclimatechaos” therefore makes no sense in physics, but it does give a useful indication that the author is not a scientist. I’m a physicist, and all my physicist colleagues are “don’t knows” on how the climate is going to change. The committed “warmists” and “denialists” alike just don’t know enough to know they don’t know. Pity them. What I do know is that all the wind and solar in the UK is too insignificant to noticeably influence any change. Be good to have some objective research, but that’s unlikely in view of deep entrenchment and human greed.

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