Wind Industry RUNS & HIDES as World Wakes Up to the Great Wind Power Fraud

Nightmare (1962) Jerry wakes up

Wake in Fright: no, the great wind power fraud isn’t just a bad dream.


Around the world, people are waking up to the scale, scope and magnitude of the great wind power fraud.

Rural communities are fighting back hard – in efforts to protect their homes, health and well-being. Their anger extends to the goons that lied their way to development approval – and the bent officials that rubber-stamped their applications and who, thereafter, help the operators ride roughshod over locals’ rights to live in and enjoy the peace and comfort of their own homes and properties (see our post here).

A little while back, the usual response from those opposed to wind farms was along the lines of: “we’re all in favour of renewable energy, so long as wind farms are built in the right place”.

But that was before people understood the phenomenal cost of the subsidies directed at wind power through massive corporate welfare schemes, like Australia’s mandatory LRET (see our post here) – and the impact on retail power prices (see our post here).

Fair minded country people are usually ready to give others the benefit of the doubt; and, not used to being lied to, accepted arguments pitched by wind power outfits about the “merits” of wind power: guff like “this wind farm will power 100,000 homes and save 10 million tonnes of CO2 emissions” (see our post here).

Not anymore.

Switched-on people everywhere have cottoned on to the fact that wind power – which can only ever be delivered at crazy, random intervals – is meaningless as a power source because it cannot and will never replace on-demand sources, such as hydro, gas and coal.

And, as a consequence, that wind power cannot and will never reduce CO2 emissions in the electricity sector. The wind industry has never produced a shred of actual evidence to show it has; and the evidence that has been gathered shows intermittent wind power causing CO2 emissions to increase, not decrease (see our post here; this European paper here; this Irish paper here; this English paper here; and this Dutch study here).

The realisation that the wind industry is built on series of unsustainable fictions has local communities angrier than ever and helps explain the remarkable numbers opposed: 90% is what’s fairly called a solid “majority” in anybody’s book (see our post here).

Up until now, the lies pitched up endlessly from the wind industry’s well-scripted “playbook” by wind industry parasites – like the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and Australia’s Clean Energy Council (CEC) – among others – have worked a treat.

Wind industry spuikers have been aided and abetted by the useful idiots, that happily parrot for them in the media. You know, the usual ABC wind industry love-ins that occur with remarkable regularity on The Drum; and the sheep-like regurgitation of the endless stream of CEC/AWEA press releases pumped out, ad nauseam, aimed at “shaping” the debate: aka “churnalism”.

Well, it seems that the wind industry’s spin-doctors are having a harder time of it these days –  as real journalists get a grip on the fundamental nature of what is – without a shadow of a doubt – the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time.

Better still – there are a growing number from the fourth estate with the temerity to call it for what it is; and equally keen to wallop those that have profited handsomely from it.

When finally rumbled by well-briefed journos with the facts of their own infelicities – like any good fraudsters – these hucksters do the only honourable thing: they run and hide.

Here’s a great little report from Michigan Capitol Confidential that shows how – when factual push comes to shove – the wind industry’s “case” turns to water; and its spruikers respond in kind, by slamming doors and slamming down phones.




When the going gets ‘tough’, apparently, the only remaining option.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Reminds me of a tale that was circulating here in Scotland a year or so ago. The main character has now gone but his legacy remains and his successor as guilty.

    It now looks like a premonition – hopefully! 🙂


    A long, long time ago, in a far off northern land, where the lochs and mountains meet, where the Red Stags roared in the glens and the Eagles and Kites soared in the skies there came to pass that a chancer, The Deceiver, who was so believable, promised the people of this northern land great riches and wealth.

    ‘Follow me,’ he said. ‘We will throw off the shackles of oppression wreaked upon us by the government of the southern land. I promise I will save you if you will have me as your leader. I will make sure you have heat and light, jobs, good health and we will save our northern land from the fuels of the past and we will lead the world in saving our planet.’

    And the people followed. They believed the words and promises of The Deceiver. They laughed at his jokes and when he smirked and mocked the people of the southern land. They thought him their saviour and waited for his promises to come true.

    They waited and they waited and they waited. One by one they saw he had fooled them just as he had fooled those that worshipped him. They saw him court the wealthy and the famous and spend the money of the people on things other than them. They watched in horror as he waved his arms and decreed that the northern land would have its heart ripped out by the richest developers from over the seas.

    ‘We must,’ he cried. ‘We will be doomed if we don’t; the oceans will rise and we will all die – The Almighty God Gore say it is so – so it must be.’

    The Developers came in their hundreds. An army of deception flooded into the northern land and no tide could hold it back. Huge rewards were offered by The Deceiver.

    ‘Take this money and tear up the peatlands, the mountains, the hills – take no heed of the people, they know nothing. Build your towers with outstretched arms that will dominate the northern land for a generation and destroy the land in which they are placed for hundreds of years.You will be paid by the people if they work and paid by the people if they don’t – you will never lose – I promise you.’

    And it was then that the people saw their leader for what he was.

    He had promised them heat and light and yet they no longer could afford to have it, as their money went to pay The Developers for their useless towers. He had promised them jobs but The Developers brought their own, to labour and toil on the destruction he had ordered. He had promised them good health but the people were plagued with illness and stress wherever The Developers went. He had promised them he would save the northern land but he had destroyed it. He had promised to save them from the fuels of the past but they were still there because the towers didn’t work.

    They no longer laughed at his jokes and now thought him foolish and arrogant. They cringed when he blamed the people of the southern land for all the wrong in the northern land and felt embarrassment and shame at what had happened to all around them.

    The Stags, the Eagles and the Kites they loved had all gone – the Stags frightened away by The Developers and the Eagles and Kites victims of the towers with the outstretched arms.

    He had promised and he had promised and he had promised and nothing ever came true for the people who loved their homeland. They now wept at the destruction which the leader, whom they had followed, had ordered to be done.

    The people of the northern land became very angry. They began to join together to protect their homeland and drive out their leader and The Developers he had welcomed from over the seas. It took many months but the people’s army grew and grew and grew until The Deceiver had to flee the northern land, never to be forgiven, or seen again. Anon

  2. The real crime of the great windmill pyramid scandal is that the real guilty, the wealthy investors that took their money back with interest in the first round of subsidies, are long gone and will never be bought to justice. They say beware of Greeks bearing gifts; in this case it was wealthy investors bearing money to lend tugging at the heartstrings of the Green movement.

  3. Jim Wiegand- Wildlife Biologist says:

    The wind industry in America with their rigged research has hidden the slaughter to millions upon millions of protected birds and bats. This fraud has been taking place for decades.

    The most scientific study ever produced by the wind industry was conducted 3 decades ago. From this study forward the wind industry has been clearly rigging their research and quoting false data…………..”McCrary, M.D., R.L. McKernan, and R.W. Schreiber. 1986. San Gorgonio wind resource area: impacts of commercial wind turbine generators on birds, 1985 data report. Prepared for Southern California Edison Company. 33 pp”.

    Using proper methodology for that time the McCrary study reported that the approximately 197 MW of wind turbines installed at the San Gorgonio wind resource area were killing an estimated 6800 birds per year. This was a fatality rate of approximately 34.4 fatalities per MW at San Gorgonio pass wind turbines.

    Keeping in mind those fatality rates and using them for all of the 61,000 MW of installed wind energy today in the US, produces a turbine mortality estimate of 2,098,400 birds a year. This is a number nearly 12 ten times more than the bogus 2.9 per MW quoted by the AWEA.

    But this 34.4 per MW estimate for America’s turbines is low because bird use patterns at the Desert region of the San Gorgonio pass wind turbines is lower than many other wind turbine locations. Many other areas have far greater kills rate per MW.

    One example is a turbine located on the Lewes Campus in Delaware. Even though this study was rigged to conceal mortality, researchers still reported a kill rate of 41 birds and bats per MW.

    For this study the huge turbine blades hung out over the dinky search area and the studies missed most of the carcasses. The search area for carcasses should have been about 200 meters in all directions around this turbine. Instead the search area was about 20 times too small and the area searched was directed away from the primary direction of carcass throw.

    Researchers even witnessed blade strike fatalities that were launched way out beyond search areas, but it did not matter and these fatalities were not figured into the data. My estimates are that this one turbine was killing over 1200 birds and bats per year and the wind industry across North America is hiding over 90% of turbine related mortality with bogus studies like this one.

    Unfortunately and for obvious reasons, the McCrary study was stripped off the internet years ago. But if one looks, references to it can still be found. This study is the only legitimate mortality study ever produced by the wind industry. All the rest have been non scientific garbage created to fool the public.

    Any study can be rigged with biased parameters and through fraudulent data collection methodologies. No industry illustrates this deception or fraud better than the wind industry. Just in America the industry has hidden the slaughter to millions upon millions of birds and bats. Below are some of the ways wind industry studies are being rigged to hide mortality:

    (1) By searching turbines that are not operational, ( 2) by searching for bodies in grossly undersized areas around wind turbines, (3) by not searching turbines daily which allows more time for bodies to be consumed by predators, hidden by employees, and picked up by leaseholders wanting to protect their income, (4) By not using trained dogs in searches which could quickly find virtually every carcasses in a large area around each turbine, (5) By avoiding turbines that are known to be killing the most birds at bats at a wind farms to be included in mortality studies, (6) By avoiding searches during periods of high usage by migrating birds, (7) By not counting mortality wounded birds that have wandered away from turbines, (8) By not counting birds taken to rehab centers which are later euthanized or permanently placed in captivity, (9) By hiring industry shills to make sure that rigged wind industry protocol is followed,(10) by not conducting mortality searches the first year of wind farm operation, 11) By letting farming practices plow carcasses into the ground during mortality surveys, (12) By rigging data calculations and by discarding very important carcasses from the data and declaring them “incidental carcasses”(12) by outright lying about problematic data such as fatalities to endangered species, (13) By restricting formal search areas to the roads and cleared areas around turbines which also happen to also be the easiest areas for wind personnel to pre-scan for carcasses ahead of formal searches, (14) By getting approval for rigged research protocol from corrupt government agencies, and (15 ) Pay very close attention to this one………………by not allowing 24 hour camera surveillance for decades on turbines that would expose the truth regarding mortality.

    Camera surveillance on wind turbines was suggested by well meaning biologists over 25 years ago and to this day it has never happened. Besides exposing the horrific wind industry slaughter taking place these cameras would cost a small fraction of the many millions being given to shill biologists for rigging their studies.

    Lastly I have in my possession very credible evidence that mortality searches written up in a mortality study conducted at the Hatchet Ridge wind farm in CA, never even took place. Babcock and Brown from Australia were the developers of this disgusting ridge-line project. This evidence being held by several parties will be released at the appropriate moment. It may take place during an important courtroom battle, a front page news story, a legitimate investigation by the Interior Department or even during a Congressional hearing if our corrupt politicians ever quit covering for this terrible industry.

  4. The Headline on this article reads:

    Wind Energy Allegations Deserve Hearings

    Claims about efficiency, health hazards should be explored

  5. By Jack Spencer | Jan. 23, 2015

    (Editor’s note: Jack Spencer is capitol affairs specialist for Michigan Capitol Confidential and a veteran Lansing-based reporter. His columns do not necessarily represent the views of Michigan Capitol Confidential or the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.)

    State lawmakers ought to investigate two unanswered allegations against wind energy in Michigan. The first persistent allegation is that, when it comes to efficiency and the environment, wind energy is a fraud. The second persistent allegation is that it often constitutes a health hazard.

    Michigan’s 2008-passed energy law, which created what amounts to a mandate that 10 percent of the state’s electricity be generated by in-state wind energy by 2015, is scheduled to be reviewed by the Legislature this year. That review will be a travesty and sham if it fails to include a serious effort to delve into these allegations.

    Any such” serious effort” should feature hearings that center on the allegations, not hearings about broader issues to which the allegations are treated as tangential information. In fact, the two allegations deserve to be handled separately. The question of whether wind energy in Michigan is really efficient and good for the environment could be taken up by an energy committee in either the House or Senate. The allegation that wind turbines often constitute a health hazard might be well-suited for either a local government committee or a health policy committee. Deciding which committees should look into the allegations is a minor consideration; as long the legitimate debate over these allegations doesn’t get glossed over or buried.

    The allegation that wind energy is neither efficient nor particularly good for the environment is based on the fact that the wind only blows intermittently. The claim here is that, in Michigan, which the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission long ago excluded from its list of “good” wind energy states, wind energy is mostly fossil fuels — primarily natural gas — in disguise. According to wind energy critics, natural gas is needed to supplement the on-again off-again variability of wind to a degree that the wind portion of the equation is an impediment. In other words, simply turning on the natural gas generators and disconnecting from the wind turbines would be both more efficient and result in fewer emissions.

    Hampered it appears by a belief in wind energy — or concerns about advertising dollars — most of the so-called mainstream news media refuses to listen to any discouraging words uttered about it, let alone report on the claims of wind energy critics.

    The complaint here is not that the so-called mainstream news media won’t accept the allegation as factual, but that it is so closed minded that it doesn’t bother to find out what the allegation is. If it did so, suspicions that wind energy critics are just shilling for the fossil fuel industry would be dispelled, considering that the allegation is that wind energy is really just fossil fuels anyway. By not even acknowledging this part of the debate over wind energy, the national and statewide news media is, in a very real sense, censoring information from both itself and the public.

    The allegation that wind energy in Michigan might constitute a health hazard is based on claims that inaudible, low frequency “noise” emitted by wind turbines, when erected in too close proximity to homes, makes from 10 to 15 percent of people sick. If proven, this could be a death knell for wind energy in Michigan because, due to population density, there is no practical way to build so-called wind plants (some call them wind farms) far enough away from places where people live.

    Mason County took Consumers Energy to court over what is essentially the health issue concerning Lake Winds wind plant near Ludington. The county won at the circuit court level and that case is now before the Michigan Court of Appeals. The fact that most of the news media across this state has failed to cover that case is nothing short of amazing.

    Something else the regular news media missed was a portion of the renewable energy study, that Gov. Rick Snyder ordered to be done, which found that the health impacts of wind turbines are real and that setback distances from homes should be increased. Meanwhile, virtually all “regular” news media articles on the study’s findings merely reflected what the wind industry wanted the public to think the study said.

    Across Lake Michigan, Brown County in Wisconsin (where Green Bay is located) declared wind turbines to be health hazards. In Ohio, the state rid itself of the “in-state” aspect of its wind energy mandate and lengthened its wind turbine setback distance. The national and statewide news media has failed to report stories like these. Only certain radio stations, local TV stations and local newspapers have covered criticisms of wind energy; usually when reporting on local zoning board and county commission hearings.

    As written in previous columns, it is likely that Michigan’s big utilities, Consumers Energy and DTE, will call the shots this year when it comes to any actual changes to Michigan’s energy laws. Anyone who thinks otherwise is probably being naïve.

    Nonetheless, the Legislature —which unlike the news media is elected by the voters — should give the allegations about wind energy fair hearings. These hearings would almost surely be “he said she said” in nature and wouldn’t settle the issues involved, but would at least show that lawmakers respect both sides of the issue and possibly alert the people of Michigan that the value of wind energy is debatable.

    Permission to reprint this blog post in whole or in part is hereby granted, provided that the author (or authors) and the Mackinac Center for Public Policy are properly cited. Permission to reprint any comments below is granted only for those comments written by Mackinac Center policy staff

    • Ella, STT thinks Jack Spencer is far too kind in his repeated use of the term “allegations”. That wind power is an unparalleled economic and environmental fraud is an unassailable fact. The emperor was, in fact, always naked; his courtiers kidded him that he was well-robed: their own selfish interests depended upon it. Keep fighting, we will win this.

      • STT, I wish I could comment on the CAPON site, but I have noticed in a majority of all the local papers in my area and even The Detroit Free Press, they have taken down the public ability to comment unless you have facebook. I do not have face book.

        I find it ironic that our local papers did this just in the past year or less. There use to be many comments against wind in the Michigan thumbs local papers, now very little. Especially in the thumb of Michigan. No Face Book, no commenting allowed. I do believe it was done on purpose to stymie the public input. The windies wanted the comments gone, the papers took the bait.
        Bunch of bat-rastards.
        Maybe I’ll just write Mr. Spencer ?? uhmmm. a real honest of goodness hand written letter, And, while I’m at it, Michigan’s Gov. Snyder.

  6. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    Shush, you might wake the sleeping giant – oops too late.
    The giant is awake and standing up, speaking out, joining together to fight the wicked witch who fed them lies to keep them sleeping.

    The giant is gaining strength and able to provide convincing evidence to others who at one time assisted the wicked witch, and who now are rising up to see justice and truth prevails.

    This rising giant cannot be stopped or put back to sleep.

  7. Best wishes and thoughts for the people seeking justice in the US. All power to them!

    As for Wind Industry “Community Engagement” seminars, they ignored the Golden Rule from the very start – Treat people how you wish to be treated yourself!

    Instead they have lied from the beginning, about host selection and ‘community consultation’ after the fact, about actual noise, about amenity, visual impact and house price impacts, about nameplate vs real outputs, about safe setbacks, about carbon mitigation, about cost/benefit to the community and governments, and about neighbors whose health is adversely impacted by ILFN pollution.

    They have changed turbine locations and increased turbine sizes after ‘official approvals’. They have secretly bought out selected family homes with gag clause contracts and bulldozed them into dust both prior to and after construction. They have ‘buried’ significant early acoustic research (NASA/Kelley 1980s). They have colluded with politicians and public health regulatory authorities.

    And they have the contempt to continue to seek to portray protesters and adversely impacted neighbours with disparaging terms such as NIMBY and BANANA (Build absolutely nothing anywhere near anything) – seeking to mock and vilify genuine honest rural citizens!

    No wonder they are scuttling to their WindFührer bunkers as the they are no longer can hide from the truth.

    Their lies have no future.

  8. Martin Hayles, Curramulka says:

    Once upon a time children … the majority of us were of the feeling that “we’re all in favour of wind energy.”…..yada yada yada etc etc etc.

    Why? Quite simple really. We were afraid of offending. Little did we understand, little did we know at the time, the modus operandi of the wind industry.

    When I first went to a “community consultation” meeting a few years ago at Curramulka, upon questioning the Ceres wind project proponents with regard to health concerns and government subsidies, I was told straight-faced, that there were no subsidies by parasite-cum-promoter, Terry Kallis.

    When I questioned John McFarlane, the local instigator of Ceres, about health concerns, he told me that if there were any health concerns he would not be a part of said project.

    A lot of water has passed beneath the bridge or should I say, a breeze through the trees, but the one constant has been the disingenuous, deceitful, dishonest, obfuscatory nature of the wind industry.

    They are now extremely desperate, just holding onto a zephyr of hope that they may just, and I do mean just, be able to get their dirty little hands on the booty that has been their only aim from the beginning.

    My suggestion to Little Ted, and his brain-dead compatriot, get out while the going’s good, because there will be plenty ready to come after you with lawyers in tow, if Ceres ever got off the ground.

    With Cooper’s Cape Bridgewater study in the bag, there will no longer be any defence to, what would be, hundreds of claims based on the obvious (and now proven) health effects caused by endless low frequency noise and infrasound; the compensation for that, and the diminution of property value, will run to many $millions on YP, and $billions around the world.

    Ignorance has never been a defence. From here on, only those living under hotrocks could sensibly claim to be ignorant – and those alive to what Cooper has just done will have to wear a charge of wilful and malicious intent to cause harm; what civilized societies call torture.

    These are happy days indeed.

    • Martin Hayles, Curramulka says:


      I do mean thanks.

      You bring a smile to a jaded and cynical heart.

      we are going to win.

  9. “Wake in fright” – I believe I once heard Peter Goers say it was his favourite movie.
    Ironic really

  10. All of the acoustic no-hopers that have worked for windweasel companies should all be rounded up and jailed for endless untruths that they have fed the people of this great nation of ours; lies about there being no noise or health problems living near these things. The game is up.

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